Safavieh Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Safavieh sprang to life as an importer of fine Oriental rugs. The brand has grown over its 100-year history and now includes names like Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart in their extensive catalog. They still have a variety of fine rugs crafted by artisans from around the globe, but carry hundreds of classic designs as well and we’ll touch on them all in our Safavieh rugs review.

Safavieh Rug Collections

Safavieh makes finding the perfect rug for your home simple through their official site. That’s a good thing considering the size of their catalog, which features thousands of rugs. You can sort by size, shape, style, color, material, or weave depending on your needs.

You can also browse their rugs by collection, which is where you will find styles from a variety of well-known designers. With that in mind, we’re going to start with one of the more popular options, which is a two-tiered collection featuring over 500 different rugs.

The Ralph Lauren Collection

The Ralph Lauren Collection

You won’t find as many wild patterns in the Ralph Lauren rug collection which is filled with contemporary and modern styles. That includes rugs with a southwestern feel like Taos, Quiet Path, High Mountain, Night Sky, and Mesa. These flat-woven rugs come from India like most of the styles in this collection.

The fiber and construction vary wildly, however. Ponderosa Weave is available in four solid colors and made from a mixture of 80% jute and 20% cotton. It’s hand-knotted with a low-pile while the Sagaponack series consists of flat-woven wool. These striped rugs come in several different hues but pale in comparison to Gawsworth or Canterbury from a color standpoint.

One of the more interesting alternatives is the all-black Douglas with its checked design. Douglas Buckskin switches black for off-white and brown tones and Rand is made from textured sheepskin and hides – not fiber. The most unique style from Ralph Lauren is in that same vein with the Four Corners series. They are hide-on-hair cowhide rugs, and definitely an acquired taste depending on your décor.

While all of these rugs are in the premium class, there are more affordable options in the Lauren Ralph Lauren Collection. Some styles like Light Blue and Ivory and Light Rust and Beige, are almost identical to higher-priced rugs, and there are dozens of ornate styles to choose from. There are also solids like Nigel, which is made from 100% Jute.

Looking for colorful patterns? If so, you will appreciate what the Leopold Stripe series brings to the table. There are also oriental rugs in this collection like Camille and Chloe for homeowners interested in a more classical style. You’ll find a mixture of hand-loomed, hand-knotted, and Axminster weaves in this affordable collection.

The Martha Stewart Collection

The Martha Stewart Collection

Martha is no stranger to Safavieh as one of the first designers on the company’s label. Her impressive collection of rugs runs the gambit from tropical styles to modern rugs. There are a variety of rugs designed for children’s rooms as well, including the aptly named Truck, BoatTruck, Big TopBig Top, and Lion. These rugs are hand-tufted and comprised of a wool-pile whereas Peony has the same construction, but a retro vibe.

We found several weathered or vintage-looking styles in this collection along with more colorful options like Candy Shop, Azurite, or Sunken PoolSunken Pool. Poppy, Picture Book Floral, Rose Chintz, and Chrysanthemum are a few of the floral rugs in this collection, but there are dozens of geometric patterns as well.  MSR4950 Knot comes in a half-dozen colors while the Striped Border series features a solid color block surrounded by multicolored stripes.

On the opposite end of the style chart is MSR74304-2330. While it doesn’t have a slick moniker, this power-loomed rug has a pile height of 6mm and will stand out in any room. From rugs with golden leaves to the leopard-like Kalahari, the Martha Stewart Collection has something for everyone. There are close to a dozen styles in the Martha Stewart's Classic Collection as well.

The Disney Collection

The Disney Collection

We highlighted a few of the styles from Safavieh designed for children, and while they have plenty of charm, the Disney Collection takes things to a new level. The first collection we want to talk about is the Aladdin Collection. There are 11 different styles of rugs to choose from, including six which feature pictures from the animated film.

Jasmine and Rajah are on full display with Heart of Courage or you can choose the Genie along with the cartoon couple taking a magic carpet ride.  Free to Dream and Power also feature characters while Wonder, Desert, Dream, and Jasmine are all patterned carpets. As you’d expect, the Magic Carpet design is an option as well.

There are nearly as many rugs in the Frozen 2 Collection with familiar characters like Olaf, Anna, and Elsa. Several are designed to resemble snowflakes or ice crystals, but all are made using the same techniques and materials.  They are power-loomed and composed of polyamide, which ensures they’ll stay vibrant and in great shape for years to come.

Other Collections from Safavieh

Other Collections from Safavieh

Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart are two of the more notable names in Safavieh’s catalog, but far from the only ones. Homeowners looking for a fine Persian rug can find them in the Farahan Sarouk Collection. Here you’ll find a dozen styles like this rust and gold-colored beauty which is hand-knotted and made from wool.

There aren’t as many styles in the Jamie Drake Collection, but some interesting options like the Raspberry colored DK351B which is an animal print. With that in mind, there are printed rugs for adults instead of children in the Vintage Poster Collection. Golfers have two different styles with VP252A and VP255A, but there are also a few rugs designed for wine lovers and world travelers as well.

If you have children in your home, you’ll want to check out the Carousel Kids Collection from Safavieh rugs. This collection features cute cuddly Koalas, bunnies, dogs, unicorns, and even a space sloth. There are patterns for older children as well with astrological rugs and sailor-inspired themes. These polypropylene rugs are power-loomed and built to last.


Even when a company uses natural fibers in the production of their area rugs, sustainability is still important. It’s an area eco-conscious consumers tend to look for, but not something that’s clearly evident with Safavieh’s rug collection.

We found their rugs were certified to meet the OEKO-TEX textile standards which make them safe to use indoors. We couldn’t locate any information in regards to manufacturing or recycling policies, although they make a number of rugs using natural materials like Jute, Wool, and Seagrass.








Magic Carpet


Power Loomed



6.7’ x 9’


Martha Stewart

Abstract Trellis

Hand Knotted

Silk & Wool


6’ x 9’


Studio Leather

Brown & Ivory

Hand Woven



4’ x 6’




Hand Knotted



3’ x 5’


Palm Beach

Grey & Dark Grey

Hand Loomed

Sisal and Wool


5’ x 8’



Frozen 2

Power Loomed



5’ x 7’


Safavieh Cost and Availability

The cost of Safavieh rugs comes down to two factors – size and the fibers used. While our table just gives a small sample of what they have available, their area rugs can run anywhere between $50 to around $2,000 if you’re partial to exotic handmade silk rugs. Many consider them a premium brand, although we feel they have more affordable options than similar companies in this tier.

Purchasing a rug from Safavieh is simple, as long as you go through the company’s site. While they do not sell direct, each style will give you a variety of retailers where the rug can be purchased. That includes retailers like Home Depot, Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, and more. Availability is not a problem with this company.

Safavieh Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Safavieh is a leader in the rug industry, and after reviewing their collection it’s easy to see why. They produce high-quality rugs from artisans located around the world and utilize a variety of techniques and fibers in their area rugs. They are an accessible brand and have some big names in their catalog including the Martha Stewart Collection. You can find out more about the company or browse their entire catalog at the link below.

  • Styles: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 3.8
  • Fiber Selection: 5
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4.2

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