Karastan Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

Whether you’re buying engineered hardwood flooring or searching for the best carpet, it pays to look before you leap. That includes checking into brands as you might be surprised by their catalog outside of the showroom or hardware store. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at Karastan Carpet and tell you what to expect from this classic brand.

Karastan Carpet Review

Karastan has been in the fiber business close to 100 years. The company began producing handmade rugs in the 20s before expanding into carpeting, and they’ve produced millions of yards of material over the years. While the company is now under the Mohawk Industries umbrella, they have a large collection featuring 130 styles and several styles of fiber, including one unique type of strand.

SmartStrand Fibers

Most carpet manufacturers have a patented technique or fiber that’s resistant to certain substances or handles fading better than the rest. For Karastan, its SmartStrand fibers which are billed as a pet-friendly product that’s easy to clean and resistant to stains.

The company achieves this through a Nanoloc Spill & Soil protection, which helps protect the carpet fibers. Stains can’t bond with the carpet as it doesn’t have any dye sites, and it’s geared to outlast traditional nylon carpeting as well. If you have pets, the SmartStrand system is worth considering, especially when you see how it withstood constant abuse from a very large Rhino named Rick.

While SmartStrand Forever Clean is their main synthetic fiber, there are a few variants available as well. SmartStrand Silk is still stain-resistant but has more fibers than your average carpet. In fact, each strand has over 700 silky fibers which provide you with a thick, plush carpet underfoot. If you want something even more luxurious and softer, SmartStrand Silk Reserve may be a better fit. ColorMax is just as cushy but comes in tones and shades more in-line with the earthy tones of wood and stone.

Karastan Carpet Collection

From Karastan’s site, you can browse their current crop of carpet in a variety of ways. You can sort products through color, style, type, or fiber brand. There are four types of fibers to choose from with nylon, wool, wool blend, and SmartStrand, which is available across several lines.

The wool series covers a lot of ground from Astor Row to Worstead Weave. There are 34 styles to choose from, most of which are available with between 4 to 16 colors. You can find modern styles along with patterned prints and a few that resemble fine rugs. Their wool blend carpeting has a few styles, but several take advantage of the company’s SmartStrand Silk.

If you prefer nylon to wool, you’ll be thrilled with their collection of over 50 styles. There are some unique patterns as well like Highbrow and Sanctuary Lure. There are even several animal print patterns in the Savanna Scenes series in case you want Cheetah or Navy Antelope covering your floor. Materials like ColorStrand and Scotchgard also come into play with their nylon carpets.

As for the SmartStrand series, there are 38 styles with that unique fiber and well over 400 colors between those styles. That’s impressive, and so is the warranty which stands at “lifetime” for stains, pets, soil, manufacturing defects, and anti-static properties. You’ll also get 25 years for fade resistance, abrasive wear and texture retention with all SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets.

Karastan Carpet Cost

Mohawk’s products are relatively easy to find, and you won’t have to look hard to find carpet from the Karastan brand thanks to their parent company’s global reach. That said, unless you have a local hardware store that keeps Karastan carpet in stock, you’ll have to find and visit a dealer to have a look at their products in person.

That means pricing is tough to come by online although we managed to track down a few estimates. You can expect most styles to start at around $3.00 per square foot and top out at $11.00 for their top-tier carpeting. Keep in mind, that’s the price of the carpet itself and doesn’t include installation or any other materials needed to finish the job.

Karastan Carpet Pros, Cons and Ratings

Every carpet company has a tiered system for quality, and Karastan is no different in that regard. Their selection and massive array of colors help set them apart, and we feel the overall quality of their product lines rival other manufacturers even on the lower tiers aside from their ColorStrand SD series.


Karastan’s site is easy to navigate, which allows you to hone in on a style you like in minutes, not hours. They are one of the few companies to offer up unique styles like animal patterns, and their warranties are top-notch at the premium and mid-range levels. The wool and wool-blend range is a plus as well.


The biggest drawback to Karastan’s carpeting is the price as it’s not exactly budget-friendly unless you drop down several tiers. Other brands are a bit more affordable overall, although the warranty or quality may take a hit.


  • Color and Style Range: 4
  • Fiber Range: 3
  • Pet Resistant: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • Fade Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

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Karastan Carpet FAQ

Q: What’s the best type of Karastan carpet for pet owners?

A: While the type of pet makes a difference, if you’re concerned about stains, the SmartStrand line is your best bet with it’s All Pet Lifetime guarantee.

Q: Does Karastan’s lineup of rugs have the same warranty as their carpet collections?

A: No, but you will get some coverage. The company’s Woven and Axminster rug lines come with a 20-year limited guarantee while the Studio collection is warrantied for 10 years.

Q: What’s the best type of carpet padding to use with Karastan wool carpeting?

A: That all depends on your needs as there are a variety of options to choose from. With that in mind, the company recommends the thickness stay between ¼ to ½” and that the padding has a minimum density of 8 pounds per cubic foot.

Q: Do I need to have my carpet professionally cleaned, or can I do it myself?

A: You can certainly clean your carpet yourself, although Karastan recommends using a professional service once every 18 months to maintain their carpet within their warranty guidelines.

Q: How long will carpet from Karastan remain static-free?

A: Each collection from the company comes with an anti-static warranty. All the company’s lines are guaranteed for a lifetime, with the exception of Karastan Wool.

Q: Should I purchase a special vacuum cleaner to use with new carpet from Karastan?

A: That all depends on your current vacuum cleaner and the type of carpet you plan to install. Some fibers and soft carpet require special care, which means you could need to upgrade your vacuum cleaner. If that’s the case, Karastan has a few tips you should follow.

Q: Is it possible to finance my carpet directly through Karastan?

A: Yes. The company offers rebates but also has a financing program through Synchrony Financial, which can issue a line of credit through a Karastan Credit Card.

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