Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Reviews and Cost 2024

Lauzon has been producing hardwood flooring since the mid-80s and has produced an extensive range of prefinished solid and engineered hardwood flooring over the years. This environmentally conscious company is dedicated to using responsible harvesting practices and has introduced several unique innovations along the way.

Lauzon Hardwood Review

Lauzon has made things easy for consumers by allowing them to sort and browse flooring by collection, series, species, color, or construction. There is an abundance of literature on their site that tells you about the company and what they stand for as well. Overall, it’s a clean layout that’s easy to navigate and the Room Visualizer tool is a nice touch.

Pure Genius Smart Floors

Being able to visualize any room in your home with new hardwood is definitely a perk, but it’s not what makes Lauzon Flooring unique. The company has implemented several types of technology into their products over the years, and Pure Genius Smart Flooring is arguably their best innovation to date.

Pure Genius Smart Flooring is designed to clean your air. It’s a treatment that is integrated into some of the company’s flooring series and unique as it’s an air-purifying agent that’s activated by light. The video below explains the process nicely, and the technology is available in several styles through their Designer and Ambiance collections.

Lauzon Ambiance Collection

The Ambiance collection from Lauzon is a line that consists of North American hardwoods. There are three series in this collection with Émira, Authentik, and Tempo and all feature the company’s Titanium finish.

The Émira series is filled with natural colors and inspired by the desert, which quickly becomes evident once you see styles. Persia features light Hickory boards in the Character grade class while Sabbia flooring has a smooth dark matte finish. The Authentik series consists of Red Oak flooring but comes in shades from pale Brown and Gray to Black. These boards have an ultra-matte finish and are wire brushed.

The Tempo series provides the most variance from the Ambiance collection as you can choose from Hard Maple or Red Oak. There is also a wider color range on these smooth planks with 14 colors, including natural tones along with options like Adiago which is almost White.  All flooring from this collection comes with a 30-year guarantee, and most styles are available in solid, engineered, or herringbone form.

Lauzon Designer Collection

While the Ambiance collection has a certain vibe, the Lauzon Designer collection brings a completely different style to the table. There are also a few new species to choose from including Yellow Birch, Black Walnut, and a few exotic kinds of wood. Like the other collection, you can find most of these styles in solid, engineered and herringbone as well.

When you want something different and durable, exotic woods are always an option. The Lauzon International collection features three unique species with Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry and African Sapele. Pure Genius is standard on this series, and all boards have a velvety sheen with a smooth finish. If you want something just as unique, but not nearly as colorful, check out their Line Art series.

The Organik series is an interesting alternative with Hard Maple planks. The grades vary as much as the styles with options from Tradition to Character Class. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the Urban Loft series which with its White Oak wire brushed flooring and ultra-matte finish. Several other series are available including Hamptons and Homestead. All flooring from this collection has a 35-year guarantee.

Lauzon Essential Collection

Almost every flooring manufacturer has a budget line, and Lauzon’s is called the Essential Collection. While there are no series, there are around 40 affordable styles to choose from in Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Yellow Bitch.

This collection has boards that are both engineered and solid, but the finish used is different, and so is the warranty. Instead of the company’s Titanium finish, these boards are coated in aluminum oxide and warrantied for 25 years. These boards have a smooth texture although the sheen varies from one style to the next.

Texturing and Finishes

When it comes to texturing techniques, it’s one area where Lauzon doesn’t quite measure up to the competition. Of the boards we browsed, the two finishes we noticed on the majority of their products were smooth, or wire brushed finishes. That means hand-sculpted and weathered wood is out although grades can help release that rustic charm. As for finishes, there are two options including the popular aluminum oxide which is found on their budget-friendly line.

Lauzon’s premium lineup uses something called a Titanium finish. It’s a unique polymerizing technology with built-in protection against sunlight which can cause floors to yellow. It stays clear as well, which helps to bring out the floorings natural characteristics. Titanium finish also adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood through dynamic flexing. The finish sheen ranges from a 10% ultra-matte to velvet at 35% along with various levels of semi-gloss and matte sheens.


Lauzon flooring comes in four grades with Tradition, Character, Select & Better, and Exclusive. Each tier tells you how much “character” you can expect from your flooring but has nothing to do with the manufacturing process. It’s also something you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to or you could be in for a rude surprise if you expect flawless flooring.

Character grade flooring is the closest thing you can get to rustic from Lauzon. These boards can have mineral streaks, splits, and other characteristics like color variation. Blemishes like checks and streaks aren’t as prevalent in Tradition grade flooring or the next step up, Exclusive grade. This tier still has mild variations, knots, and streaking, but they pale in comparison to Character grade flooring. Alternatively, Select & Better is the best option if you want flooring with a clean, uniform look.

The Green Factor

Lauzon does have a few exotic species in their catalog but only uses wood that’s been sourced and harvested responsibly. They comply with the ISO-14001 standard and are a member of the Forestry Stewardship council as well. Considering they designed Pure Genius Smart Flooring, it’s safe to say they are an eco-friendly company. Solvents and VOCs will not be a concern with Lauzon flooring either. Their floors are created with no formaldehyde or any other harmful solvents and are CARB Phase 2 compliant as well.

Lauzon Hardwood Cost & Availability

Lauzon hardwood flooring is only sold through flooring stores and specialty shops. While you can’t find it at the usual hardware stores, you should not have any problems tracking it down through the proper channels using the store locator tool on the company’s site.

Color or Series






Antique Betula




3 ¼”

$8.69 sq. ft.




Brazilian Cherry

3 ¼”

$15.16 sq. ft.

Line Art



Hard Maple

3 ¼”

$11.30 sq. ft.

Emira Sabbia




3 ¼”

$10.55 sq. ft.




Hard Maple

3 ¼”

$10.80 sq. ft.

Cape Cod



Red Oak

3 ¼”

$6.99 sq. ft.

Lauzon Hardwood Pros, Cons and Ratings

Lauzon is in the middle of the pack when it comes to variety, but they are towards the top in terms of quality. We didn’t see many complaints on their hardwood or engineered flooring but would have liked to see a larger selection of exotic woods in their catalog. Their tiered warranty system is solid, but some companies offer a better guarantee.


Solid selection of series with a nice array of natural finishes and styles. Very eco-friendly brand with an intriguing line in their Pure Genius flooring.


Mainly limited to narrow boards instead of wider sizes. Their flooring is expensive with entry-level planks coming in around $6.00 per square foot.


  • Styles: 4
  • Species: 4
  • Finishes: 3
  • Durability: 4
  • Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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