Duchateau Hardwood Reviews and Prices 2023

It’s not hard to find hardwood from major manufacturers like Bruce, Mullican and other large manufacturers that have been in business for around 100 years. More often than not, you’ll notice those big brands carry products with a similar look or style as well.

Duchateau isn’t as well-known as some of the larger players in the flooring world, but they have an intriguing lineup of hardwood flooring with stunning designs. The company currently produces luxury vinyl and hardwood flooring along with 3D wood wall panels. In this review, we’re going to focus on their hardwood collections, which feature several unique styles you will not find anywhere else.

Duchateau Hardwood Review

Duchateau Hardwood Flooring

At this time, Duchateau has three different hardwood collections with Atelier, The Guild, and Duchateau Signature. There around 80 styles of hardwood to choose from, so we were thankful that their site is easy to navigate. It allows you to browse by collection, shade, width or pattern which means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect planks for your home.

There are 15 styles of hardwood flooring from the Duchateau Atelier Collection. They range from Diablo, which is European Oak that’s Black or the aptly named Driftwood White. Styles like Seamist have high variation, and most of the boards we checked were treated with a hard-wax oil.

Most of the boards in this collection are 8” wide with a handful of 9.5” planks mixed in for good measure. A few styles are available in multiple patterns like herringbone as well, but you’ll need to click on each style to see the construction, grade, and thickness.

The Signature Collection is where you’ll find most of Duchateau’s hardwood flooring with close to 60 styles in all. There are several collections in this series as well, with names like Heritage Timber, Palais, Vernal, and Strata. Each one brings something different to the table, but most of the styles we checked were European Oak.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable than what you’ll find in the Atelier collection, the Guild Collection may be the right fit for your needs. These planks are ½” thick and in the engineered class with a UV lacquer finish. Lengths and widths vary from one style to the next, but the warranty stays the same across the board with Duchateau.


A great way to judge the durability of hardwood flooring is the warranty, whether it’s engineered or solid hardwood. We’ve seen plenty of manufacturers treat this in a tiered fashion as well, which a good, better, best approach according to the quality of their flooring collections.

With Duchateau, things are very simple. With every collection, style, and series we checked, the warranty was the same. You’ll get a limited lifetime guarantee on structural integrity and 25 years on residential surface finish.

The thickness of each plank varies, although most seem to be 5/8” thick or ½” thick in some collections. Unfortunately, the overall hardness will largely stay the same. We didn’t see any Janka ratings, but 90% of their selection appears to be made from European Oak.

Textures and Finishes

Finishing techniques are an area where Duchateau separates themselves from the rest of the pack. It’s not hard to find a company that offers “hand-scraped” surfaces or wire-brushed planks but Duchateau takes things a step further.

This company offers 3 levels of wire brushing with light, medium, and heavy. While they also employ hand-sculpting techniques, some boards have split-faced veneers and others have been torched by flame. As for the finishes, their boards are treated with hard wax oil, UV oil, and UV lacquer.

The Green Factor

Sustainability is an important factor with hardwood flooring when you want to go green. The good news is that Duchateau’s hardwood flooring is about as green as it gets. The company’s Dugood Mission is a promise that they will plant a tree for every purchase that includes at least 200 square feet of hardwood sold. A portion of those will be planted in California to replenish trees taken by wildfires.

Duchateau Hardwood Cost and Availability

If you are interested in Duchateau flooring, tracking down the style you like may be easier said than done. While we love the hardwood flooring from this company, on their website, you won't find a traditional dealer locator tool or search function. Instead, you can find dealers listed by state which is an interesting choice compared to the competition.

While they have all 50 States listed, you only get an email address for a representative in each state along with a phone number. There are several international sales channels as well, but no pricing information.

Duchateau Hardwood Pros, Cons and Ratings

Duchateau has an excellent selection of hardwood flooring, and some styles you will not find anywhere else. They are an eco-friendly brand as well, although you won’t find any exotic species in their current lineup of hardwood flooring.

Pros: Stylish hardwood flooring with a European feel. Excellent warranty on their hardwood flooring collections. Unique styles and finishes.

Cons: Not as easy to acquire as other brands. No exotic species.


  • Styles: 5
  • Species: 3
  • Finishes: 5
  • Durability: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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