Anderson Engineered Wood Flooring Reviews and Prices 2024

Anderson-Tuftex is a brand we've touched on in the past due to their excellent selection of carpeting. This time, we are going to take a look at the company’s engineered hardwood flooring, which is in the premium class when it comes to quality and pricing.

Anderson Engineered Wood Review

Anderson Hardwood ANGLED

Anderson sells both solid and engineered residential flooring. You can easily separate the two through their websites' search filters,  but they also fall into collections.  Unlike other flooring manufacturers,  Anderson's collections encompass a variety of products. Each collection is themed with different types of flooring, which allows you to stick to a style even when changing materials.

Anderson Artistry Collection

While there are only two styles of hardwood in the Artistry Collection,  both are unique. Raw 3 is an engineered oak made from White Oak with a wire-brushed texture, and Raw Mixed is a slightly darker version of the same plank. These boards are a half-inch thick with an aluminum oxide finish and come in random lengths.

Anderson Classics Collection

Whether you want boards that are made from an exotic wood or domestic,  the Classics Collection from Anderson-Tuftex has it all. That includes random length planks made from Hickory that are heavily scraped and styles like Monte Carlo. These boards are distressed and made from Copaiba, a somewhat uncommon exotic hardwood. Overall,  there are seven styles in the Classics Collection, and each style is available in between four to six colors.

Anderson Reverie Collection

In the Reverie Collection, you have a choice of Bernina in Maple or Hickory,  both of which are available in five different colors. The half-inch planks are heavily scraped with a natural tone and protected by the company's Luster-Lock Ultra Finish. They are made in the USA as well, and measure 5” wide but come in random lengths.

Anderson Unleashed Collection

The Unleashed Collection from Anderson features dubbed if their widest planks at 8”. Buckingham and Kensington flooring has a traditional look and chime in five colors apiece. These White Oak boards are also distressed and measure 5/8” thick. A multi-layer staining process will make these planks stand out in any room.

Anderson Wonderment Collection

If you want to feel a sense of awe when you walk into a room,  the Wonderment Collection may be your best bet. At 8” wide,  they are in-line with the Unleashed Collection although ¾” thick.  Ombre will provide you with gradient color washes while the Metallics series is infused with metallic powder. Like most of the company's collections,  you can pick up either style  in five colors.  

Species and Styles 

Anderson has one of the more interesting selections on species and a nice miss of both domestic and exotic hardwoods. We saw planks made from Kupay alongside Oak and Maple, and we like the fact each style has a multitude of alternate colors. Noble Hall alone has 10, so there are hundreds of grain and color combinations available.

Finishing Techniques 

Anderson uses a variety of finishing techniques on their engineered hardwood flooring. While that's not uncommon, they make some interesting design choices that work well with their selection of species and styles. You will find traditional techniques like wire brushing and hand scraping,  but they also use dramatic staining techniques that make their flooring pop.


Anderson's engineered hardwood is just as durable as other manufacturers in this class from a quality standpoint.  That means you need to focus more on the species if you are concerned about durability and want rock hard floors in your home. Our hardwood buying guide breaks down the hardness or Janka scale, but you can also take a look at the warranty.

With Anderson,  you'll get a lifetime limited warranty on the structural integrity of their engineered flooring for residential use. The same guarantee applies to the finish as well but drops a percentage at 1, 5, and 10-year increments.

The Green Factor 

Making eco-friendly products is big business and something we've seen more manufacturers turn towards in recent years. Anderson-Tuftex is no different,  and neither is their parent company Shaw. Over half the company’s catalog is Cradle to Cradle Certified, although information is a bit sparse with Anderson's engineered offerings.

Anderson Engineered Wood Cost and Availability 

As mentioned,  Anderson Hardwood flooring is considered a premium product,  so you'll need to prepare to pay up for their flooring. It isn't too difficult to find online or locally through a flooring dealer as well.












$10.59 sq. ft.


Raw Mixed

White Oak



$10.99 sq. ft.


Casitablanca Mixed




$7.29 sq. ft.



White Oak



$11.39 sq. ft.



White Oak



$16.59 sq. ft.

Anderson Engineered Wood Pros, Cons and Ratings

With around 30 styles, Anderson doesn't have the largest collection of engineered flooring,  but they do have plenty of style.  Their thick planks are built to last despite their engineered nature and are extremely realistic when compared to solid hardwood planks, as well.

Pros: Unique finishing techniques.  Exotic species and extra wide widths.  Solid warranties.

Cons: Double to triple the price of other brands.


  • Styles: 4
  • Species: 3.5
  • Finishes:4
  • Durability: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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