Masland Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

From 1866 to modern times, Masland is a company that strives to manufacture high-quality flooring. Their current catalog consists of area rugs and broadloom carpeting although they have expanded into other materials like luxury vinyl under the Dixie Group banner as well. The majority of the company’s carpeting is also eco-friendly and certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus IAQ program.

Masland Carpet Review

Masland’s carpet is of the broadloom variety, and their fiber selection is solid, even if you won’t get as much variety as you’ll find with other brands. They focus on wool and nylon with technologies from Stainmaster but are what we would consider high-quality carpeting. Their selection of patterns is unrivaled, and they have some interesting options for contractors as well.


Wool is an excellent alternative to synthetics like polyester and nylon and has seen a resurgence in popularity as an eco-friendly carpeting option. Masland’s brand of fiber is called STRONGWOOL, and they are engineered to surpass other wood fibers in a variety of ways. The company also follows the Five Freedoms of Sheep guidelines established by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

Masland carpet STRONGWOOL

Masland STRONGWOOL carpet is made from wool sourced from New Zealand. There are over 50 styles available, including simple textured loop carpeting like Londonderry which is undyed and made in the USA. There are also wilder options like Leopard and Zebra as well. The majority of the STRONGWOOL collection is patterned, but there are a handful of solid-colored styles available as well.

Masland Nylon Carpet

If you prefer a strong selection and nylon fibers to wool, Masland has you covered. Several types of fibers are found in this collection, including Stainmaster Luxerell, Stainmaster Tactesse, and 100% Universal Fibers just to name a few.

The carpeting featuring 100% Universal Fibers is comprised of BCF nylon with permanent stain resistance or BCF Type 6, 6 with resistance. You can find both solution and continuous dyed carpets within this class, and the same goes from Stainmaster Luxerall. Styles range from cut pile and loop to patterned loop, but the type of fiber largely depends on the pattern due to the way carpets are categorized on their site.

Overall, there are over 140 styles to choose from, and each style can have anywhere from 3 to 24 colors, so your options are vast from style standpoint if you choose to go with nylon.

Masland Pet Protect

Pets may be our best friends, but they can leave a mess behind. Whether its cat hair or dog urine, carpeting can be more trouble than its worth if it isn’t rated for pets. Malsand’s Pet Protect lineup ensures that will never be an issue thanks to the Stainmaster SuperiaSD Nylon fibers.

These solution BCF type 6, 6 dyed fibers are built to resist stains and fading. They also release pet hair with ease which makes it easier to pick up with the vacuum cleaner. It’s an excellent choice for high traffic areas in your home whether the wear comes from four legs or two. The selections from this series include earthy colors in around a dozen styles in solids or patterned textures.

Masland Commercial

In addition to their residential carpeting, Masland has carpet geared towards commercial use as well. Under the commercial category, there are two options with Quick Ship and Office to Home.

The former falls under the company’s eNeRGy series, which focuses on sustainable design. There are around 40 styles to choose from including products labeled with a “QS” tag. This qualifies it for their quick shipping program which is ideal for contractors with a tight deadline. Some of these carpets have a limited lifetime warranty while others only have a 10-year guarantee.

As for the Office to Home Carpet series, there are a number of patterned styles to choose from including five forms of carpet tile. The fibers used in these carpets vary, but are nylon-based along with the carpet tiles which measure 24” x 24”. The tiles use the company’s EarthSmart Refresh 6,6 nylon fibers and come with a limited lifetime warranty/office to home warranty.

Other Masland Products

Like most companies, Masland doesn’t just focus on one type of product, and considering carpet isn’t the best choice for every room, their luxury vinyl lineup is well worth a look. It’s also ideal if you have pets considering it also utilizes StainMaster’s PetProtect technology.

These luxury vinyl planks are resistant to scratches and stains, but also easy to install with a click-to-lock system. They have a 1mm cork pad and are 100% waterproof which makes them ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens – three places where you generally don’t want carpeting.

When it comes to area rugs, the options are vast, with over 60 options in their catalog. That includes rugs with a modern or rustic look like Dihana which is made from hand-loomed wool. Most of their rugs come with a 2-year warranty.

Masland Carpet Cost

While you can find plenty of Stainmaster carpet at stores like Lowes or Home Depot, you won’t find Malsand carpeting there. Their carpet is sold through flooring stores and dealers but should be easy to find or order regardless of where you reside.

As mentioned, they are one of the more expensive brands as we’ve seen patterns upwards of $8.00 per square foot. While it largely depends on the style and type of fiber you choose, prices typically start at around $4.00, and they don’t have a traditional “budget-friendly” lineup compared to other brands. They are higher than Shaw across the board although far from the most expensive brand.

Masland Carpet Pros, Cons and Ratings

Masland may not have a massive catalog compared to other carpet companies, but what they lack in variety, they more than more up for in quality. Their styles are favored by designers and homeowners alike, and they have some interesting commercial options available as well.


High-quality carpet with excellent warranties. Good selection of colors, styles, and textures overall. Excellent eco-friendly wool carpeting lineup.


One of the more expensive brands with prices starting at $4.00 per square foot. They have a limited selection of fibers compared to other major manufacturers.


  • Color and Style Range: 4
  • Fiber Range: 3
  • Pet Resistant: 3
  • Stain Resistant: 4
  • Fade Resistant: 4
  • Overall Quality: 5 out of 5

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