Kraus Carpet Tile Reviews and Prices 2024

Carpet tiles are an excellent way to try out new styles without fully committing. They have several advantages over traditional carpeting, and you may be surprised by the types of styles available. Kraus is a leader when it comes to commercial carpet tiles, and in our review, we’re going to tell you what to expect from their resilient carpet tiles.

Kraus Modular Carpet Tile Collections

Kraus Carpet Tile Collections

From the Kraus flooring website, you can sort through their carpet tiles in a variety of ways. You can search by color range, fiber, backing layer, or format which includes both carpet tiles and carpet planks. If you have an idea of the color scheme you want, sorting through their hues could be your best option. Alternately, choosing by type allows you to browse by Nylon, Polypropylene or Nylon 6,6 fibers. Ultel Nylon is also listed although no products were available at the time of this writing.

Kraus doesn't have their carpet tiles listed by collection, but they do have some very interesting options available. Some of those styles and colors are appropriately named as well. In the Matrix carpet collection, you'll find colors with names like Trench Coat and Trinity, while Perspective has shades with names like Contrast and Form. Regardless of the names, those carpet tiles along with 12 other styles are made from 100% BCF polypropylene and have EuroBac backing.

When it comes to nylon, there are far more options. Collections like Pop Art will definitely get your attention, especially considering their plank-like form factor. You can layout some unique patterns with these styles as you can see from the photo below. That said, most of their products are in the traditional square carpet tiles and made 100% BCF nylon or Solution Dyed 6,6.

Kraus Carpet Tile Warranty

There are also two warranty levels with Kraus depending on the fiber and style you choose. While we didn't click on every color, the company's polypropylene carpeting  is rated at 10 years across the board. That includes their “No Exceptions” stain guarantee along with a 10-year backing performance warranty. You'll also get 10 years on commercial wear.

As for their nylon carpet tiles, things are more clear cut. There is a lifetime commercial wear warranty and a lifetime backing performance warranty as well. Keep in mind; these carpet tiles are geared towards commercial use, so you are not going to have to work about longevity in your home.

The Green Factor

You generally don't need to worry about VOCs with carpeting compared to other styles of flooring like vinyl, laminate, or engineered boards that use binders or adhesives. With carpet, you still need to consider VOCs if adhesives are used, but recyclability is typically the biggest concern.

Most of the styles we checked user a degree of recycled content and have passed the Green Label Plus certification. EuroBac has a measure of recycled material in the mix, and the company’s carpet tiles are eligible for recycling programs as well.

Kraus Carpet Tile Costs

Kraus carpet tiles may be in the commercial class, but unlike similar products, they aren't hard to find for the average consumer. There are several online retailers that carry their products, and you may be able to pick them up locally through a dealer as well.







Multi-level loop

$1.22 sq. ft.

Pop Art


Multi-level loop

$2.35 sq. ft.



Multi-level scroll loop

$2.51 sq. ft.

Van der Rohe

Stormy Knight

Pattern Scroll Loop

$1.90 sq. ft.

Kraus Pros, Cons and Ratings

Normally, flooring brands sell residential products with a light commercial resting. With Kraus, it's the other way around as they sell commercial carpet tiles that have enough style to work in a residential setting as well.

Pros: Large lineup of tiles and three types of fibers. Excellent color range and multiple formats with tiles and carpet planks.

Cons: Local availability could be an issue for some. Commercial styles.


  • Styles: 3.8
  • Selection: 4.5
  • Fiber Range: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • Fade Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

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