Quick Step Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2024

Quick Step laminate is available two ways. Lowes has Quick Step laminate lines you won't find anywhere else.

Additional Quick Step laminate flooring collections are available from a wider range of flooring and home improvement stores and online sellers.

Quick Step laminate cost is $1.39 to $3.79 per square foot.

This Quick Step laminate review and guide gives information and reviews on each Quick Step line of laminate. The table below breaks down the cost by showing the price for each Quick Step laminate style.

This information makes it easy to compare Quick Step laminate with Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, Tarkett, Pergo and the other top brands. We've reviewed them all.

Just an FYI – Quick Step is a Mohawk Flooring brand.

Quick Step Laminate Flooring Overview

This table compares all Quick Step laminate at a glance.




Cost/sq. ft.


Studio (Lowes)



$2.29 - $2.48




20 or Lifetime/5

$1.39 - $3.49

7, 9, 10, 12mm

NatureTEK Plus/Select



$2.89 - $3.79


Notes on cost: The costs shown are for planks only. Extras you might need like underlayment, transition strips and installation supplies can add up to $1.00 per square foot.

Cost to install laminate is $1.75-$2.50 if you hire a pro for the work.

Quick Step Laminate Flooring Reviews

Let's start with the Quick Step flooring sold exclusively at Lowes. Then we'll cover lines available elsewhere.

Quick Step Studio Laminate from Lowes

This is the line of Quick Step laminate sold only at Lowes. It is not waterproof.

Quick Step Studio Laminate from Lowes

Quick Step Studio Laminate from Lowes

It's a limited range of 15 colors spread over a handful of styles, so there's no need for a specific review of each style. What's available changes, so you might find a few less or a few more when you shop for Quick Step flooring at Lowes.

Options in style are Embossed, Handscraped, Smooth and Textured. Choose from light colors like nearly-white Vailmont Chestnut, mediums like Restoration Oak, and darks like Whiskey Hickory.

Most have a rustic or traditional appearance, but modern and contemporary choices are available in the Quick Step Studio Collection from Lowes.

This is 10mm laminate, and underlayment is attached. That eliminates the step and cost of installing underlayment. The wear rating is AC4, the same as most top brands, though AC3 flooring like cheap TrafficMaster and Dream Home, and AC5 laminate like AquaGuard are also available.

Cost is $2.29 to $2.48, though the flooring is put on sale occasionally for 20% less.

Quick Step Studio laminate has a Lifetime residential warranty that is prorated over 33 years at about 3% per year. The commercial warranty is 5 years.

Quick Step NatureTEK Laminate Flooring

The key feature of NatureTEK laminate flooring is that is not waterproof. The other lines are.

The planks are wide, either 7.5 or 8 inches. NatureTEK is available in 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thicknesses. The 7mm flooring is backed by a 20-year residential warranty. All others have a Lifetime residential warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty.

Wood species are mostly Oak, but your options include Maple, Alder, Chestnut, Cherry, Hickory and exotics like Merbau and Brazilian Cherry.

Quick Step NatureTEK Laminate Flooring

Quick Step NatureTEK Laminate Flooring

Light, medium and dark colors are available in tones that are cool, neutral and warm. With more than 40 options, you'll find several that fit your design plans very nicely.

This is a large collection divided into Natural Authentic and Textured styles.

Natural Authentic flooring replicates traditional hardwood flooring. The wood grain texture is distinct. Plenty of character in the wood is visible.

In addition to the wood species listed above, the Natural Authentic styles include a few Parisian Chevron parquet that is unusual and attractive.

The Textured style is embossed from molds made with real wood grain. If you want wood texture you can feel beneath your feet, then choose one of the many textured styles of NatureTEK by Quick Step.

Best used: This is the choice of homeowners that don't want to pay extra for waterproof laminate. Cost ranges from affordable to mid-priced.

This is a solid choice if you use a Swiffer or light spray and a microfiber mop rather than a traditional wet mop. It's fine too in homes without pets or with well-trained pets.

Stylistically, there are looks for every home from rustic and Old World to traditional to contemporary.

This product isn't best for bathrooms and laundry areas.

Quick Step NatureTEK Plus & Select Laminate Flooring

Quick Step NatureTEK Plus

This is waterproof laminate flooring in 10mm and 12mm options. Edges have a hydrophobic coating that prevents absorption into the core of the planks.

Quick Step NatureTEK Plus and Select laminate are covered by three warranties: Lifetime residential, 5-year commercial and a waterproof warranty.

All styles have the Natural Authentic look of genuine hardwood rather than the Textured look and feel.

Oak dominates the collection, but there are several Hickory and Pine options too. As you'd expect, your color choices range the spectrum, and you'll have a hard time choosing among your many good options.

Plank widths are 6", 7.5" or a beefy 9.5".

Best used: The waterproof technology makes this a good choice for households with young children and/or pets. It's safe for kitchens, bathrooms, the laundry and rooms below grade where damp conditions might be present.

In terms of style, there's something for everyone. All architectural and interior design styles are covered.

Special Features of Quick Step Laminate Flooring

This section discusses top features for comparison with other brands you're considering.

Waterproof laminate: The NatureTEK Plus flooring by Quick Step uses three steps of technology. It makes the floor waterproof to this extent: Water won't soak into the flooring in the first 24 hours according to warranty information. The three steps are:

  • Uniclic design is a patented locking system that joins planks so tightly moisture can't get in.
  • All edges are coated with Hydroseal, a patented sealer.
  • GenuEdge technology wraps the coated design layer edges for further protection.

This technology was designed and is used by Mohawk, the parent company of Quick Step laminate flooring. It is backed by a waterproof warranty in addition to a Lifetime residential and a 5-year commercial warranty.

Large selection: With more than 100 styles, this flooring rivals Armstrong, Mohawk, Tarkett and Pergo for the best selection of laminate flooring.

Low-VOC flooring: Most Quick Step laminate is certified by FloorScore, "the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments." Floor materials are tested for 35 VOCs, volatile organic compounds that are considered harmful pollutants. Quick Step laminate is certified to be low-VOC flooring.

Quick Step Pros, Cons and Ratings

How does Quick Step laminate flooring compare to other brands?

It's most like Tarkett in that some lines are sold exclusively at a big box store and others are sold more widely. The selection isn't quite as good as Tarkett, but its not bad.


Flooring for every budget from cheap to excellent quality. While there aren't as many styles as offered by Pergo or Mohawk, the selection is pretty good in terms of style (embossed, smooth, handscraped) and color.

Some NatureTEK and Plus lines have commercial warranties. Others don't, so be sure you know the warranty coverage of the flooring you're considering.

Mohawk's patented waterproofing technology is used in the NatureTEK Plus laminate.


Some of this flooring is quite cheap, so again, just research the products you're considering whether you want affordable or something that will last longer.

Here are our Quick Step laminate ratings:

  • Range of color/style options: 3
  • Overall Quality: 3
  • Ease of installation: 4
  • Green/Low-VOC: 4
  • Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Looking for Qualified Installer for Quick Step Flooring?

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