Capel Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

It can be challenging to find a company with family-based fundamentals at its core, but that’s what you’ll get from Capel Rugs. This 100-year old company is rich with tradition, and currently has hundreds of area rugs in their catalog. In our Cap Rugs review, we’re going to break down the company’s massive catalog and see how they compare against competitors in the industry.

The Capel Rug Collection

Choosing a rug from Capel is an absolute breeze thanks to the layout of their website. While they don’t have rugs grouped into standard collections, you can find a rug through categories like shapes, size, or color. We’re going to start with rug construction, however, and the company’s line of hand-tufted area rugs.

Capel Hand-Tufted Rugs

Capel Hand-Tufted Rugs

There are around 190 hand-tufted rugs from Capel, most of which are in a rectangular format. Around a third of these rugs have matching runners available, but you’ll only find a handful of round styles with hand-tufted construction. Most of those are in the Filigree line, which comes in a half-dozen colors and is 8’6” in diameter.

These rugs are all one-color, but you’ll find a wider range of hues and patterns in the transitional section. Colorful rugs with a southwestern feel include Avanti-Kelim and Avanti-Dakota, while Avanti Medallion in Ivory Denim has a completely different vibe. The Aventi-Bartlett series is one of the more intriguing patterns, but if you prefer tassels to stitched edges, consider a Gypsy rug.

From abstract patterns like Shattered Ice which is 80% wool and 20% viscose to the floral feel of Flower Pop, there is no shortage of options with their hand-tufted rugs. The company’s selection of braided area rugs is just as impressive and more vibrant as long as you appreciate concentric rectangles, cross-sewn designs, or want an oval area rug for your home.

Carpal Braided Rugs

Carpal Braided Rugs

Team Spirit in Crimson and Navy is an attractive oval rug with a thick weave. The Boathouse series is cross-sewn, but with a woven border while Bonneville Pearl River, Denim, and Sandy Beach use blues and washed-out tones for a calmer effect. The American series has a similar shape, but with a different color palette which introduces more reds and browns.

Need something simple and durable for indoors? It’s hard to go wrong with their braided heathered rugs which come in beige, red, sage green, grey, and navy. Rugs from the Wanderer line like Global Blue are completely round and come in five different sizes. These rugs are made from a mix of 34% wool, 33% nylon, and 33% polyester, but that isn’t the case with all of the company’s braided rugs.

Bailey Delphinium Blue can be purchased as an oval or square rug and is constructed from 95% cotton with 5% polyester. The Cabana Stripes collection, on the other hand, is comprised of 100% polyester and is only available in one shape – rectangular. These chunky rugs will look great in any room, and we feel the same way about the company’s knotted rugs.

Capel Hand-Knotted Rugs

Capel Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted styles from the company include a mix of traditional, contemporary, and transitional rugs. There are some Persian and Oriental rugs in the mix as well like the Biltmore Classics, a high-end area rug made from 100% wool. Kasbah in Crystal Black is the polar opposite in style but made from the same material.

Homeowners that are interested in an area rug that can brighten up a room will want to check out Coco’s Flower Apple Hunter, a rug from the Portofino series, or the bright blue Quatrefoil Peacock. Juggler in Cotton Candy is one of their wilder patterns alongside Phantom Mirage Blue Haze. It’s a semi-worsted New Zealand wool rug and an excellent option if you’re looking for something unique.

Other Area Rugs from Carpal

Other Area Rugs from Carpal

While not as extensive as some of the company’s other collections, their flat-woven styles have something to suit almost anyone. It’s where you’ll find Hampton Beach Party, a classic pattern on a rug that’s made in the USA. There are earthy solids like Worthington Jute, which comes in five soft colors, and variegated vertical patterns like Seagrove Seagrass.

Beach Club Plaid in Colonial Blue is another classic, but there are southwestern-style rugs as well with the Woven Spirits series. Unique styles from the Capel Rugs hand-loomed collection include the monotone Simply Gabbeh Granite and the elegant style known as Shalimar Resist Indigo. The largest selection we didn’t cover above are their indoor-outdoor rugs, which feature close to 200 designs.

Their all-weather rugs are a mixed lot, most of which have a sold center with a colored border. The Creative Concepts series in Cane Wicker keeps things nice and simple, but there are striped options as well with Grassy Mountain Brannon Whisper and Raffia Brannon Whisper. Most of these rugs are constructed from 100% olefin and are listed as made in the USA.

Shapes and Sizes

Carpel’s range of rugs is impressive, but so are the shapes and sizes they provide to homeowners. Their rugs are categorized by small, medium, and large, but each tier has its own range of sizes. Smaller rugs are 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, or 4’x 6’ in size while the medium and large tiers have three sizes as well. The largest rug available from the company is 10’ x 14’ unless you opt for something from the Custom Shop.

Shapes vary between rectangular rugs, oval and round rugs, although several are available in basket form including American Legacy Slate Blue, Homecoming Evergreen, Gramercy Tan, and Sailor Boy Sea Monster. Overall, we found that you can pick up almost any style from the company in most sizes except for round rugs and the basket variants.











2.3’ x 4’


Williamsburg Xanadu


Hand Tufted


5’ x 8’





Cotton & Polyester

5.6’ x 5.6’



Cream Agate

Machine Woven

New Zealand Wool

9.10’ x 13’




Hand Loomed


2.3’ x 8’




Hand Tufted


8’ x 11’



Seagrass Blue

Flat Woven

Wool, Nylon & Polyester

2’ x 3’




Machine Woven


5.3’ x 7.6’




Hand Knotted


5.6’ x 8.6’


While you can certainly find affordable rugs in Capel’s massive collection, most of them are only a few feet in size. As you can see from the pricing, the company is a premium brand, and some of their rugs can set you back several thousand dollars. There currently are no financing options available on their official site, but there are alternatives depending on where you shop.

Like many rug companies, Capel sells direct to the public so you can purchase an area rug directly from their website. Shipping is free within the continental United States, but you can purchase their rugs from a variety of online and local retailers as well. Amazon, Overstock, and Home Depot were just a few of the stores we found that carry Capel area rugs.

Capel Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Capel has one of the better selections overall, even if their lineup isn’t the largest or most affordable. They use a solid mix of natural and synthetic materials in their rugs and offer more construction techniques than most manufacturers. Their area rugs are also easy to obtain anywhere in the states, just keep your budget in mind and don’t be afraid to shop around for the best price.

  • Styles: 5
  • Fiber Selection: 4
  • Pricing: 3.5
  • Overall: 4.5

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