Congoleum Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024

Congoleum is a brand we are very familiar with, and a great option if you’re interested in sheet-based flooring. Like many manufacturers, the company has a lineup consisting of several different products, although their main focus is on resilient flooring geared towards active households. That includes luxury vinyl planks, which is what we will cover in our Congoleum review.

Congoleum Vinyl plank reviews

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Triversa

Congoleum’s luxury vinyl plank and tile products come in four collections. Three of those feature tile, however, with DureCeramic, Ovations, and Congoleum VCT. The Timeless by Congoleum Collection features all of the company's LVP products, and there are several collections to choose from.

Congoleum Triversa

There are currently 31 styles available in the Triversa collection which consists of both wood-look and stone style planks. Some styles,  like Terrene, have several different colors, while others are only available in one hue. Most of the styles are between 6” to 9” wide with lengths of 36” or 48”.

Congoleum Triversa ID is an offshoot of that collection and where you'll find more tile. There are also some mixed-width LVP planks in this series along with oversized planks like Forest Deep with boards measuring 9” x 60”.

Congoleum Structure 

The structure series features a mix of tile and luxury vinyl planks. Its also where you'll find the company's most unique styles like Impressions Flax or 45-degree Sepia Twill. That style allowed you to customize your flooring with bi-directional planks.  The sizes are varied in this collection as well, but the installation method has changed.

Structure luxury vinyl planks need to be glued down, which isn't ideal if you want to handle the installation yourself.  Every plank and tile from this collection has a thick, 20mil wear layer like the prevois collection and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Congoleum Impact 

While there are only 16 styles in the Congoleum Impact collection, each leaves a lasting impression. All are in the wood-look class as well with planks made to resemble species like Rosewood or Oak. LVP planks from this collection measure 6” x36" or 7.25” x 48” and you'll get a choice when it comes to the installation method.

Depending on the SKU, you can find these planks with the SmartLock system or choose the glue-down method of installation. Unfortunately, the wear layer takes a hit along with the warranty. These planks have a 25-year residential guarantee and a 12mil wear layer.

Congoleum Endurance

When your budget is tight, and you don't need planks with deep detailing or variegated colors, the Endurance collection from Congoleum may be the best choice for your home. There are 11 styles, including rustic shades like Gunstock and Chestnut, along with natural hues like Maple and Oak. While those planks are just as water-resistant as the other collections,  they also have a 25-year warranty and 12mil wear layer like the impact line. Congoleum Endurance planks are all 6” x 36” and make use of the company's innovative SmartLink tape system.


Overall, Congoleum has a nice mix of shades and styles, although we feel their stone-look planks are far more interesting from a style standpoint. There aren't nearly as many wood species represented compared to other brands, but there are some unique options in their premium collections.

Construction and Durability 

Timeless Triversa and Triversa ID are three thickest planks from Congoleum at 8mm. Structure, Impact and the rest of the collections are thinner,  but all are protected by a high-performance urethane or aluminum oxide aside from the Endurance collection. Those planks have a regular urethane finish. Simply put, if you are concerned about durability,  look for products from the Triversa or Structure series.

The Green Factor

Indoor air quality is something we stress the importance of with any brand of flooring we cover here on FlootingClarity. It's also something that won't be a concern if you opt to choose Congoleum luxury vinyl planks. Every plank offer tile listing we checked were FloorScore certified. That means you can rest easy when their flooring is in your home, and they even use 100% recycled paper to wrap and pack their products.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

With Congoleum, you have two installation options depending on the collection and style you choose. Some of the company’s planks require an adhesive for installation, which is ideal if you want something permanent and don’t dig floating floors. If you prefer to install Congoleum LVP yourself, you can choose from the SmartLock or SmartLink systems.

SmartLink uses a unique type of tape to keep your flooring in place while providing a tight seal. An aerospace-grade strip of adhesive is on the back of each plank, so you simply need to line things up and remove the film. As the name implies SmartLock is a system that allows you to simply snap each piece into place.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Cost and Availability

If you are interested in Congoleum, we’ve got great news. It's reasonably priced and easy to acquire as well. How much you actually pay depends on where you purchase your flooring, however. With that in mind, our table will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing.







Rosewood Oyster

7” x 47”


$2.91 sq. ft.


Hickory Blonde

9” x 48”


$2.91 sq. ft.


Golden Oak

6” x 36”


$1.61 sq. ft.


White Oak Raisin

6” X 48”


$2.05 sq. ft.



7” x 48”


$3.85 sq. ft.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros, Cons and Ratings

This eco-friendly company has a lot to offer in terms of resilient residential flooring. Their catalog of wood-look vinyl isn’t as vast as some of their competitors, but their high-quality products are well worth your time and affordable to boot.

Pros: Nice range of prices with several collections to choose from. FloorScore certified flooring. Their LVP is easy to acquire locally or online.

Cons: Limited selection compared to some brands. More LVT than LVP at this time


  • Style range: 3
  • Sizes: 4
  • Durability: 4
  • The Green Factor: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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