Surya Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Surya Rugs is a brand that’s been around for decades, and while they are headquartered in Georgia, they are a company with a global reach. They produce and distribute home goods that range from bedding and accent pieces to pillows, although their specialty is area rugs. Whether you are looking for a new area rug or are just curious about this brand, our Surya Rugs review has you covered.

Surya Area Rug Collection

While we’ve seen other companies with large, impressive collections of area rugs, Surya is towards the top of the list in that regard. The sheer number of items they carry is somewhat overwhelming and would be impossible to search if not for a variety of filters on their site. The company does classify things by collection, but we’re going to tackle their monstrous catalog by fiber.

Polyester Area Rugs from Surya

Polyester Area Rugs from Surya

At this time, there are over 2,500 rugs from Surya that are made from polyester with several thousand more comprised of materials like polyolefin and polypropylene. Some of the more affordable rugs from the company are in this class as well including faded oriental styles like Avant Garde. This rug is machine woven, made from 90% polyester, and comes in close to a dozen sizes.

Avshar is made from a similar blend of materials, but with a more modern design while Erin brings a floral motif to the forefront. All of those rugs are made by machine, but there are over 200 hand-tufted rugs in this category as well. Homeowners looking for solids will appreciate Retreat, Croix, Heaven, or Young Life which is solid with a border around the edge.

Cosmopolitan is another unique series of hand-tufted area rugs, and you’ll find some retro patterns with hand-hooked beauties like Brentwood. There aren’t as many hand-hooked rugs made from polypropylene, but still some unique patterns including Rain, Pandemonium, and Skye. As for the company’s polyolefin rugs, there are over a dozen styles ranging from striped area rugs to the abstract pattern of Majestic.

Wool Area Rugs from Surya

The next most popular fiber from Surya is wood, which comes in two types with “wool” or premium New Zealand wool. While there are a few machine-made rugs in this category, most are hand-tufted or hand-loomed. That includes a mix of solid-colored rugs like Mystique, which is hand-loomed and comes in 13 different colors from Burnt Orange to Cream.

Homeowners looking for rugs with a middle-eastern flair will like Middleton and Avon. Each has a distinct style, and are hand-tufted from 100% wool. Area rugs from the Oregon Collection are in the same vein, but with an aged style and are made of a mix of 40% New Zealand wool, 35% polyester, and 25% cotton.

Serenade is a beautiful multicolored rug made from viscose and New Zealand Wool. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a contemporary area rug. There are a variety of round rugs as well with Boniface, Beck, and Adana, which is a hand-knotted rug made in India. We even found several of the company’s one-of-a-kind rugs made from wool like this stunning area rug from Turkey.

Jute Area Rugs from Surya

Jute Area Rugs from Surya

Polyester rugs have their own synthetic charm and wool is known for its natural resiliency, but neither holds a candle to jute fiber in that regard. Typically, you don’t see as many styles or colors from rugs made of jute, but Surya has proved to be an exception to the rule with this outstanding collection.

Homeowners intrigued by southwestern motifs will like the Khemisset series which are hand-loomed with tassels. While they don’t contain a high percentage of jute, Lexington is comprised from 40% jute and is 60% leather. It’s an incredibly durable area rug that will be an heirloom when properly taken care of. Prefer a simple solid area rug, they have plenty of those as well with 100% jute rugs from the Crusoe line.

We were also able to find dozens of patterned jute rugs from Surya with styles that range from traditional to abstract. Seaport and Trinidad are two examples of geometric patterned rugs, while the Bjorn area rug is hand-knotted with a unique pattern resembling snakeskin. A few other standouts from this line include Portico, Medina, Orinocco, and Aileen.

Cotton Area Rugs from Surya

Cotton Area Rugs from Surya

Regardless of how popular materials like wool are, there will always be a place for cotton in the world of area rugs. Aside from the company’s synthetic fiber, the Surya cotton rug collection is their most varied when it comes to colors and designs.

Area rugs with classic medallions are plentiful in cotton like Colin, which is made from a blend of Chenille-polyester and cotton. Amsterdam is in the same mold, but the Coventry area rug is more jute and polyester than cotton. There are also a handful of “unique” styles that are hard to put into words like Shirt, which is made from 100% cotton.

Other Rugs from Surya

Other Rugs from Surya

In addition to rugs made from wool, synthetics, cotton, and jute, Surya has a selection of fibers that you’re unlikely to find in a local carpet or rug showroom. Were you aware that there are area rugs made from paper fiber? Well, there is and you’ll find two styles from Surya with Gentle and Tuttifruitti. Gentle is made with cotton; leather and 55% paper while its colorful counterpart only has 30% paper content.

Consumers looking for something a bit tougher than paper should look into leather rugs from Surya. Many of these area rugs are more stylish than the fiber implies, so you can find striped styles like Lexington alongside patterned rugs like Medora which is viscose and leather. While there are leather hide rugs as well, they aren’t the only natural option of this nature.

The aptly named sheepskin rug is made from sheepskin which thick plush pile a little over 2”. These handcrafted rugs are limited in size, and the same can be said of rugs like Karim which is made from seagrass. While rugs made from these fibers only come in a few sizes, things open up considerably if you’re interested in an area rug made with metallic thread.

Florence will add class to any room like Marinda, a rug made from 90% wool with 10% metallic thread. Dutchess rugs have 30% metallic thread and come in three colors, while Glamour cuts things to a bare minimum. Other interesting fibers found in the company’s area rugs include Art Silk, Linen, PVC, Microfiber, Chenille, and Tencel.











100% Jute

10’ x 14’



Pink Medallion


Chenille-Polyester, Cotton

5’ x 8’





100% Wool

5’ x 8’





100% Seagrass

8’ x 10’



Brown Stripe

Hand Crafted

Hair on Hide, Chenille-Viscose

5 x 8’



Tan Abstract


60% Viscose, 40% Polyester

8’ x 10’





100% Wool

8’ x 8’


Surya Rugs Pricing and Availability

Surya does not sell rugs direct to the public, so they take a backseat to brands like Revival in that regard. Their rugs are easy to acquire, however, as we were able to find thousands of styles online through Lowes, Amazon, Overstock, and other popular retailers. Surya rugs are carried locally through major retailers as well.

While there are some area rugs from Surya that are over $1,000, we would rank them in the mid-range when it comes to pricing. As usual, it comes down to the materials use and the size of each rug, but we found the company’s pricing to be competitive.

Surya Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

From the company’s selection of One-of-a-Kind rugs to their Chenille Collection, there will be a style and fiber for everyone from Surya. While buying direct would have been a bonus given the size of their catalog, they have thousands of styles available, are reasonably priced, and accessible. If you’re ready to find a new style for your home from Surya, you can browse their collections through the link below.

  • Styles: 5
  • Eco-Friendly: 4.5
  • Fiber Selection: 5
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4.5

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