Naturally Aged Hardwood Flooring Reviews and Prices 2024

Naturally Aged Flooring is a company located in southern California that manufactures a variety of residential flooring. That includes luxury vinyl planks, although most of their collections feature engineered hardwood flooring. While they are smaller name brand, we think you'll be impressed by the species and styles of engineered flooring in their catalog.

Naturally Aged Flooring Collections

There are six collections currently available from naturally aged flooring along with a category reserved for custom flooring, and a section for accessories and moldings. Each collection is unique, although there is only one style in the Classic Series with Champagne wire-brushed Oak.

The Medallion Collection

Naturally Aged Medallion Collection

In the Medallion Collection, you’ll find four types of species with Walnut, Hickory, and Oak. This engineered flooring is available in two sizes as well. All boards are listed as 9/16” x 3mm, but Oak planks are 7 ½” wide, while some of the Hickory styles can be found in random widths.

There are around 30 different styles in The Medallion Collection from Arroyo to Trailhead. The majority of these styles feature wire-brushed Oak boards in colors ranging from natural and gold and brown to light gray. This includes a nice mix of modern styles like Castle Stone, and newer styles like Boney Mountain with its rustic appeal.

With Hickory, there around half-a-dozen styles, most of which are wire-brushed. There are some hand-scraped planks as well, but you'll only find a smooth finish on Walnut boards. A few of the more interesting options from the Medallion Collection include Riverbed, Gun Metal, Bonneville, and Saint Moritz.

The Royal Collection

Naturally Aged Royal Collection

Whereas the Medallion Collection was a showcase for Oak engineered flooring, the Royal Collection is all about Hickory. Prairie, Woodland, Timberland, Countryside, and Grove are styles featuring wire-brushed hickory boards.

Savannah and Cliffside are wire-brushed Oak while French Roast is made from dark hand-scraped Birch boards. Glacier is one of the more unique styles. These boards are made from hand-scraped Maple and show plenty of chatter. All the flooring in this collection measures ½” x 6” and come in random lengths ranging anywhere from 2’ to 6’.

The Premier Collection

Naturally Aged Premier Collection

If you are interested in wide plank flooring with plenty of class, you will want to consider the premier collection from naturally aged flooring. In this collection, you’ll find seven different styles, most of which have a lighter hue.

Dana Point, Seafoam, and White Oil all have a beach vibe while Broadway Brown and Designer Grey live up to their names for obvious reasons. La Jolla and Santa Cruz are lighter or more natural browns, but every style is made from Oak or White Oak and is 5/8” thick. The lengths vary as do the widths considering some styles are 8 ¾” while others are slightly larger at 9 ½”.

The Naturally Aged Collection

Naturally Aged Collection

Named after the company, the naturally aged collection features styles geared towards consumers with a tight budget. Consisting of mainly Hickory and Oak flooring, the boards in this collection measure 3/8” x 5” with the exception of Brown Sugar and Pacific Acacia.

The former comes in random widths and lengths, which makes for a floor that's truly unique. Pacific Acacia allows homeowners to enjoy exotic flooring without breaking the bank and is ½” thick. Most of these styles are darker in time as well except for Autumn Tea and Pacific Acacia.

The Wirebrushed Series

Naturally Aged Wirebrushed Collection

While most of the collections from Naturally Aged Flooring feature wire-brushed planks and they love the Technic so much, they decided to dedicate an entire collection to it. What makes this collection different from all the brush board scattered throughout their other collections is the fact they're built for budget-conscious consumers.

The colors of the seven styles from the wire brushed series range from natural to a light gray. There is a shade for everyone, whether you have a contemporary home or prefer something dramatic. The one thing that all of these planks have in common is the size. These styles are in a sliced veneer format and measure ½” x 7 ½”.

Custom Flooring from Naturally Aged

Naturally Aged Custom Collection

When you find traditional engineered flooring boring regardless of the color or style, it's time to take a look at the custom flooring section from Naturally Aged Flooring. From here, you can find a wide variety of styles and species, including traditional herringbone made from Hickory, although that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Monticello, Marie Antoinette, Rhombus, and Brittany are just a few of the interesting patterns available in this collection. Some even have variants like Oak Riftsawn Rhombus. Peruvian Walnut Hickory Basket Weave is something you definitely won't see every day, and the finishing techniques are just as varied and wild.

We saved the best part for last has every style in this collection is completely customizable. While there are a few limitations, the maximum width is a whopping 12,” and you can order boards up to 12’ in length. You can also choose from solid or engineered hardwood flooring and pick a finishing technique. A few of the options listed include stained, dyed, fumed, bleached, distressed, and smooth.


Naturally Aged Flooring’s engineered planks vary in thickness depending on the series and style. They do not go into detail on technical specifications like other companies, although their products do come with an excellent warranty.

The company offers consumers a lifetime limited warranty on the finish, and the same rules apply to the structural integrity of their engineered flooring. While there are always some stipulations to these types of guarantees, as long as the flooring is properly installed and maintained, it should look great for decades.

The Green Factor

If you're looking for information on how eco-friendly the flooring from Naturally Aged is, you'll need to dig deep. Of all of the styles and collections we looked through, we did not see any products listed with any kind of green or eco-friendly certification. That doesn't mean the company doesn't practice sustainability; it just means they don't list any information on their policies like 90% of their competitors.

Naturally Aged Cost & Availability

This is another area where things are a bit murky for naturally aged flooring. While it's not uncommon for companies to keep pricing somewhat secret online, you can generally find a few stores that carry that company's products. That isn't the case with this company, however, as we were unable to obtain pricing on any of their products online so you’ll need to contact them directly for pricing inquiries.

Naturally Aged Engineered Pros, Cons and Ratings

There's a lot to like about naturally aged floorings engineered hardwood collections from their modern and contemporary styles to their rustic boards with bandsaw marks. The company has a nice selection a flooring overall; you'll just want to look into the brand a bit more before making the jump given the unknowns.

Pros: Amazing array of styles with some unique combinations. Good variance with lengths and widths along with excellent warranties.

Cons: Lack of information in some areas. Potential issues with pricing and availability.


  • Styles: 5
  • Species: 5
  • Sizes: 4
  • Finishes: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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