The Best Carpet for Bedrooms

Out of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is one the most important. You’ll spend a considerable amount of your life sleeping in one, and it’s the first room you experience when you wake up to take on the day.

Having frigid feet as you step out of bed isn’t a great way to start off your morning, which is one reason why carpeting is a top option for bedrooms in homes today. Finding the right type of carpet for your bedroom is easier than you think as long as you follow a few quick tips.

Consider your style

Carpet for Bedrooms Style

The style of your bedroom can differ considerably from the design or vibe in other parts of your home. Before you can think about what type of carpet is best for bedrooms, you have to consider your tastes to ensure your new flooring won’t clash with the rest of your decor.

With a traditional bedroom, you wouldn’t want anything too bold, but if your bedroom is a mix of styles with an eclectic vibe, your options are unlimited when it comes to carpeting. It’s also important to remember that up to half of your carpet can be hidden in the bedroom, depending on the size of the room, your bed and other furniture. If it’s a small bedroom with a king-sized bed, the style may not matter nearly as much as the feel.

The Pile

Whenever you hear a manufacturer discuss “pile,” they are referring to height or density. That can have a great deal to do with how comfy your new carpet is underfoot. Pile height lets you know just how high those fibers are, and doesn’t include the backing. High pile carpet will feel good beneath your feet but is prone to crushing with heavy foot traffic.

Pile density tells you how dense the fibers in a carpet are. Thicker carpets will hold up better over time, and it’s a critical specification to keep in mind if you want carpet built to last. A low pile carpet is perfect for living rooms and areas that take a beating, but not as important in bedrooms for obvious reasons. Overall, pile is very important, but not as crucial as our next two areas.

Fiber & Style

The type of fiber you choose can play a part in comfort, but it’s also tied directly to style and price. If you want the softest carpet in your bedroom, look for a plush style. Wool is an ideal choice if it’s within your price range; if not, polyester is your next best bet. Nylon and other fibers aren’t uncomfortable by any means, but they aren’t the softest fibers either.

If plush is a little too much for your tastes, a good cut pile carpet is a nice alternative. They are comfy just like shag carpeting, but loop style carpets aren’t as cushy beneath your feet. Sisal will look good in your bedroom or den, but it’s just not as comfortable as plush, shag, or cut pile carpeting made from wool or polyester.

The Green Factor

Buying eco-friendly flooring is never a bad idea, but there is also a hidden benefit to going green with hardwood, vinyl, or carpeting. It ensures you have good indoor air quality as well. For decades, the flooring industry was plagued by issues with off-gassing and concerns over VOCs, but those concerns are a thing of the past if you keep an eye out for a few key features.

Look for carpet that carries Green Label Plus certification or has met similar standards when installing carpeting in your bedroom. It’s essential to have “safe” carpet in any room, but as most people sleep 7 to 8 hours in their bedrooms every night, indoor air quality is critical for that room. Potential causes for VOC in carpeting include the backing layer as well as fibers themselves unless you purchase wool carpet for your bedroom.

Pros and Cons of Bedroom Carpeting

Carpet Bedroom

Whenever you install any type of flooring in a room, there will be benefits and drawbacks. While you may think there can’t be anything bad about the kind of carpet you’ll install in your bedroom, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Bedroom Carpet Pros

  • Warmth – There is no worse feeling than your feet hitting cold hardwood floor or tile first thing in the morning. That won’t be an issue with carpet as it provides a bit of warmth and insulation despite the weather outside.
  • Comfort Level – Warmth and comfort are two things that tend to go hand in hand. Cold feet aren’t comfortable, but plush carpeting certainly is. You can throw your slippers aside if you choose a nice, thick carpet for your bedroom and smile as your feet hit the floor.
  • The Price – If you have to carpet an entire home, it can get expensive, but one room can be surprisingly cheap. On average, even high-quality carpet is less expensive than luxury vinyl planks or engineered flooring of the same quality level.

Bedroom Carpet Cons

  • Pets – Does your dog or cat love to come into the bedroom and snuggle up at night or nap while you’re gone during the day. While we can’t help you clean your bed, we can tell you that carpet in your bedroom will pick up plenty of pet hairs as they wander throughout the room.
  • Stains – The softest carpets generally aren’t the most stain-resistant unless you’re partial to nylon.  While durability typically isn’t a concern in bedrooms, stains can be a problem anywhere in your home. Consider those pets along with messy kids and muddy feet.


You can install any type of carpet in your bedroom, which suits your needs and matches the style of your bedroom. That said, when comfort is what you’re after, there are a handful of styles and fibers that are ideal for bedrooms while others are geared towards areas of your home that see a lot of wear and tear. If you’d like to learn more about the fibers and types of carpet available today, check out our carpet buying guide!

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