COREtec Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews 2024

COREtec vinyl plank flooring is made by US Floors and sold online and at flooring stores. Prices start in the middle of the range. COREtec premium lines are among the most expensive in the market. But they are high-quality too.

This brand makes a huge number of lines, and understanding their differences can be a challenge.

But we sort them out here and make your options clear.

This COREtec luxury vinyl flooring review includes:

  • COREtec Vinyl Flooring Reviews of each of the collections.
  • Summary Table within the Reviews section for comparing your options at a glance. We’ve prepared tables for all the leading brands – Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, NuCore and more, so comparing brands is quick and easy.
  • Features section with more detail, which we designed to make your buying decision easier.
  • Our Bottom Line evaluation of COREtec LVP/LVT luxury vinyl flooring.

COREtec Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

There are two broad collections of COREtec vinyl plank flooring: Plus and Pro Plus.

The Plus line is the original COREtec LVP/LVT.

  • It has a waterproof vinyl core enhanced with recycled wood, bamboo dust and limestone for strength and stability
  • There are 6 lines of planks and tiles
  • Planks and tiles are 8mm thick, expect for the 12mm Premium line with a 3mm cork backing
  • The flooring is softer and considered ideal for residential and light commercial use

The Pro Plus line is new.

  • It has a compressed polymer/vinyl core that is waterproof
  • Additional top and bottom layers make it more rigid and better for dent protection and high-traffic areas
  • There are 3 lines
  • Planks and tiles are 4-5mm thick
  • The flooring is harder and considered a better choice for medium to heavy commercial applications

Several other brands make two series – one softer and better for residential use and one designed to withstand commercia installation.

  • Shaw makes Floorte and Floorte Pro.
  • Cali Bamboo makes Cali Vinyl and Cali Vinyl Plus.

See our Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring review or Cali Bamboo Review for details.

This summary table is an overview. Details follow.


Thickness (1)

Wear Layer

Cost/sq. ft.

Warranty (2)



12 mils

$2.90 - $3.50


Plus Plank & Tile


20 mils

$4.25 - $4.70


Plus XL Plank


20 mils

$5.15 - $5.50


Plus Enhanced


20 mils

$4.75 - $5.50


Plus HD & Design


20 mils

$5.20 - $6.15


Plus Premium


20 mils

$5.50 - $6.30


Pro Galaxy


12 mils

$2.80 - $3.45


Pro Plus


20 mils

$2.90 - $3.80


Pro Plus Enhanced


20 mils

$4.00 - $4.85


(1) Thickness: This is the total thickness of the plank.

(2) Warranty: The first number is the residential warranty. The second is the commercial warranty.

Pad: A 1.5mm underlayment pad is attached to all lines except COREtec One (no pad) and Plus Premium (3mm pad).

Prices are for flooring only. Installation cost for luxury vinyl flooring ranges from $1.50-$2.75 per square feet based on the specifics of the job.  

COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Here’s a brief overview of the 6 lines.

1. COREtec One Vinyl Flooring Review

This is the brand’s most affordable vinyl plank flooring. It is the only standard COREtec vinyl that does not have attached pad.

  • Styles: 12
  • Types: Wood only
  • Colors: There’s a good mix from light to dark including multi-tonal options.
  •  Widths: Planks are 6”x48”

Where to Use COREtec On Vinyl Flooring

While not cheap, this is a good choice for replacing old, worn flooring when cost is a major factor.

2. COREtec Plus Plank and Tile Vinyl Flooring Review

These might be COREtec’s most popular lines of flooring. They offer excellent selection in planks and tiles.

  • Styles: About 50 – styles are added or discontinued periodically.
  • Types: Wood-look planks, stone-look tiles.
  • Colors: The complete range of light, medium, darks and grays. You’ll have plenty of choices in the color you prefer.
  • Widths: Planks are 5” or 7” wide and 48” long. Tiles are 12”x24”

Where to Use COREtec Plus Planks and Tiles

This is top choice when good quality and a reasonable price are desired.

We also recommend this LVP and LVT for light commercial use such as office space, retail shops, waiting areas and similar settings.

3. COREtec Plus XL Plank Flooring Review

This flooring has the same construction and features as the Plus planks above, except the planks are oversized at 9”x72”. The larger planks give any floor a unique look with fewer seams and butts.

  • Styles: About 20
  • Types: All have a natural hardwood floor appearance
  • Colors: Mostly Mediums, darks and grays, but there are a few light colors. The XL Planks offer a good mix of warm, cool and neutral tones.
  • Widths: All planks are 9” wide, among the widest from any leading brand.

Where to Use COREtec Plus XL Plank Vinyl Flooring

They are best used in large areas because the size of the planks would overwhelm a smaller room.

If you’re willing to pay a bit more than the standard Plus planks to get an upgraded appearance, the Plus XL planks are a good choice.

4. COREtec Plus Enhanced Vinyl Flooring Review

The term “Enhanced” means the LVT and LVP has been beveled on all four sides and painted. The purpose of the construction is to give the planks the most realistic wood and stone look possible.

Otherwise, these are the same as the COREtec Plus lines. Your options are standard Planks, XL Planks and Tile.

  • Styles: About 50
  • Types: Planks have a wood appearance; Tiles look like natural stone including granite, slate and limestone.
  • Colors: Standard-size planks and tiles have more medium and dark colors, though there are grays and lights too. The XL planks have more light and medium tones than dark.
  • Widths: Planks are 7” wide. XL planks are 9” wide. The tiles are 12”x24”.

Where to Use COREtec Plus Enhanced Vinyl Flooring

Cost is a little higher than the standard Plus planks and tiles, but their appearance is very authentic, clean and finished.

This is a popular product for home and business owners that would love to have genuine wood but don’t want the maintenance issues it demands.

5. COREtec Plus HD and Design Vinyl Flooring Review

These are upscale vinyl plank flooring in very appealing colors and shades, often using planks with multiple tones.

Plus HD planks are “embossed in register,” or EIR. This is a manufacturing term that means genuine wood planks with rich wood grain are used to make the molds.

The resulting HD (high definition) planks have deeper graining and a more authentic feel than standard planks. Planks are 48” and 72”.

The Design Series is also embossed to show rich texturing in looks and feel. Planks come in typical 48” planks but also in 72” and 180” planks, which are among the longest available.

  • Styles: About 15 HD and 6 Design
  • Types: All wood
  • Colors: The whole range. The majority are multi-tonal for a floor with more visual interest.
  • Widths: HD planks are 4” or 7”. The 180” Design planks are 21” wide, truly impressive.

Where to Use COREtec Plus HD or Design Vinyl Planks

When you want a floor for your home or business that is distinctively beautiful, consider these lines. This is especially true if you like the look of flooring that boasts several nicely blended tones.

6. COREtec Plus Premium Vinyl Flooring Review

This is COREtec’s top of the line, about 20 options in 72” planks.

What sets this COREtec vinyl plank flooring apart is the 12mm thickness that feels more like genuine hardwood flooring.

COREtec uses a 3mm cork pad rather than the standard 1.5mm pad, stating, “the patented COREtec construction has been enhanced to create a softer, warmer and quieter floor.”

It also has the 4-sided bevel like the Plus Enhanced line that creates a chic finish.

  • Styles: About 20
  • Types: All wood – mostly oak, pine and walnut.
  • Colors: A good mix of light, medium, dark and gray. Many are multi-tonal.
  • Widths: The two options are 7” and 9” planks.

Where to Use COREtec Plus Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring

The term “premium” really defines this flooring. When you want luxury vinyl flooring that is softer beneath your feet, Plus Premium is second to none in beauty and comfort.

Specifically, this flooring is easier to stand on for long periods, so it is ideal for retail, educational or medical facilities and similar uses where people are on their feet all day.

Of course, it works well in the kitchens of homeowners that enjoy taking their time in food prep – and then there’s the cleanup too, so a comfortable floor is an advantage.

COREtec Pro & Pro Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring Reviews

These are the thinner, more rigid LVP and LVT – Like Shaw Floorte Pro and Cali Bamboo Pro.

The three broad lines are Pro Galaxy, Pro Plus and Pro Plus Enhanced.

1. COREtec Pro Galaxy Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

This is the budget line, at least for COREtec, with prices starting under $3 per square feet.

COREtec uses a solid polymer core (SPC) similar to the stone polymer core of Shaw Floorte Pro.

It includes attached cork pad underlayment.

  • Styles: About 10
  • Types: All styles are wood, mostly oak with a few pine. Many are multi-tonal for a varied appearance.
  • Colors: A few colors each in light, medium, dark and gray shades.
  • Widths: 7”. The planks are 48” long.

Where to Use COREtec Pro Galaxy Vinyl Flooring Review

If you like COREtec, this is the most affordable COREtec vinyl plank flooring for commercial settings.

It is backed by a 7-year “light” commercial warranty, so it is best for office space, waiting areas and other space that doesn’t get high volumes of traffic – like busy retail shops, hallways and similar.

2. COREtec Pro Plus LVP Flooring Review

Your options here are Pro Plus and Pro Plus XL with 73” planks.

The Pro Plus flooring has special top and bottom layers to increase floor strength and stability.

  • Styles: About 20 combined standard and XL options.
  • Types: Oak dominates with a few pine and hickory options.
  • Colors: There are more in the medium range than others, but you’ll find lights, darks, grays and a couple multi-tone options too. Finding a few good choices for your project won’t be a problem.
  • Widths: 7” planks.

Where to Use COREtec Pro Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring

This flooring has COREtec’s 15-year Heavy Commercial warranty. It is suited to high-volume locations where durability and long-lasting good looks are essential.

3. COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Vinyl Flooring Review

The “Enhanced” styles have painted bevels on four sides to create very realistic wood and stone appearance.

Your options for these top-of-the-line Pro Plus Enhanced Planks and Tiles are:

  • Tiles, Planks and XL Planks – Standard embossing is used on an excellent selection of plank and tile options.
  • HD and XL HD – These are EIR (embossed in register) high-definition planks that have the deepest, most authentic wood graining. Planks are 48” and 73” (XL).
  • Styles: About 40 plank and tile styles give you plenty of options for any residential and commercial setting.
  • Types: Wood planks, stone and wood tiles.
  • Colors: An excellent mix. Solid, blended and multi-hued colors are available.
  • Widths: Standard planks are 7” wide; XL planks are 9” wide.

Where to Use COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Luxury Vinyl Flooring

These vinyl plank flooring products are well suited to any commercial use. COREtec offers 3 levels of commercial warranty – Light, medium and heavy. The Pro Plus Enhanced lines also have a 15-year Heavy commercial use warranty.

As a result, these styles are used in high-traffic shops, hallways, educational, government and medical facilities.

Special Features of COREtec Vinyl Plank Flooring

Many of the features have been highlighted above, so here is a summary.

CoreTec Vinyl Construction

Waterproof Construction

All COREtec flooring uses proprietary COREtec core technology that is backed by waterproof and pet-friendly warranties.

Used over any Subfloor

The tough core of the Plus lines and the reinforced core of the Pro Plus lines hide underlying imperfections and tile grout lines.

Cork Pad

All options but the entry-level COREtec One have attached cork pad. It is 1.5mm on most lines; the Plus Premium lines have a 3mm pad. Cork is soft, anti-microbial and reduces sound.

Sustainable / Low-VOC Certifications

All COREtec flooring has GreenGuard certification for sustainable flooring, especially with the use of recycled wood in the core. Many of the options are also certified by FloorScore for low VOC emissions.

Huge Selection

Maybe too large? Some consumers get a bit lost in the many floor types and styles. We’ve consolidated them for clarity:

  • Plus: Standard planks and tiles, XL (extra-long) planks, HD high-definition EIR planks with deep wood graining and high-end Enhanced (all sides beveled and painted), Design and Premium lines
  • Pro Plus (stiffer core): Standard planks and tiles, XL (extra-long) planks, HD high-definition EIR planks with deep wood graining, and high-end Enhanced (all sides beveled and painted) planks and tiles.

COREtec Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros, Cons and Ratings

This is an impressive brand produced by US Floors. In fact, it is our Runner-up for Best Overall Vinyl Plank Flooring brand.


Quality and selection are excellent. The COREtec Plus Premium with a 3mm cork padding might be the most comfortable LVT/LVP produced. Most collections have a lifetime residential warranty and a commercial warranty of 10 or 15 years.


Cost is a little high, and the thickest wear layer is 20 mils.


  • Range of color/style options: 5
  • Quality: 5
  • Ease of installation: 5
  • Green/Low-VOC: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Looking for Qualified Installer for COREtec Flooring?

Some readers complained that they cound't find the local installers or overpaid the installation. Then we developed an online free estimate tool to help you get at least 3 local bids in 24 hours. 

This tool is powered by our partner Networx which has been specializing in collecting, vetting and rating vinyl flooring contractors for more than 20 years.

Comparing the 3 bids can help you get the reasonable installation cost and avoid getting ripped.

The Bottom Line

COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring is one of the most expensive brands. All are mid-priced to high-priced options.

For the money, you get what might be the best luxury vinyl plank flooring available today. The warranties are outstanding, and the selection is broad and beautiful.

If you prefer to use the best, even at a higher cost, then COREtec should be strongly considered.


Q: Is it safe to install COREtec in basements and bathrooms?

A: COREtec can be installed in any room that’s indoors provided there are no sump pumps in the room. The rigid core planks are completely waterproof, which makes them ideal for kitchens, mudrooms, basements, and bathrooms.

Q: Are steam mops okay to use with COREtec considering its 100% waterproof?

A: No, and it will void your warranty. Steam could potentially cause warping and other issues with your wear or image layer. COREtec recommends using a pH neutral cleaner when sweeping with a broom, or using a dust mop is not an option.

Q: Will I be able to use COREtec vinyl flooring with a radiant heat system?

A: Yes. COREtec flooring is fully compatible with radiant heating systems, but you will want to refer to the installation manual to ensure your heating system meets the company’s specifications.

Q: Is it possible to polish COREtec luxury vinyl flooring?

A: The company says it’s safe to use a high-quality polish geared towards vinyl on COREtec flooring if it begins to lose its shine or luster over time.

Q: Can I purchase COREtec through my local hardware store or another big-box retailer?

A: Not at this time, although there are a few online retailers that sell and ship COREtec online. You will need to find a flooring retailer to purchase their products locally.

Q: Vinyl flooring isn’t typically eco-friendly, is COREtec considered a green product?

A: While it’s true there are better eco-friendly alternatives than vinyl, COREtecdoes use recycled wood and bamboo content in the core of their LVP boards. Cork backing is also used, and all their flooring has passed VOC certification through GreenGuard.

Q: Can I use additional underlayment with COREtec if it already has cork padding on the bottom?

A: No, and that’s generally not a good idea for any type of vinyl. If your subfloor is uneven or has imperfections that may cause installation issues, it should be level beforehand. Underlayment only helps with minor imperfections, and adding an extra layer could cause planks to buckle.

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