Armstrong Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2024

Armstrong is a Top 5 manufacturer of laminate flooring. A quick check of the Armstrong Laminate flooring page shows 90+ products in more than a dozen flooring lines.

This Armstrong laminate flooring review is the most comprehensive available We include an overview of the lines and costs. Their sizes, wear layer thickness and other important specs are right here.

Armstrong laminate pros and cons will help you compare this brand to other leading brands like Mohawk, Pergo, Shaw, TrafficMaster and more.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Reviews

Additional details about each line follow this summary table.




Cost/sq. ft.

Cost/sq. ft.

Traditional Wood


High gloss

$1.45 - $4.80


Handscraped Wood


Low gloss

$3.00 - $4.15


Stones & Ceramics


Low/Med. gloss

$2.90 - $4.10

8mm & 8.3mm



Medium gloss

$2.85 - $3.20


Here are the Armstrong laminate lines with important information about each. Keep in mind that manufacturers change their product lineup frequently, so the products you find when shopping for Armstrong laminate flooring might be slightly different.

Armstrong Traditional Wood Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Traditional Wood Laminate Flooring

This is the largest group of Armstrong laminate. It's a wide range of flooring.

There's a floor type for every budget. It includes affordable 7mm laminate with increasing thicknesses to premium 12.3mm laminate. Most of it is 12mm.

Your options include the spectrum of color – Mostly brown, but there's plenty of lights and very darks too. Low, Medium and High gloss flooring to give you the look you want. There's oak, maple, hickory, cherry, exotic wood species and more.

If you're looking for specific lines in that have a Traditional Wood look, consider Armstrong Rustic Premiums, Premier Classics and Architectural Remnants. All have genuine wood flooring appearance that will enhance your home.

Best used: Traditional wood is right for any homeowner that wants the look of hardwood at the cost of laminate. Styles cover all the bases – Traditional, rustic, country, Old World to be sure, but modern and contemporary styles are available too. This is a versatile group of Armstrong laminates.

Armstrong Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring

Handscraped (also hand-scraped and hand scraped) wood has become popular for its robust texture, rich grain and Old World good looks.

You've got two options in Armstrong hand-scraped laminate: Residential and Commercial.

The Commercial flooring is backed by 30-year residential, 10-year light commercial and 5-year commercial warranties. Most is low gloss to hide dirt and superficial scratches.

The Residential handscraped laminate is from the Armstrong Rustics Premium and Coastal Living lines backed by warranties of either 50 or 30 years.

All Armstrong hand-scraped laminate flooring is 12mm thick for solid footing and long wear.

Best used: This flooring is very traditional and looks great in homes with architecture and décor that is traditional, country, Old World and rustic. It's a popular choice in vacation homes in the woods, cabins and man-caves.

Armstrong Stones & Naturals Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Stones & Naturals Laminate Flooring

Not all laminate flooring manufacturers offer stone and tile looks. You won't find them in Pergo or Shaw, for example.

There are 20+ options in Stones & Naturals. The tiles are large, either 11" or 16" wide. All are 48" long. The flooring is 8mm thick and has either a low-gloss or medium-gloss finish.

Some mimic stone slab – Carmona in 3 styles and Slate in 5 colors. In other words, there are no grout lines, just a field of gorgeous stone.

Most mimic traditional stone tile including grout lines. Popular lines are Castilian Block in 5 styles and Porto Alegre in 3 styles.

The color spectrum is impressive, featuring a good mix of lights, mediums and darks in warm, cool and neutral colors.

The Armstrong Stones & Naturals flooring is backed by a 30-year residential warranty, but no commercial warranty.

Best used: This Armstrong flooring is ideal for use where you want stone or tile without the high cost of the "real thing." It is warmer under foot than stone or tile and softer too. The appearance of the tiles lends itself to architecture from traditional to modern and rustic settings too.

Armstrong Audacity Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Audacity Laminate Flooring

This is Armstrong's water-resistant laminate brand. It has its own website.

Like AquaGuard, Shaw Repel, Mohawk RevWood Plus, Pergo WetProtect and others, it is guaranteed to resist water damage longer than ordinary laminate.

A very tight locking system and core that won't absorb water are keys to the water-fighting success.

Audacity by Armstrong is available in an impressive number of styles and colors. It is 12mm laminate that includes a 2mm sound-reducing pad that makes the flooring quieter to walk on.

The Armstrong water-resistant laminate is backed by outstanding warranty protection – a Lifetime residential warranty and a 15-year commercial warranty. It is FloorScore rated for low-VOC content and CARB2 certified for having a minimal formaldehyde emissions.

Best used: Armstrong Audacity is a good choice anywhere it might come in contact with water – bathrooms, laundry, entryway, etc. It can be used below grade such as in a damp basement.

Special Features of Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Armstrong does a few things that not all laminate brands offer.

Tile and Stone Laminate: This is a natural progression from mimicking wood. The Stones & Ceramics line includes large 12"x48 and 16"x48" tiles. While most planks cover about 2 square feet each, these tiles cover 4 or 5 square feet. This means fewer actual seams and butts in the flooring. Installation can be done more quickly too.

The only possible concern about the Stones & Ceramics flooring is that it is just 8mm thick. A thicker tile, like a 12mm, would feel more authentic underfoot.

Longer Warranties: Armstrong backs its products with a 20-year warranty at minimum. Most warranties are 30 years, and a few are 50 years or Lifetime.  The products with 50-year warranties have 10-year commercial warranties. Most with 30-year residential warranties are covered with a 5-year commercial warranty.

There's a downside to the warranties, though. They are prorated after the first year. Mohawk offers 6 years of non-proration in its warranty.

Armstrong Pros, Cons and Ratings

This section compares Armstrong laminate to other leading brands.


Armstrong's selection of laminate is one of the largest and most diverse. What's really impressive is the 20+ stone and tile looks available, far more than most competitors offer. This includes the New England Long Plank lines that are 89" long. Dream Home also makes 89" planks. Compare them to Shaw long board options that are 78". Longer boards produce an impressive visual.

The selection includes good range in terms of cost and quality too, from budget-friendly to premium.

There's the water-resistant Audacity too, a great choice in busy homes where spills happen or wet shoes might sit on the floor overnight.

The better grades of laminate have very good warranties. The Audacity Lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranties are better than most. For example, Pergo WetProtect has Lifetime/10-year warranties. Shaw Repel has a 30-year residential warranty but no commercial warranty.


The cheapest Armstrong laminate won't last 10+ years, but it's affordable. As long as you have the right expectations for it, you won't be disappointed.

Some of Armstrong's warranties, mostly on low-cost laminate, are prorated after the first year.  

Only Audacity by Armstrong is listed as a low-VOC flooring product.

Now for the Armstrong laminate ratings:

  • Range of color/style options: 5
  • Quality of top lines: 4
  • Ease of installation: 4
  • Green/Low-VOC: 2
    Overall Rating:  3.75

Looking for Qualified Installer for Armstrong Flooring?

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Feel free to leave a comment to share your reviews of Armstrong flooring or Armstrong installer below.


Q: Are Armstrong’s products eco-friendly and safe to use indoors?

A: Yes. Armstrong’s laminate flooring has been tested and received a variety of certifications and is listed as Carb 2 compliant as well.

Q: Can I use adhesives and underlayment from other manufacturers with Armstrong laminate flooring?

A: You can, but it will impact or completely your warranty in some cases. Armstrong recommends using their products to install Armstrong laminate flooring as their products are designed to work together and have been thoroughly tested.

Q: What is the AC rating range for Armstrong’s laminate flooring?

A: It varies by collection. All of Armstrong’s laminate flooring has an AC4 or AC5 rating, however. 

Q: What should I use to clean laminate flooring from Armstrong?

A: The company recommends using a broom or vacuum geared towards hardwood floors or bare surfaces. You can also use a microfiber mop in conjunction with a cleaning solution for laminate flooring.

Q: Can I refinish Armstrong laminate myself?

A: No. Armstrong laminate flooring is available with three different finishes, including high gloss, medium, and low gloss finish.

Q: Is it safe to use an additional layer of underlayment with Armstrong laminate flooring?

A: You will want to refer to the installation instructions for the laminate collection you have in mind.

Q: Does Armstrong have a collection that is suited for installation in a bathroom or kitchen?

A: The best choice for any area in your home where moisture can be an issue is Armstrong Audacity. This 10mm laminate has a 2mm pad and a unique hybrid rigid core that helps keep water at bay. 

Q: Should Armstrong laminate be acclimated before installation?

A: Yes, but how long will varies so you will need to check with each product beforehand. You should set aside 48 hours at a minimum for acclimation.

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