nuLOOM Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

It’s safe to say that area rugs are a dime a dozen as consumers can walk into Walmart and pick one up or opt for something a little more high-end from a showroom. The options are bountiful, but there are also companies that have their own online shops like nuLOOM. While the name may not be familiar, you’ll remember this affordable and accessible brand after our review.

nuLOOM Rug Collections

Aside from a lighting category, nuLOOM only carries area rugs. That means it can be easy to become overwhelmed when you initially visit their site given the wealth of options available. To make things simple, the company allows you to shop by size, room, or style. That will only help you narrow things to a degree, so we are going to break things down by the materials used in their area rugs.

Wool Area Rugs from nuLOOM

nuLOOM has a variety of rugs made using wool fibers, many of which are listed as hand-made. Hand-hooked styles from the company include options like Krause, Brienne, and Marrakech Moroccan. They are all in shades of gray, while Bianca Triangles utilizes a pastel triangular pattern. That rug is a half-inch thick and made from 100% wool.

There are only two braided wool rugs with Aguirre Tribal and Bokja Moroccan, both with a bohemian style. You will get more options with hand-knotted wool rugs, however, including Kenda which has a classic medallion pattern and a vintage look. Savannah is the polar opposite with tassels and a blue and white geometric pattern.

Are you partial to tribal patterns or area rugs with an authentic feel? If so, consider Bellini Moroccan with its Southwester symbols, Shyla Abstract Wine, or the Savannah Tribal runner. Homeowners looking for a wool rug for their child’s room have several alternatives as well with the Animalia and Roundabout Playmat series.

Cotton Area Rugs from nuLOOM

Cotton Area Rugs from nuLOOM

Whereas area rugs made from jute can be coarse underfoot, cotton rugs tend to have a much smoother texture. nuLOOM’s collection of cotton rugs is just as impressive as their wool collection, but with more variance when it comes to design.

Homeowners that have a beach home or just want to bring the look of one to their residence will enjoy Gracen Stripe in Yellow, Brenna, or nautical-themed rugs like this floral octopus pattern from Thomas Paul. Over a dozen Persian rugs are available in this class as well. Daenerys comes in a vintage red, blue, or grey and Miliana is an affordable large area rug in a faded orange.

Cotton also allows manufacturers to bring more colors into play. The Rochell area rug is a great example of that, especially the Indigo version. The same can be said for Michiko Chindi, which is arguably the most colorful rug in any of the company’s collections. All of the company’s rugs from this section are made using cotton, but the amount can vary significantly from one style to the next.

Synthetic Area Rugs from nuLOOM

Synthetic Area Rugs from nuLOOM

There are dozens of rugs that use every color in the rainbow made from cotton, but synthetic materials can take things to a completely new level. Whether you’re interested in a contemporary rug, something with a Southwestern style, or an area rug with a French Country motif, you can find it in nuLOOM’s synthetic section.

Persian rugs are found under the Bohemian category, where you’ll find beautiful rugs like Magen Floral Blue and Marnie Tribal Rust. Many of these rugs have medallion patterns, but there are unique options as well including Fallon Tribal. If you’re more partial to Morocco than Persia, consider Anna which is tasseled and made from 100% polyester.

Mitch in striped silver is one of the more modern designs in this class while Halina is made from faux cowhide. It will certainly get some attention but is made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% acrylic fiber. Dolly is also made from a large percentage of polyester but is a contemporary rug with an eye-catching abstract design.

Jute Area Rugs from nuLOOM

Jute Area Rugs from nuLOOM

While wool is a durable natural fiber, Jute is often considered the next step up. It’s ideal for consumers that love chunky patterns like Eliz which is an oval with streaks of blue. Lesha is also round, but with a black center and both are listed as woven. One of the more colorful options in their Jute lineup is Aleen Bohemian, however, which is a braided rug with a multicolor design.

A few of the more interesting machine-made jute rugs from nuLOOM include Edna Chevron, Paisley Tribal, Hermina Tribal, and Vernell. We also found a number of striped rugs in this class like Janelle which has a coastal design and the darker Coraline. There are dozens of solid-colored hand-made jute rugs as well along with styles like the checkered Vida area rug.

Other fibers used by nuLOOM

Wool Area Rugs from nuLOOM

Jute, Polypropylene, Cotton, and Wool are just of the few materials found in nuLOOM’s area rugs, but far from the only options. Homeowners interested in something a little more exotic can choose from materials like seagrass and leather as well.

Chenille area rugs are also an alternative and a great choice if you’re looking for something light and airy. You can find that in styles like Rose Stripe which is a flat-woven rug made from a blend of chenille, cotton, and wool. Kamila utilizes a vintage medallion design, while Harlow is simply unique. The company’s seagrass area rugs aren’t nearly as colorful, but well worth a look if you like natural fibers.

Spero, Hesse, and Elijah are three of the more popular nuLOOM seagrass area rugs – each with a similar style and in their natural hue. While they are machine-made, they are constructed from 100% seagrass. Their leather rugs offer more variety when it comes to styles like Ivanna Honeycomb Trellis and Neta which is available in two colors with beige or grey.








Striped Black

Hand Woven

Cotton & Wool

6’ x 9’




Hand Hooked

100% Wool

6’ x 9’


Anna Moroccan


Machine Made

100% Polyester

4’ x 6’


Ivanna Honeycomb

Trellis Gray

Hand Made

50% Leather, 50% Viscose

8’ x 10’




Machine Made

100% Seagrass

9’ x 12’


Alexi Chevron


Hand Knotted

100% Wool

8’ x 10’



Tribal Diamonds


100% Jute

5’ x 8’



Country Floral

Machine Made

100% Polyester

5’ x 8’



Geometric Taupe

Hand Loomed

100% Cotton

8’ x 10’



Distressed Gray

Hand Loomed

100% Jute

5’ x 8’


nuLOOM Area Rug Cost & Availably

One of the perks of buying a rug from nuLOOM is pricing and availability. They aren’t considered a premium brand by most consumers, although they have a range of high-quality rugs that certainly fall into that category. That means there are plenty of price points for homeowners to choose from with a wide range between $70.00 to over $1,000 depending on the size and style.

If you want to purchase an area rug from nuLOOM, there are dozens of ways you can do so. The company sells direct to consumers through its official website and provides free shipping as well. You can also find their rugs online at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Overstock along with Home Depot. For local purchases, Home Depot is one of the better options with a variety of styles in stock.

nuLOOM Pros, Cons, and Ratings

While we weren’t extremely familiar with the brand going into this review, it’s hard to find a fault with nuLOOM after doing considerable research. We’d put them at the top of the list when it comes to pricing, availability, and style. While there are competitors that are stronger in certain niches, nuLOOM is solid all-around. You can browse the company’s rugs at the link below if you’re interested in purchasing a rug from nuLOOM.

  • Styles: 4.5
  • Eco-Friendly: 3.9
  • Fiber Selection: 4
  • Pricing: 5
  • Overall: 4.5

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