Cali Bamboo Decking Reviews – Bamboo Composite Decking by Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo has slowly expanded its catalog from flooring into a variety of other areas, including LVP, fencing, furnishings, and decking. Their approach to composite decking is just as unique as their take on bamboo flooring. In our Cali Bamboo decking review, we’re going to break down their collection and tell you what to expect from the company’s decking lineup.

Cali Bamboo Decking Collection

Cali Bamboo sprang to life in 2004 after two college buddies took a trip to Hawaii and realized the sustainable nature of bamboo. Since that time, the company has grown considerably, and they’ve continued to innovate over the years. They introduced wide plank composite decking to the world in 2013 and, more recently, products like Infinity Composite Decking, Composite Deck Tiles, and TruOrganics decking.

BamDeck 4G

BamDeck initially made an appearance back in 2015, and the newest iteration of the product has been dubbed BamDeck 4G. This decking line is made from 100% recyclable materials with a blend of 40% HDPE plastic and 60% reclaimed bamboo fiber. The high-density polyethylene is strong and resistant to moisture, and while recycled bamboo may seem appealing to bugs, they will not be able to dine on these composite boards. 


BamDeck 4G is available in three colors with Slate, Charcoal, and Coffee. Each hue comes in a standard or wide size, but every plank has a scalloped bottom. This keeps the weight and cost down for each board, although it keeps them from being reversible as well. The wide boards from this collection are 13/16” thick and 8 ¼” wide. This decking comes in 8’ lengths with 22 square feet per box and has a matte or flat surface sheen.

As for the standard size BamDeck 4G deck boards, they come in 16’ lengths and are 5 ¼” wide. They are the same thickness, have the same surface sheen, and both will work with the company’s hidden fastener system. Each box of standard Cali Bamboo BamDeck 4G decking contains 14.49 square feet of deck boards.

Both the standard and wide deck boards from this collection are covered by a 15-year warranty for residential use or 10 years for commercial usage. This line is also certified and can qualify for LEED points MRc7, according to the USGBC.


Cali Bamboo TruOrganics is one of the company's more recent products and deck boards that fall into the premium class. Unlike the BamDeck 4G deck boards, these planks are fully encased with a protective wrap shield. As they are capped on all four sides, they can withstand more abuse from the elements along with stains and scratches from general use.        

While that’s the biggest difference between the company’s two collections, the deck boards also take advantage of CoreMax technology. A series of cylindrical chambers increases the tensile strength of each board by up to 35% while still keeping the weight down. There’s also a noticeable difference in tone and texture due to the variegated tones in each plank.


Colors in this collection include Glacier, Denali, Sedona, and Yosemite. Each deck board is available in two widths with standard and wide as well. The dimensions are the same as the BamDeck 4G collection, so the wide boards are 8’ long, and the standard width planks are 16’ in length. They have longer warranties, however, so you can expect a 25-year residential guarantee from deck boards in the Cali Bamboo TruOrganics line.

Cali Bamboo Decking Cost and Availability

Cali Bamboo decking does have a distinct advantage over other composite deck brands if you want something eco-friendly, but they are at a disadvantage when it comes to availability to a degree. At this time, Lowe’s is the only large national retailer we could find that carries the company’s’ deck line, although that could change in the future.

Lowe’s carries all of the company’s TruOrganics decking online, and while there is no option to purchase decking directly from Cali Bamboo, you can pick up samples for only $0.25 each. You can also get a direct quiet from the company for your entire project, so shipping could be an option, but there’s only a quote tool on their site at this time.

As for Cali Bamboo decking prices, there isn’t much variance with this brand, considering they are sold through Lowes unless you get a direct quote from the company, which could include a discount. Pricing for the TruOrganics line ranges from $87 - $96 for the wide planks $75 to $120 for the standard-size 16-foot deck boards. We were unable to obtain pricing for any of the Cali Bamboo BamDeck 4G lineup, so you’ll have to contact the company directly for a quote with that collection.

Cali Bamboo Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings

Cali Bamboo hasn’t been dealing with decking nearly as long as flooring, so their catalog isn’t as expansive as what you’ll find from other brands. The company does produce high-quality products, however, and we like the fact you can pick up a sample to see how they look and feel beforehand. They are an excellent alternative compared to larger brands if you’re looking for green decking.

Pros: Eco-friendly decking from an established brand in the flooring world. LEED-certified decking available in two widths with a hidden fastener system. Wider deck boards than competitors.

Cons: Not much of a selection. Availability may be a problem for some.


  • Range of color/Style options: 2.5
  • Overall Quality: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 3.5
  • UV Resistance: 3.5
  • Overall Rating: 4

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