Shaw Hardwood Reviews and Cost 2024

Shaw floors is a brand we’ve touched on numerous times as they make a wide variety of flooring from carpet to laminate. Their expansive catalog includes solid hardwood flooring as well if you’re looking for something traditional along with several styles of engineered boards. Among them, you’ll find a collection with a unique core and a series that are waterproof when properly installed. 

Shaw Hardwood Construction

Shaw solid hardwood is labeled as “Made in the USA” aside from Caravan Maple. These planks are milled from a solid slab of wood, so you’ll get plenty of character depending on the species. Shaw solid hardwood flooring is ¾” thick and sold in standard sizes along with some smaller planks in the 3 and 4-inch range. 

If you prefer something wider, Shaw Composite Hardwood flooring may be better suited to your needs. These boards are formed of ¾” thick solid wood strips while are lined up together to make a wider plank. This technique produces boards that aren’t solid, but less prone things like bowing and more eco-friendly than solid hardwood as wood by-products are used.

Shaw Veneer Core flooring is a unique type of engineered flooring. During this process, slices of wood are stacked and bonded together with heat and pressure. This allows the floors to be more resistant to moisture and humidity, which makes them ideal for below-grade installations.

Flooring from the Epic Engineered Hardwood series makes use of the company’s high-density fiberboard called EnviroCore which is sandwiched between a premium veneer and hardwood bottom layer. They are also made in the USA and can be installed at various grades in your home and through different methods.

Shaw Hardwood Review

Shaw’s products are clearly listed and labeled on their official site. As you can browse by collection, color, construction, installation method, species, texture, and shade, finding something you like is not going to be difficult.


The EPIC PLUS collection is the next generation of flooring from the company’s EPIC series. Boards in this series have a Stabilitek core, which is said to be more durable similar flooring in this class. That core is also made from recycled wood fiber, and these green floors are Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified as well.

Shaw EPIC PLUS collection

Shaw EPIC PLUS collection

There are 26 styles in this collection which feature a variety of shades and textures. You can find natural looking wood flooring like Northington Smooth in Canopy or rustic flooring like Albermarle Hickory. Flooring in this collection is rated for above, on or below ground installation and has high color and character variation. There are also board from 3.25” to over 6” wide and an average of 4 to 8 colors per style.


While there are only two styles available in the Floorté collection, these boards should be high on your list if you’re looking for waterproof flooring. These engineered planks are available in Maple or Walnut but have a waterproof core that’s backed up by additional sealant on the surface.

Shaw Floorté Collection

Shaw Floorté Collection

Their unique design makes them perfect for areas where water or spills are a concern like kitchens and bathrooms. It also means they can be installed in, above, or below grade depending on your needs. Color variation and character marks are high in this collection as well, and there are 30 colors between the two styles.


When you still want flooring to be resistant to H2O, but don’t need it waterproof, Shaw Repel is an interesting choice. It uses the company’s REPEL water-resistance technology found from their LVP line but as a protective barrier for solid hardwood flooring.

This extra layer of protection keeps water from seeping into the surface of the plank and means you no longer have to turn towards engineered flooring in rooms where frequent spills or splashes are a concern. There are 14 styles available from the Repel line which includes several species of wood including Hickory and Maple.

Smokey Mountain & Royal Collections

The Smokey Mountain collection from Shaw features woods that bring the charm and feel of nature indoors. The species are mainly Oak and Hickory although there is one style in Maple was well. These solid planks are available in widths ranging from 3 ¼” to 5” and there are 12 styles with dozens of colors to choose from.

Shaw Royal Collection Argonne Forest Oak

Shaw Royal Collection Argonne Forest Oak

As for the Royal Collection, it isn’t much of a “collection” at this time, considering there is only one style available. The Argonne Forest series features boards that are 7 ½” wide with a wire brushed finish. These engineered planks have a UV aluminum oxide finish and can be installed on any grade in your home. They are made in China, however, unlike the rest of the company’s products, but available in 10 different shades from Tapestry to Baroque.


Whether you appreciate flooring that has natural character or prefer your floors smooth, Shaw has an option for you. They have planks that have been hand scraped, wirebrushed, and hand sculpted along with ones that are completely smooth. You can even choose between lightly or heavily scraped flooring along with boards that have the look of reclaimed wood.

The color options are virtually endless as well, with a dozen options and three different shades spanning their collections. That means you can find something resembling a light Cherry wood or opt for darker shades like grey. Gloss levels vary from matte to high gloss, and most planks are treated with a Scufresist Platinum treatment.


Hardwood floors are known for their durability although they are not impervious to damage. That includes issues that arise from heavy foot traffic along with dents, dings, and scratches. Just how resilient your hardwood is largely depends on the species in this case along with whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood flooring

At this time, Shaw currently relies on domestic species for their flooring, which don’t rank nearly as high on the Janka scale as exotic woods like Brazilian Walnut. With that in mind, their first quality engineered boards all have a limited lifetime warranty against structural damage and delamination.

The Green Factor

Shaw leans heavily on domestic species which is good if you’re looking for wood flooring that’s sustainable. While exotic species are more durable and popular due to their unique style and properties, they aren’t exactly eco-friendly considering some of those species come from areas plagued by irresponsible harvesting practices.

At this time, they have a handful of options in Ash and Birch, but they also have one style in Kupay, which is an exotic wood. Most of their collections are made from Hickory, Oak, and Maple however with a handful of options in walnut. VOCs and off-gassing aren’t a problem with solid hardwood but can be with engineered products although we did not find any information in that regard with Shaw’s engineered flooring.

Shaw Hardwood Cost and Availability

As Shaw is one of the larger flooring manufacturers in the world, you won’t have a problem finding their flooring locally or online. The easiest way to see what they carry is through their official site, but you can also check out their catalogs and peruse their products from flooring stores. They are carried by Home Depot as well with prices starting at around $4.50 per square foot depending on the style, size and where it’s purchased.









7 ½”

$6.71 sq. ft.

Epic Plus



6 3/8”

$4.79 sq. ft.

Smokey Mountain

Trinity Lake



$6.45 sq. ft.


Shaw Argonne

Forest Oak Tallow

7 ½”

$7.65 sq. ft.





$5.99 sq. ft.

Shaw Hardwood Pros, Cons and Ratings

Shaw Floors hardwood collections cover a lot of ground, and we do feel there is something suitable for almost every taste. Reviews are mixed for their products; however, with some consumers reporting issues with delamination or warping while others love their floors.

With that in mind, some issues could be from a poor installation although, given the price of some of their flooring, you will definitely want to check out samples and read the fine print on the warranty beforehand.


Excellent range of colors and styles. Repel, and Floorté are interesting products, and they have a nice variety of options when it comes to widths and finishes. Warranties are solid overall but vary by product or line.


There are similar options available at a better price point. Company has a limited selection of solid hardwood floors and species compared to other brands.


  • Styles: 4
  • Species: 3.5
  • Finishes: 5
  • Durability: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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