Dixie Home Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

Dixie Home Carpet has a large catalog of carpeting featuring both traditional and modern styles. They have hundreds of options in their lineup with a little something for everyone including homeowners with pets. The company also stays current with the trends by launching new products like the recently released lines like EnVision66.

The Dixie Group

Dixie Home Carpet hasn’t been in business as long of their competitors in the carpeting world considering they were founded in 2003. That said, their parent company has made waves in the industry. That would be the Dixie Group, a company that has been in business since the 1920s where they began life as the Dixie Mercerizing Company.

While the materials and products they use and produce have changed considerably over the years, the company’s philosophy has not. They are currently in charge of a half-dozen brands including Fabrica, Atlas, Masland and that company’s sub-brands Masland Contract and Masland Hospitality. While each of those brands is geared towards a different consumer in terms of style and price, our focus this time around is on the company’s own carpet collection called Dixie Home carpeting.

Dixie Home Carpet Review

Dixie’s carpet is broken down into a few different categories, and their site allows you to browse their catalog by type although it’s not as organized as other carpeting sites we have reviewed. At this time, their carpeting is lumped into several basic categories including loop, textured and patterned. They also have carpeting under the Pet Protect line along with the EnVision66 collection. 

Dixie Home Carpet Review

Under the looped carpet collection, you can find patterned carpets like Alcova, English Arbor, or Movado along with several solid hues. There are 30 styles and well over 100 colors in all. Fibers from this series include Durasilk polyester and several nylon options with Stainmaster TruSoft, Luxerell, and SuperiaSD.

Dixie Home Carpet Review

With their textured carpeting, there are 27 styles and hundreds of colors. While there are only a handful of patterns in this collection, styles like Touch of Velvet and Soft & Silky are only a few of the options with over 30 colors each. The same types of fibers are used as well, although we did not come across any PET-based options.

The majority of Dixie Home’s carpeting is patterned, and while some of these styles are found under other categories in their online catalog, there are around 40 styles of patterned carpeting. Many of their Pet Protect carpets are textured as well, and all of those utilize the popular Stainmaster SuperiaSD BCF nylon 6,6 fiber. There are currently only a handful of EnVision66 carpets, but they are an option if you need a durable nylon carpet at an affordable price.

Dixie Home LVP and SPC Flooring

In addition to their lineup of carpet, you can also find luxury vinyl flooring carrying the Dixie Floor branding. The use the popular PetProtect system from Stainmaster, and there are around 25 styles to choose from in their catalog.

Most of their luxury vinyl products come in plank form, and some bear a striking resemblance to real wood like Grand Oak and Coventry. The planks vary in width but are 60” long and between 6.00mm to 7.5mm thick with a 20mil wear layer. They are installed using a click-lock system just like their luxury vinyl tile. The selection is a little sparse when it comes to LVT or luxury vinyl tile but they are installed in the same fashion and still take advantage of Stainmaster’s tech.

The company also has a range of SPC flooring available with its TRUCOR Alpha collection. SPC floors are made from stone plastic composites which means they are a bit more resilient than traditional or luxury vinyl products. This flooring is 5.5mm thick with a 0.3mm wear layer and comes in several different styles. 

Dixie Home Carpet Cost

Carpet has never been easy to shop for compared to other types of flooring like hardwood or laminate for a variety of reasons. It’s usually not found in larger hardware stores, and if it is in stock, your options may be limited.

It’s also not easy to ship unless you purchase carpet tiles, which are where flooring stores come into play. That’s where you’ll need to go to purchase Dixie Home carpet, but you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a specialty store that carries their carpeting or can order it.



Price per square foot



$1.80 - $2.20



$2.00 - $2.80

Pet Protect


$2.60 - $3.00

Dixie Home Carpet Pros, Cons and Ratings

Dixie Home is an interesting company that leans towards nylon fibers for their carpet collections. While we like the overall selection and styles of their carpet, some of the brands under their umbrella have better options available depending on your needs.


Excellent resistance to stains and soiling with tiered warranties by price. Eco-friendly products with the Green Label Plus certification are a bonus.


Only a handful of polyester carpets and no olefin or wool as they rely mainly on nylon fibers with protection from Stainmaster.


  • Color and Style Range: 4
  • Fiber Range: 3
  • Pet Resistant: 4
  • Stain Resistant: 4
  • Fade Resistant: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

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