Hallmark Hardwood Flooring Reviews and Prices 2024

Hallmark Floors is a brand that you may have stumbled across at a flooring store or online. As a smaller company, they don’t have quite the reach of a larger company like Bruce or Mullican, although they do carry a solid selection of waterproof and hardwood flooring. Our Hallmark review is going to focus on the latter as we break down their hardwood flooring collections.

Hallmark Hardwood Review

Hallmark Hemingway Vignette2

Hallmark’s residential flooring lines spans 10 different collections. All are made of engineered wood, with the exception of two collections. The company also produces an interesting series of commercial hardwood products with a similar style and vibe as well. From the company’s site, you can browse their entire collection of hardwoods or narrow your search down by species, finish and surface texture.

True Collection

Weathered wood is a popular style with homeowners today, and manufacturers have a variety of ways they can make boards look worn. Hallmark takes things a step further with the True Collection as these planks are made to resemble bog-wood that’s been buried underwater for decades.

True hardwood planks come in a dozen different colors from the golden hue of Amber Pine to dark Onyx Oak. These boards measure 7.5” x 6.2” and feature European and American hardwoods. A natural finish with a low sheen protects these engineered sawn cut boards. The color variation is also high in this collection, although that color goes all the way through to the core.

Organic 567 Collection

The theme for the Organic 567 Collection is “Truly Authentic” as these boards also fall into the reclaimed wood category. While not actually reclaimed, Hallmark uses a variety of techniques to give each style in this collection a distinct look.

Oak and Hickory are the two species represented in this collection, which is fitting given the ultra-thick top layer. While these boards are still natural with a low sheen, the wear layer is in-line with what you’d find on ¾” thick solid hardwood flooring. There are a dozen styles to choose from, and you’ll never know what you’ll get from each box as both the lengths and widths are random in this series.

Alta Vista Collection

When most homeowners think of wood flooring, they consider domestic and exotic species. Well, when you reside in the U.S., European Oak is considered exotic, although not quite as tropical as Brazilian Walnut or Tigerwood. The Alta Vista Collection consists of styles made from foreign Oak, and all have a finish that’s been wire-brushed by hand.

Whether you prefer Ojai Oak to Laguna Oak, these planks have thick wear layer and high color variance. The European style will attract attention in any room where this series is installed. At 7.5” they fall into the extra-wide class and come in random lengths as well.

Ventura Collection

This contemporary collection features a series of styles made from Oak, Hickory, and Maple. Each is a little different from the next, so there’s something for everyone. That includes people that want something light like Seashell Oak along with consumers looking for a dark, intriguing style like Tide Pool Maple.

In this collection, you’ll find two finishes with Nu Oil and TrueMark, which adds 12 coats of hard-wearing aluminum oxide. It varies by style and species, but each 7.5” board sports a vertically sliced 2mm top layer with a wire-brushed finish.

Monterey Collection

Hickory, Oak, and Maple are the stars of the Monterey Collection. This series is treated with a low-luster finish in Truemark Glaze Tek, which highlights the unique grain and texture of the boards while adding a layer of additional protection.

Random width planks are another highlight of this collection as the boards are 4”, 6” or 8” wide. The lengths are just as random as the widths up to 6’2”. Like the Ventura Collection, there is a 2mm veneer that’s although this one has been slice-cut and wire brushed by hand. There are 10 styles to choose from as well with Puebla Hickory, Terreno Oak, and Baccara Maple, just to name a few.

Novella Collection

This is one of Hallmark Hardwoods more varied collections as Novella makes use of several species of wood, two finishes, and two finishing techniques. These boards have detailed coloring and are 6” wide and up to 6’2” long as they come in random lengths.

You can choose from styles like Faulkner and Dickinson Maple, which are treated with TrueMark Glaze Tek and lightly sculpted by hand. Alternatively, Hemingway, Hawthorne, and Steinback Oak are wire brushed before being treated with Nu Oil.

Chaparral Collection

Rustic flooring is a popular option with both solid and engineered flooring. The Chaparral Collection is Hallmark’s most rustic style yet as these planks have plenty of character. Domestic woods are on full display as well with styles in Maple, Hickory, and Oak.

These heavily sculpted boards are rotary-cut with a 2.5mm top layer and tight graining. They are in the wide class at 7” but have a different type of finish than the company’s other collections. You’ll get a smooth matte finish with TrueMark protection, and the color variation is lower in this collection, as well.

Silverado Collection

The Silverado Collection is arguably the most unique series from Hallmark as you won’t find any Oak, Maple, or Hickory in this collection. The company chose to use tightly grained Birch boards for their engineered flooring, and there are 10 colors available from Rum to Dark Chocolate Birch.

These 6” boards are rotary-cut like the Chaparral Collection, but with less variation from one board to the next. Hand finishing techniques are also toned down, and we think the pillowed edge is a nice touch as well. While just as durable as the company’s other planks, this collection sets itself apart from a style standpoint.

Organic Solid Collection

Engineered hardwood flooring can look just like the real thing, but there is still no substitute for solid hardwood. The Organic Collection consists of solid hardwood planks with a solid dry sawn face, and at ¾” thick; they are built to last a lifetime.

Planks from this collection are random lengths and widths but narrower than engineered boards at 3.25” or4”wide. There can be a considerable amount of variation depending on the series, and all are treated with a Nu Oil finish.

Crestline Solid Collection

While the Crestline Collection has plenty in common with the company’s Organic series, there is one key difference. These planks are 5” wide in random lengths with subtle color variations in your choice of Hickory or Oak.

These ¾” thick solid boards are wire brushed with a light to medium hand scraping. The bevels are handcrafted, and there are 10 styles available, including several interesting shades like Beacon Oak and Sanford Hickory. 

Species & Styles

Hallmark Gardenia Oak Hardwood

As you can see, most of the species carried by Hallmark are of the domestic variety. While some species do come from Europe like French Oak, you are limited to Hickory, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Red Oak, and Birch across the board. 90% of their current catalog is engineered flooring as well, so your only options for hardwood are the Organic Solid collection and Crestline.

While being limited to domestic hardwood isn’t ideal if you’re looking for something exotic, Hallmark makes up for that with style. Whether you want floors that are light grey, natural, ebony, or nearly white, they have you covered. Their overall color selection isn’t quite as vast as other companies, but they truly do have a hue or style for everyone.


Hallmark keeps things simple when it comes to finishes. There are two main options the company provides with Nu Oil and TrueMark. Nu Oil is a hybrid floor finish developed to enhance the natural look of your flooring while protecting it. It helps keep stains at bay and adds protection from UV rays as well, which can cause wooden floors to fade. This type of finish is easy to maintain and is far more high tech than a traditional finish.

TrueMark is the other type of finish found on Hallmark Floors wood flooring. This Glaze Tek Finish provides superior durability and color depth with four coats of hand-applied glaze and accent colors. It’s topped off with an additional 8 coats of clear finish, and the boards are treated with aluminum oxide through nanotechnology, which increases their resistance to scratches along with general wear and tear.

Regardless of what type of finish is used to protect your boards, there are many techniques used to give each collection a unique style. Finishing techniques from Hallmark include light, medium, and heavy sculpting to go along with wire brushed and sawn textures.


This is one area that’s clear cut and where other manufacturers have a slight edge of Hallmark. They don’t have much variance when it comes to thickness. Both of their hardwood collections are listed at ¾” thick and guaranteed for 3 good sandings.

With their engineered planks, the overall thickness was 5/8” or ½” on many listings, but the veneer is 2mm on most of their product lines that we checked. Hallmark hardwood has a limited lifetime structural and finish warranty for residential.

The Green Factor

Going green has more advantages than just helping save the planet, it’s also important for your health when you are buying flooring. With luxury vinyl, linoleum, and other synthetic materials, it’s crucial as the materials used can vent VOCs into your home over time. This reduces your indoor air quality, but only if you buy poor quality products. That won’t be an issue with Hallmark…

Hallmark’s “wood” flooring has passed third-party certification, so it’s CARB II complaint and has been since 2008. Their wood is also sourced in a responsible fashion, and PEFC French certified, and USFS certified in North America. They take environmental stewardship just as seriously as VOCs, and it shows in their flooring.

Hallmark Hardwood Cost and Availability 

Hallmark hardwood flooring is in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing. Their products are well beyond what you’ll find from most off the shelf products from big-box stores, with the exception of Bruce and a few other industry leaders. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as easy to acquire.

Unless you happen to stumble across a retailer online that carries their products, you will need to locate a dealer if you’re interested in their flooring. Thankfully, that’s easy as we found at least a half-dozen dealers located within driving distance in our area. While your mileage will vary depending on where you reside, their dealer tool will help point you in the right direction.

Hallmark Hardwood Pros, Cons and Ratings

Hallmark leans heavily on its engineered flooring lineup, just like most manufacturers these days. That’s not a negative, just a fact in case you are more interested in traditional solid hardwood flooring instead of engineered planks.

Pros: They have a solid selection of colors and styles throughout their catalog. Wood is harvested responsibly, and you won’t have to worry about VOCs. Excellent warranties and reasonably priced for the quality.

Cons: Hallmark flooring may be harder to locate than larger brands. No exotic woods, only domestic and European hardwoods.


  • Styles: 4
  • Species: 3.5
  • Finishes: 4
  • Durability: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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