Genovations Decking Reviews and Pricing 2024

With the introduction of composite decking, homeowners had a new way to liven up the outdoor areas of there home. It was a complete change of pace from traditional wood decking, and the same can be said of PVC when it first burst onto the scene.

While not quite as popular as composite planks, PVC decking brings some unique advantages to the table. Genovations Decking is a manufacturer of PVC planks, and in this review, we are going to take a look at their products and pricing.

Genovations Decking Company History

Genovations is a smaller brand compared to major players in the composite deck world like Trex and TimberTech. The company is located in Davison, Michigan, and their products are listed as being made and manufactured in the USA. Unfortunately, there are not many Genovations reviews online and their website isn't as detailed as we'd like to see in terms of general information.

Genovations Decking Collections

Genovations makes PVC decking, so they don't dabble in compressed or extruded composite boards like other brands. At this time, they only have one type of PVC decking available, and there's no collection or named series. While that makes their products easy to browse online, there's not much of a selection overall.

Genovations Decking Collections

At this time, Genovations currently has six styles of decking with Driftwood, Dark Oak, Sandalwood, Weathered Wood, Sandstone, and Chestnut. The boards are 5 ¼” wide and come in lengths of 12’, 16’, 20’, and 24’. The company users reflectants on the surface of their boards to reduce heat, and their design allows these planks to be directly installed on concrete as well.

Genovations Decking Construction

Genovations Decking Construction

One of the reasons consumers are curious about Genovations decking is their construction techniques. The company’s boards are light and easy to handle but still strong thanks to I-Beam engineering. Channels inside each plank work to keep these boards cool underfoot as well. No wood filler, foam or organic materials are used in Genovations decking, which is one reason they carry a strong warranty.

Genovations Deck Warranties

You may not find the most impressive line-up of PVC decking from Genovations, but they have one of the best warranties around. As long as their products are properly installed according to the manufacturer's directions, the deck boards come with a lifetime structural and stain resistance guarantee. As always, you will want to read the fine print although their guarantee is better than other composite and PVC deck manufacturers warranties. By comparison, you usually only get 30 to 50 years with other brands.

Genovations Decking Installation

Genovations Decking Installation

We are not going to call Genovations decking DIY-friendly as PVC isn’t as easy to work with as composite planks. On the other hand, their deck boards are geared for an easy installation with a tongue and groove design. That, coupled with accessories like starter strips and C-channel, makes for a clean installation. With that in mind, replacing damaged boards may be easier said than done.

Where to purchase Genovations Decking

Composite decking isn't something you often find in regular hardware stores whether they are big or small. Larger brands like Trex or Fiberon can be found at Lowe's and Home Depot but you won't find Genovations decking there. As a smaller brand, you'll need to locate a deck store or dealer that carries the Genovations brand, although we did come across impressing online.

Pricing ranges from around $55.00 to $75.00 for a 12-foot board in Chestnut while a 16-foot board in the same color is between $70.00 to $100.00. That's a wide swing with the online prices so you may find a better deal through a local decking contractor in your area.

Genovations Decking Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Genovations decking carries an interesting product, although one that appears to be geared more towards dealers and distributors than consumers. There was a general lack of information on the brand and company online, so you'll want to do your due diligence if you are interested in their products.

Pros: Structurally sounds planks that are light but durable. Available in four different lengths. American-made product. Excellent warranty.

Cons: Lack of general information compared to other brands. A limited selection of styles and colors. Availability could be an issue.


  • Colors and Styles: 3
  • Stain Resistance: 4.5
  • UV Resistance: 4
  • Scratch Resistance: 3.8
  • Overall Quality: 3.9 out of 5

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Q: Will Genovations decking fade like composite or wood deck boards?

A: Almost any material will fade when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, including PVC decking. Genovations PVC is guaranteed to not fade in excess of 5 Delta E according to the company.

Q: Which style of Genovations is the most durable for heavy traffic and pets?

A: All of the companies deck boards are made in the same manner with a limited lifetime guarantee. The durability remains the same across all their current lines.

Q: If my decking becomes damaged, is it easy to repair?

A: To a degree. PVC decking is incredibly resilient, but can be damaged or even discolored when not properly cared for. Compared to traditional wood or composite decking, PVC is more difficult to repair.

Q: Can I install Genovations decking myself, or will I need to hire a professional?

A: It depends on how comfortable you are with tools and the size of your deck. PVC is more challenging to install than composite decking, and because mistakes can be expensive, you could be better served hiring a professional installer.

Q: What’s the most realistic style of decking from Genovations?

A: Style is a personal preference, so what one homeowner considers natural, another may not. With that in mind, the most realistic shades in Genovations current lineup would be Chestnut, Dark Oak, or Sandstone.

Q: How is Genovations decking packaged?

A: Genovations deck boards are typically sold in large bags that contain four boards. This keeps the planks clean until they are ready to be installed.

Q: Can I buy railing to match my decking from Genovations?

A: Yes, but some styles may not be available. At this time, Birchwood and Sandalwood are the only two colors with matching railings. Your options are a bit more limited with the other style if you want matching Colonial railing or their Deluxe Glass railing.

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