Loloi Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Online retailers have sprung up in almost every niche you can imagine, including products that can be large or difficult to ship like mattresses, furniture, and rugs. Loloi is an e-tailer with an impressive online catalog and one that works with several celebrities as well. In our Loloi rugs review, we’re going to take a closer look at their collections and let you know what you expect in regards to pricing and availability.

Loloi Rug Collections

From Loloi’s official website, you can browse through their catalog by brand, material, color, style, and construction. There are also a variety of collections that have their own section on-site, including the company’s own Loloi and Loloi II Collections which is where we are going to start our review.

Loloi Rugs

Loloi Rugs

Most of the rugs in the main collection from Loloi are comprised of wool, viscose, polyester, or polypropylene. There are more than 150 wool rugs to choose from, most of which are constructed by hand. The Bennett Collection features texture area rugs with contrasting colors like this Ivory and Charcoal beauty, while Helena is a collection of Persian-styled rugs.

HAC-3 from the Halcyon Collection is an interesting option if you prefer stripes. Alternatively, the stripes found in rugs from the Cadence Collection are of a completely different variety.  All of these styles are hand-knotted, but there are close to 60 styles that are hand-woven or hand-loomed as well. Red Rio has a southwestern flair and is made from 100% New Zealand wool, while the Barkley Collection keeps things simple.

Most of these rugs are available in a variety of sizes, although you’ll only find round rugs in two series. The Nala Collection features rugs with vibrant earth-tone patterns like this Ivory and Multicolored rug. The Padma Collection has an entirely different style with 7 ornate patterns and rugs measuring up to 5’ x 5’ round.

Many of these rugs are blended with wool or synthetic materials, although there are around 28 rugs made from Jute as well. There are only a handful of patterns in the Sahara Collection, but Birch and Mediterranean are standouts. There are natural colored rugs like Charcoal and Aqua in the Beacon Collection alongside colorful patterns in the Owen Collection.

There aren’t as many styles overall in the Loloi II Collection, but there are some very unique rugs. Interested in a rug that resembles animal hide, but isn’t actually made from it? You’ll find that in the Bryce Collection with styles like Taupe Champagne, which is made from acrylic and modacrylic. There are a variety of vintage oriental styles as well along with more subtle designs like Hagen Ocean.

The ED Collection by Ellen DeGeneres

One of the larger collections outside of the company’s main lineup is the Ellen DeGeneres Collection. There are multiple collections inside this series and well over 100 options overall. That includes the Sonoma Collection, which consists of inside/outdoor rugs. They are power-loomed and made from polypropylene whereas rugs from the Pasadena Collection like Indigo are made from Viscose.

Homeowners interested in textured rugs will appreciate the Abbott Collection. These area rugs come in shades of ivory and brown with tassels along two edges. You’ll find tassels on the rugs in the Mar Vista Collection as well – just in a different area. There are a half-dozen styles constructed from Jute in the Redondo Collection, with Denim Natural being the standout.

All of the styles from the ED Ellen DeGeneres lineup are listed as contemporary, although several fall outside of those categories. The Solano and Alameda Collections are two prime examples of their southwestern styles. The materials used in these collections vary from wool to polyester, and the price points vary just as much.

Justina Blakeney x Loloi

If you follow trends in the design world or are familiar with the Jungalow brand, you may have heard of Justina Blakeney. Like Ellen, she has a large series of area rugs made in conjunction with Loloi and more varied designs including a unique take on the traditional animal print rug.

The Feroz Collection won’t be for everyone, but this series of colorful tigers are sure to get attention wherever they are placed. If you’re not keen on teal tigers, the Malik Collection could be a better option with its muted tones and classic patterns. This is another series of collections where there aren’t many solids, but no shortage of unique styles.

Denim and Dove from the Symbology Collection caught our eye with its multi-level piling and the Ray Collection is a series of area rugs with simple stripes and thin tassels. There are around a dozen styles listed as discontinued as well, although still available through retailers online and locally.

Other Collections from Loloi Rugs

In addition to the collections from Ellen and Justina Blakeney, Loloi has a handful of other designers listed in their catalog. The Magnolia Homes Collection will be familiar to fans of the show Fixer Upper as its Joanna Gaines Collection of area rugs. While small in comparison to other designers, it has some striking designs and one of the better cotton rug collections.

The cotton rugs from Magnolia Home are transitional as they mainly consist of worn or antique Persian style rugs. Simpler patterns from the collection include rugs from the Cora Collection or you can go for something classic like the Blue-Multi from the Crew Collection.  The Rifle Paper Co. is another interesting option, especially if you prefer rugs with a farmhouse motif.

In the Amelia Collection from Rifle Co., you’ll find colorful area rugs like Trellis Blue and Trellis Crimson. These rugs come from Egypt and are power-loomed from synthetic materials. Geometric Rose is darker with a different vibe but pales in comparison to the company’s Garden Party rugs. Other rugs that caught our eye from this collection were Forte Navy, Hawthorne Charcoal, and Navy Peonies.








Olive & Charcoal

Power Loomed


9’ x 12’


Feroz X Blakeney


Hand Hooked


5’ x 7.6’



White Sky

Power Loomed


5.3’ x 7.8’


Kismet x Rifle

Arabesque Navy

Power Loomed


3.7’ x 5.2’



Beige & Black

Machine Made

Acrylic & Polyester

7.10’ x 10’


Mar Vista x Ellen

Blue & Grey

Hand Woven

Wool & Cotton

5’ x 7.6’


Loloi Rugs Cost and Availability

After looking over hundreds of listings for Loloi rugs, their pricing is in the middle of the pack albeit skewed more towards the premium side. In some cases, it depends on the collection you choose as rugs from their partnerships can cost more than the store-branded area rugs. As usual, it also comes down to size, material, and construction techniques used as well.

While you can’t buy rugs direct from Loloi rugs, they do have an online tool that allows you to hone in on any style you want. We were able to find their rugs through major online retailers like Amazon, Overstock, and rug wholesalers, but as they generally sell online, your results locally may vary depending on where you reside.

Loloi Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Whether Loloi rugs are right for you depends on what you’re looking for. They don’t have the largest selection of natural fibers and you won’t find many novelty or kid-friendly rugs in their catalog. They focus more on transitional styles, and while their prices are on the high side with larger rugs, we feel their collection as a whole is affordable.

  • Styles: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 3.5
  • Fiber Selection: 3.5
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4

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