Feizy Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Some of the area rug manufacturers we cover deal with domestic products and proudly state their products are made in the USA. While we are fans of those brands, sometimes you have to broaden your horizons if you want something unique. Feizy Rugs is a company with a global reach, and one of the more impressive lineups of premium area rugs we’ve covered.

Feizy Area Rug Collections

At this time Feizy has well over 800 rugs in their online catalog. That includes area rugs from more than 130 collections spanning fine area rugs, lifestyle rugs, and outdoor area rugs. We found their site extremely easy to browse as well considering you can sort by fiber, construction, collection, or style depending on your needs.

Lifestyle Rugs

Lifestyle Rugs

In the Lifestyle rug section of Feizy’s site, you’ll find more than 700 products that cover 100 collections. It’s almost evenly split between transitional or contemporary designs, but the construction techniques used vary wildly.

Homeowners interested in hand-made rugs have no shortage of options including hand-woven styles. Greys and earthy tones are popular with wool rugs like Berkeley and the brown versions of Keaton. Wool and Viscose rugs are prevalent in the Caldwell Collection, which invokes a Persian style. Looking for something in classic plaids? If so, you’ll appreciate what the Crosby Collection brings to the table.

Crosby is available in eight styles, and hand-woven from 100% PET fibers. Crosby Blue is a standout, but so are Sudan Slate and Steel Storm from the Fannin Collection for entirely different reasons. They have a 3D design and are made from viscose and leather face. Onyx, Mocha, and Dove from the Kaelani Collection are solid colors and also more durable considering they’re made from jute.

Some of the more unique patterns are found in the Amira Collection. Rugs like Amira in Teal look more like a modern work of art than an area rug, but there are thick, shaggy rugs as well. Fog, Graphite, and Sand from the Beckley Collection are great examples of that, and one of the more affordable large rugs from the company thanks to its tufted polyester construction.

While we’ve just touched on a few collections that feature more common materials, there are over a dozen combinations of fibers found with Feizy’s Lifestyle rugs. That includes PET yard, 4-fiber blends, and even exotic cowhide from artisans in Argentina courtesy of the Bartlett Collection. There is a style and size that’s suitable for most homeowners, but the Fine Are Rug series is the next step up from Feizy.

Fine Area Rugs

Fine Area Rugs

The selection of fine area rugs is smaller, but impressive as every rug is made with a blend of premium materials. More than half of these styles are made from a blend of wool, but more than 50 are composed from a mixture of wool and silk.

Salina is one of their newer and larger collections made from 60% silk and 40% wool. Rugs like Salina Sage and Blue Rust have abstract patterns inspired by the cubism movement. The Breel Collection is just as expansive and also hand-knotted, but with more calming textural designs. Other noteworthy silk and wool combinations include Breel Berry, Banbury Aqua, and Latham in Magenta.

If you prefer a blend that uses more wool than silk, there are some alternatives in the Banbury Collection or swirling abstract patterns like Gemma in Blue. It’s made from a blend of wool and viscose, hand-knotted, and crafted in India. The Hannah and Hayden rugs feature abstract designs while Lannister keeps things simple with Persian-inspired styles.

You’ll find more rugs from the Far East in the Marabel Collection. There are a dozen hand-knotted styles that are made from 100% wool and sized from 2’ x 3’ all the way up to rugs 8.6’ x 11.6’. They certainly live up to the vintage moniker, while wool and viscose rugs like Lor, Milson, Olivier and St. Cloud have an entirely different vibe.

One of a Kind Rugs from Feizy

One of a Kind Rugs from Feizy

Having a section on your website dedicated to “one of a kind” rugs has become a growing trend in the industry. Some companies pull it off better than others, however. Feizy is one of them, although you’ll need deep pockets if you plan to purchase one of their unique offerings.

There are over 3,000 one-of-a-kind rugs with origins from around the world and prices starting at over $1,000. One of the more affordable options is this wool pile Bessarabia beauty which is hand-knotted and comes from India. Many of these rugs have a similar style, but there are some exceptions like this hand-knotted rug from Tibet which has a patchwork design.

There are several floral print one-of-a-kind rugs from Tibet as well along with runners from countries like Turkey and Pakistan which the Pak Bokara runner. In addition to traditional patterns in red, brown, and beige tones, Feizy has several colorful options. Per Kelim is one, and this wool rug from Pakistan has the deepest blue we’ve seen in any collection on site.








Ivory & Silver

Power Loomed

Propylene & Polyester

8’ x 11’



Blue & Ivory

Hand Tufted

Wool & Nylon

3.6’ x 5.6’



Steel Storm

Machine Made

70% Viscose & 20% Leather

5’ x 8’



Beige & Blue

Machine Made

Viscose, Polyester, Cotton

9’ x 12’


Persian Kashan

One of a Kind


100% Wool

9.3’ x 12’




Machine Made


4’ x 6’



Orange & Blue

Hand Knotted

80% Wool, 20% Cotton

5.6’ x 8.6’



Medium Brown


100% Cowhide



Feizy Cost and Availability

If you’re interested in a budget-friendly area rug for your home, you’ll want to stick to the synthetic rugs from Feizy. We found their mid-range offerings to be around the average for their size, albeit a little higher than some comparable brands. Our pricing table will give you a rough idea of what to expect when it comes to Feizy area rug prices, although you need to keep sizing in mind as well.

Purchasing a Feizy rug may not be that simple depending on where you live and the style you have in mind. Locally, their products are typically only available through showrooms and you can find those from their site. Online, we were able to find Feizy area rugs through some of the larger specialty retailers along with places like Amazon.

Feizy Pros, Cons, and Ratings

It’s safe to say that no homeowner would disagree with the beauty and artisanship that goes into the rugs carried by Feizy. They have an excellent collection overall, and their one-of-a-kind area rugs are truly something to behold. That said, their rugs can be challenging to acquire locally and you won’t find many budget-friendly rugs in their lineup.

  • Styles: 3.9
  • Eco-Friendly: 4
  • Fiber Selection: 4
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4

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