Shaw Carpet Flooring Reviews and Prices 2024

Shaw Flooring is a leading name in US carpets, hardwood and vinyl.  Having already taken a look at their laminate range, in this guide, we will examine their range of carpeting in a little more detail. 

The company is renowned for being the world’s largest carpeting manufacturer, which already gives you an idea of the range on offer.

Shaw Flooring Expected Costs

Carpet Quality

Low price (sq/ft)

High Price (sq/ft)

Installation (p/yd)

Good (Low Pile)



Up to $6.00

High (Soft and Durable)



Up to $6.00

Luxury (Most Durable)



Up to $6.00

Wholesale Range (Exclusive)



Up to $6.00

The average cost of Shaw Flooring carpeting varies depending on whether you by per square foot, or per square yard.  High-quality carpeting by square foot will range from $3.50 to $7.50 in price, though you may be able to get a better deal via wholesale.

However, there are also additional fees involved depending on your needs, and whether or not you need your carpet fully installing.  You may expect to pay up to $6.00 per yard for installation from a Shaw contractor, though this may vary elsewhere, and there are some Shaw flooring standards which you can fit yourself.

Other fees may apply if you choose to have your old carpet taken away, if you need to move furniture, or if you need carpeting installing for stairs, for example.  Do also be aware that certain products and lines by Shaw may retail for more than basic carpet alone.

Featured Carpet Technology By Shaw

Shaw uses several different types of carpeting technology.  These are developed to provide durability for everyday use.  As we have seen in our complete guide to buying carpets, nylon and polyester are popular as they can withstand regular foot traffic and spillage.

These technologies can be found alongside the different carpet styles and aesthetics available to buy online from the brand.

All Nylon and All Polyester

Carpets using All Nylon and All Polyester technology take things back to basics.  These flooring styles make full use of polyester and nylon’s protective qualities while remaining comfortable and great-looking.  However, as you will see, there are further twists on these materials currently supported by Shaw, which offer greater durability and protection.

Anso Nylon

Anso Nylon is Shaw’s landmark anti-soil carpet technology.  Having been provided to US homes for over 40 years, it is one of their leading technology choices.  It is a recyclable carpet blend, designed for toughness and Shaw’s guarantee of lifetime protection against pet soiling and more.  As such, it arrives with certain lifetime warranties.  Shaw promotes this technology and brand over their traditional nylon as it reportedly offers more resilience from day to day.

ClearTouch Polyester

Shaw’s ClearTouch collection is marketed based on both its resilience and its environmentally-friendly manufacture.  ClearTouch carpeting technology makes use of recycled plastic during production, meaning it is marketed towards people who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint.  As with Anso Nylon, ClearTouch carpets have lifetime warranties against stains and spillages, and a minimum of between 25% and 50% of these products are built from recycled content.

R2X Nylon

Shaw's R2X collection is based on patented technology brought to the fore in 2001.  R2X is a carpet treatment which protects against heavy soil and staining and is designed to prevent stains which go as deep as the bottoms of the fibers in any given carpet.  That means that deeper spills likely to go right to the base of flooring are prevented from causing intensive damage. 

There are many different stain-protective technologies used by Shaw in their lines, though R2X is their own creation.

Stainmaster Nylon

As the name suggests, Stainmaster is another technology which has been developed to fight against heavy, pervasive staining.  The Stainmaster brand is one which stands on its own two feet away from Shaw Flooring, marketed towards families with young children and pets.  This carpet technology is reportedly developed to provide ease of clean-up as well as preventative measures, and it is also said to protect against regular pet shedding.

Carpet Collections

Shaw Flooring manufactures and supplies six carpet collections, individually designed for various purposes throughout the home.  These include Bellera, Caress, Colorwall, Foundations, Simply the Best, and TruAccents.

Across these collections, there are 351 different styles to choose from, and an array of colors.  These range from beiges, browns, and golds, to blues, greens, and grays, to more outlandish reds and violets.

You will be able to buy loop, twist, pattern, and texture carpeting with Shaw.  However, you may be expected to pay a little more for Berber.


Bellera is Shaw Flooring’s leading carpet brand at the moment, and it is the collection which is given pride of place in their online marketing.

This collection is available in ten different styles and is popular with families and pet owners thanks to its spill-protective backing.  This collection is recommended for years of intensive use and is marketed to continue looking luxurious throughout.

Bellera carpeting is split into various looks and colors, which means you can opt for warm or cool shades as you prefer.  Bellera is perfect for any room in the home but is arguably best suited to family spaces.

Bellera carpets have a 10-year warranty supplied with some labor requirements included for your first year of purchase.  You will also be protected by a 30-day guarantee, where you can trade in your flooring for a different option if you prefer.  Do be aware that labor is not included in this exchange.


The Caress collection is available in 10 different patterns and is developed to be among the softest available from Shaw.  Using Anso Nylon technology, these carpets are built to be soft and durable.  They are primarily popular with couples and professionals.

Caress carpets are available in up to 30 different styles, with a variety of colors supported along the way.  This line emphasizes color in design, which means it is an excellent choice for anyone in need of great-looking flooring as well as durability.  Bellera, meanwhile, may be a better fit for families and pet owners.

Caress styles are protected by a 30-day guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty against stains and soiling.  There is also a 20-year warranty to protect against wear and texture loss, too.


The Colorwall collection goes a step further in terms of striking shades and tones.  Developed with Anso Nylon, which is the brand’s resistant carpet technology, this collection offers up to 80 different tints and shades. 

There are slightly fewer styles in this collection than in Bellera or Caress, though this is due to there being a greater focus on color.  You can choose from eight different flooring styles.


Foundations carpeting is best suited for private bedrooms and spaces with light traffic.  This collection, again, makes use of Anso Nylon, which means this carpeting is some of the most resilient and hard-wearing.

While Foundations options are resistant against pet staining and spillages, they are more formal in look and feel.  Therefore, they may not be the best fit for family rooms.  However, there are 29 styles to choose from in a wide array of colors.

Simply The Best

The Simply The Best range of carpets is available in one simple style, and up to nine different colors.  These carpets are likely to be towards the more budget end of the market but are no less striking to look at.


TruAccents carpets are designed in styles and patterns which stand out.  This carpeting is available in styles which Shaw defines as ‘bold,’ ‘modern,’ and ‘playful.’  Ideal for installation throughout the home, this flooring collection is aimed more towards people who value design over practicality.

However, with added pad installation and a selection of warranties, these carpet choices are easily protected.  There are 17 different styles of TruAccents available, with options such as Free Spirited, Virtual Gloss, Natural Space and Sense of Reflection being among their most popular.  The names alone should give you more of an idea of what to expect from this range.


Shaw Flooring is the US’ leading name in carpeting for a reason.  Their large ranges will appeal to most people; however, you may be expected to pay a little extra.  They also supply hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.  In any case, Shaw carpets are developed to be durable and appealing.  They compete directly with Mohawk in terms of price and technology.

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