Dash & Albert Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Every year millions of Americans turn towards online shopping to purchase new goods for their homes. That includes area rugs, a niche that has grown in popularity as the cost of shipping has come down and demand has gone up. While you can find Dash & Albert rugs locally, they are essentially an online brand and one we’re going to break down in this review.

Dash & Albert Rug Collections

As a company under the Annie Selke umbrella, Dash & Albert is a brand that’s popular among designers and homeowners alike. You can shop their rugs by size or collection, although we’re going to tackle our Dash & Albert review by fiber.

Wool Rugs from Dash & Albert

Wool Rugs from Dash & Albert

The majority of area rugs found in the Dash & Albert collections are made from wool. There are well over 150 styles to choose from with more than 90 geometric patterns. Many of these are listed as micro-hooked like Titan, a premium rug available in five sizes. Merry Go Round is the complete opposite when it comes to tone, but is micro-hooked like Aster, Charlton, and Vintage Tile Blue from the Lauren McBride Collection.

Cat’s Paw is an interesting patterned rug with a micro hooked construction while Zags Mocha is woven. It’s made from a mix of 70% wool and 27% nylon, and chunkier like Seurat Grey which is 100% wool and imported from India. Other woven options from the company include Senna, Noma Indigo, Bella Navy, and Carousel. It has a southwestern vibe and is comprised of a mix of 80% wool and 20% cotton.

Prefer area rugs that are hand-knotted instead of woven? If so, there are some excellent options with styles like Tilda and Citra Grey. Cary is a colorful hand-knotted area rug like Moorehead, Caesar, and Echo Bloom. Bengal is a knotted wool rug as well, but this one has been loom-knotted like a handful of other rugs in this series. It’s an animal print, and you can choose from a few leopard prints in wool as well.

As for stripes and solids, we found a variety of both in an array of styles. Fontana goes back to the southwestern feel and is multi-woven while Cottage Stripe French Blue is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Some of our favorite solid-colored wool area rugs are Hooper and Anchorage, two light woven rugs. Harris Crimson is also a unique option if you’re interested in something with a bit more flair.

Cotton Rugs from Dash & Albert

Cotton Rugs from Dash & Albert

While there is about half the number of cotton rugs from Dash & Albert, the styles you’ll find in these collections are decidedly different. You can find striped rugs in colorful pastels in rugs like Eden, Evia, and Aruba. These woven rugs will look beautiful in any home and will brighten up a room. If you’re partial to earth tones but still like stripes, consider styles like Tempi and Zanzibar.

La Miranda falls into that category as well with large bands of white and wheat. Rugs in shades of blue include styles from the Denim Rag collection along with Diamond Chenille, Tattersall Indigo, and Ombre Diamond. There are a variety of striped multicolored rugs as well along with close to a dozen solid styles.

Beatrice Grey and Herringbone Dove Grey speak for themselves while Whitney Rag is a subtle mix of reds. The only true patterned rug made from cotton is Gypsy Rose, which is a hooked cotton rug with a wide loop construction. All of the rugs we looked over were made in India and largely woven with a few exceptions.

Jute Rugs from Dash & Albert

Jute Rugs from Dash & Albert

There are a number of natural fibers manufacturers can use in area rugs, and one of the more durable options is Jute. It’s the main natural fiber used by Dash & Albert in their area rugs, cotton aside, and comes in striking colorful patterns and muted tones.

On that note, one of the more colorful area rugs made from Jute is called Prism. This hand-knotted rug has an appealing pattern, but Gem is another option with its pink, white, blue, and brown color scheme. Solid rugs are scattered throughout this collection as well with options like Jacinto Geranium, Woven Shale, and Dunes Bleached Oak.

Homeowners looking for striped jute rugs have no shortage of options to choose from. Corfu Blue is one of our favorites alongside their ticking woven rugs like Denim and Indigo. Styles in this range have construction methods that are largely woven or hand-knotted. While ideal for high-traffic areas, the dyes can fade when exposed to sunlight on a frequent basis.

Other Rugs from Dash & Albert

Other Rugs from Dash & Albert

While those are the main rugs you’ll find from Dash & Albert, the company has around a half-dozen smaller collections in their catalog. Their polypropylene rugs take up a large chunk of these styles and are the best choice if you’re interested in an area rug that can be used indoors or outside on a patio or porch.

With over 100 indoor/outdoor rugs, there is a polypropylene rug with a style and color for almost everyone. That includes consumers that are interested in vibrant striped rugs that bring to mind spring and summer. Fruit Stripe and Watermelon Stripe fall into that category with vertical stripes while the aptly named Bright Stripe takes things in a different direction.

If you plan on using these rugs in a high-traffic area, light colors aren’t always ideal. Herringbone in Black and Ivory would be a better option along with other dark rugs like Mingled Rope or the light brown Cress Bark. Bamboo is another material that can hold up well under duress, although Alloy in Pearl Blue isn’t something you’ll want to see dirty.

Another popular material used in the company’s outdoor rugs is PVC. It’s perfect for the outdoors, and rugs from Dash & Albert are 100% recyclable as well. Colors on these area rugs are largely in the blue range except for a few styles in grays and browns like Circuit Khaki. A few other interesting area rugs that caught our eye are Rory Stripe, Zhara Stripe Denim, and Melange, which is made from 97% Linen.







Paint Chip


Micro Hooked

100% Wool

6’ x 9’



Black & Brown


85% Cotton, 11% Polyester

8’ x 10’



Navy & White


100% Polypropylene

8’ x 10’



Blue & Ivory


84% Wool, 16% Cotton

5’ x 8’



Stripe Denim

Hand Crafted

100% P.E.T.

9’ x 12’


Denim Rag

Blue & White


100% Cotton

3’ x 5’





97% Linen, 7% cotton

5’ x 8’




Loom Knotted

69% Bamboo, 31% Cotton

6’ x 9’




Multi Woven

83% Wool, 17% Cotton

10’ x 14’


Dash & Albert Cost and Availability

After taking a close look at more than 70% of the area rugs in Dash & Albert’s catalog, there is no doubt that they are in the premium class. We found that most of their larger rugs are between $600 - $1000 unless you are just interested in a small 2’ x 3’ rug for a room in your home.

If you find a style you love from Dash & Albert, you can add it to the shopping cart on-site, and purchase directly from the company. Financing is offered through Affirm as well. Their products can be challenging to find through other online retailers, although there are around 400 styles available through Wayfair.

Dash & Albert Pros, Cons, and Ratings

If budget isn’t a concern, Dash & Albert is a brand that should be on your radar if you’re in the market for a new area rug. While they don’t have anything in the budget-friendly range, they use an array of eco-friendly fibers and produce some truly beautiful rugs. We also appreciate the fact their site is easy to navigate and that they sell direct to the public.

  • Styles: 4.5
  • Eco-Friendly: 4.5
  • Fiber Selection: 4
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4.5

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