Veranda Decking Review and Cost 2024

Fiberon is a brand we’ve touched on several times, and Veranda decking is another product line from the company. While Veranda composite decking shares some similar traits with Fiberon’s budget series, it differs in several key areas including coloring and overall accessibility.

Veranda Decking Review

Veranda deck boards are in the composite class, which means they are made from a mix of wood and plastic. Exactly how much is unclear, but their main boards are all capped for additional protection from the elements. They are resistant to mildew, mold, insects, and rot so maintenance will be minimal with these composite boards.

Veranda® Composite Decking looks

Veranda® Composite Decking looks

Unlike other brands, Veranda composite decking is only available in a square profile with a nominal size of .93 x 5.3 inches. While solid, the bottoms are scalloped, so they are not reversible and only come in 12 and 16-foot lengths. If you want colors, your options are limited to Brown or Gray, each with a textured top that simulates wood to a degree.

This decking is in the budget class and comes with a 15-year performance warranty. That’s short compared to similar boards in this range and a negative unless your deck won’t see heavy weather. That said, those specs are currently for products sold in the United States, not other regions which is where things can get a little tricky.

Veranda Decking Cost and Availability 

Veranda Decking can be found through Home Depot in the United States and Canada where it’s sold as an exclusive, just like ArmorGuard from Fiberon. Both of Veranda’s colors have the same price point and are sold as single boards or in packs of 10 or 56.

Pricing is subject to change, but you can expect to pay around $20 for a 12-foot board or $1,300 for a pack of 56. The cost for a 16-foot Veranda board is $26 while a 56-pack bundle is listed at $1,757. By comparison, a 56-pack of Fiberon ArmorGuard decking in Seaside Gray is $2,460.

If you happen to live in Canada or are close to the border, you may want to check out Home Depot stores in the region as you will be in for a surprise. The Canadian site lists four different series with Elite, Vintage, HP and Ultra-Light Decking. All those boards are similar in style but have better warranties, and the Ultra-Light planks are full profile boards, not scalloped like the rest.

Veranda Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings

This one is fairly straightforward. If you need cheap composite decking and live near a Home Depot, go check them out if they have samples in stock. If not, we suggest ordering a few samples to test out before you buy. It’s good advice for any product with a short warranty that can cost thousands of dollars, especially as the reviews are a bit mixed with this brand.

Pros: The biggest advantage of Veranda decking is the price. It’s among the cheapest we have seen, and it is manufactured by a reputable company. We also like the fact it’s not a bare composite board, but one with a protective cap that keeps rain, snow and UV rays from wreaking havoc on your decks.

Cons: If you don’t like Brown or Grey, you will not like Veranda’s deck boards unless they decide to expand their color range. They aren’t as “wood-like” as other composite planks, and as mentioned, the warranty is shorter than usual at only 15-years.


  • Range of color/style options: 1
  • Overall Quality: 3
  • Stain Resistance: 3.5
  • UV Resistance: 3.4
  • Scratch Resistance: 3.5
  • Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

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Q: Who makes Veranda decking, and where is it manufactured?

A: Fiberon is listed as one of the manufacturers of Veranda decking sold through Home Depot. 

Q: How should I store Veranda decking until it’s ready to be installed?

A: All deck boards should remain covered in their original wrapping until preparation is finished, and you are ready to begin the installation. If unwrapped, it should be stored in the shade and supported every two feet during storage.

Q: What is the safest type of product to use for melting ice on my deck in the winter?

A: According to Veranda, you can use rock salt or products with calcium chloride for ice removal on their composite decks. If you need a shovel to remove snow, stick to plastic shovels that won’t damage your deck.

Q: Will I be able to paint my deck if I grow tired of the color?

A: While it may be possible, it’s not recommended and will be far more trouble than it’s worth. Composite decking is not designed to be painted as it’s built to retain its original color while withstanding the elements.

Q: How often will I need to clean Veranda composite decking?

A: The company recommends cleaning your decks at least twice a year to keep dirt and debris from accumulating, making it difficult to remove. Soap, water, and a scrub brush should remove most material from your decks that a broom can’t handle.

Q: How well will Veranda deck boards hold up in a commercial setting?

A: Veranda has a 10-year warranty on all of their deck collections when used in a commercial setting compared to a 25-year residential guarantee. Consider you lose the stain & fade warranty as well, it’s not an ideal option for a commercial usage.

Q: Will I need special tools to install Veranda composite decking?

A: The most exotic tool you’ll need to acquire is a miter saw or drill. A circular saw is also an option if you have a steady hand.

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