Dream Weaver Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

Carpeting comes in many styles and shades. Dream Weaver’s carpet collection has a hue for everyone, although that’s not what initially drew us to this brand. Their high-quality carpeting is perfect for consumers looking for an affordable solution for their home, and our Dream Weaver carpet review will break down their current collection.

Dream Weaver Carpet Review

Dream Weaver may not have been in business as long as some of the carpet kings in Georgia, but they have made a significant impact in a short amount of time. That’s partly due to some of the unique technologies used in the fibers of their carpet, but also because of Engineered Flooring, the company that acquired them in 2011.

Bob Shaw is one of the sons of the founder of Shaw Industries, a well-known name in the flooring world. Shaw was purchased in 2001 by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway although Bob did not stay retired long as he founded Engineered Flooring a decade later. The company rose through the ranks quickly and are now one of the larger manufacturers in Georgia and widely recognized for their PureColor dying system.

PureColor Technology

Have you ever seen an older carpet start to lose its coloring across the top? That can happen when the color doesn’t go all the way through to the fiber, and it’s often a concern when cheaper carpets begin to age and fade.

PureColor is a proprietary solution-dyed fiber that has through-color similar to what you’d find on a porcelain tile. The color won’t rub away from years of foot traffic, and it can handle UV rays from the sun better than piece-dyed fibers as well. The tech also makes their carpets highly-resistant to stains and extremely easy to clean.

If you’ve ever spilled a glass of wine on your carpet, you know how difficult it can be to clean up. The same goes for ketchup and other substances, including those left behind by our feline friends and canine companions. PureColor fibers are engineered to deal with all of those liquids, and four of the companies six carpet lines are backed by a lifetime guarantee when it comes to pet stain resistance.


While most consumers focus on the top of their carpet, the bottom layer can be just as important. Every carpet has a backing system, and some of Dream Weaver’s carpets include PureBac, a premium type of backing.

If you’re concerned about delamination or latex, you’ll appreciate PureBac. It has no latex and a high degree of dimensional stability along with a 10-year warranty against delamination. The backing is easy to handle and cut, which makes installation a breeze, and it will stay in one piece if it gets wet. The backing layers antimicrobial properties are ideal for allergy sufferers as well considering it can help keep mold, mildew and bacteria at bay.

Dream Weaver’s Carpet Collection

Dream Weaver’s lineup of carpeting is broken down into several collections with a premium, value-based and budget-based series. The warranty varies significantly between each collection, but all have a lifetime fade and stain-resistance guarantee. They also have some older lines not listed on their official site, but still up for sale at many hardware stores and specialty shops.

The premium collection consists of PureColor Soft Nylon and PureColor Soft Polyester. There are around 30 styles to choose from with Soft Polyester and well over 100 colors – Cape Cod alone has over 15. There are only 8 styles with Soft Nylon but dozens of colors to choose from. Both have a 25-year warranty for soil-resistance, wear-resistance, texture retention, and manufacturing defects.

When you need something a little more affordable, their mid-range lineup of PureColor may be a better option. Again, things are expansive on the polyester side with 39 styles but sparse with nylon. The colors are similar but vary somewhat from the previous series, and the warranty drops down to 15 years for the same areas in from their premium line. Both of these collections have that lifetime guarantee regarding pet stain resistance.

The other two options from Dream Weaver are PureColor Solutions and PureColor Basics. Both are considered budget-friendly with Solutions being slightly more expensive. They have a face weight of 25 ounces and give you 10-years of freedom with soil and abrasive resistance along with manufacturing defects. The Basics series is lighter, cheaper, and cuts things down to 5 years for resistance and 1-year for defects.

Dream Weaver Carpet Cost 

Dream Weaver carpet selection is relatively easy to find as long as you live near a flooring or carpet store. Their products are often found in showrooms across the United States although you won’t find them at big-box retailers like Home Depot or Lowes.

On average, you can expect to pay around $0.80 to $3.00 per square foot for most styles of carpet from the company. The table below lists a few of their styles and will give you a better idea of what to expect in regards to price.





Price per square foot

Premium Soft





Budget Series





Premium Soft







English Garden



Premium Soft





Dream Weaver Carpet Pros, Cons and Ratings

Dream Weaver has a great team at the helm, and their carpet is affordable, even in the premium class. Many of their products carry the CRI Green Label and are made in the USA as well. We also like the fact they are an environmentally conscious company by using manufacturing techniques that require30% less electricity and produce zero PFCs.


Certified eco-friendly carpet is a perk, but the real draw is their massive selection of polyester carpeting and reasonable price points. The warranty on their premium and mid-range products is solid as well, and it’s hard to argue with a lifetime guarantee against fading and stains thanks to PureColor.


While the Dream Weaver does have some older product lines floating around, they do not have a wide selection of nylon or other fibers compared to their competitors. The warranty on their bargain-friendly products is a bit of a disappointment as well given the price of some styles.


  • Color and Style Range: 4
  • Fiber Range: 2
  • Pet Resistant: 5
  • Stain Resistance: 5
  • Fade Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

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Q: Are there any special steps that need to be taken before DreamWeaver is installed?

A: Nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to carpet installation from other brands. If you’re curious about what goes into carpet installation from pros or are considering doing it yourself, be sure to check out our guide.

Q: What’s the most resilient style of DreamWeaver carpet I can purchase for my home?

A: Any style of carpet from the company’s Premium Collection. These styles have a 25-year guarantee against wear and soil-resistance, texture retention, and manufacturing defects.

Q: How often should I have my DreamWeaver carpet professionally cleaned?

A: Many factors go into how often you should deep clean your carpet. In most cases, the recommended guidelines are once every 18 months. For more active households or unique situations, more frequent cleaning could be required.

Q: What’s the best type of vacuum cleaner to use on DreamWeaver carpet?

A: That depends on the type of fiber and style of carpet you plan to choose. Softer carpets will need a machine that is a bit more delicate while you can use something with serious power on low pile.

Q: Which style of DreamWeaver is best suited for homes with pets?

A: While you still need to consider the texture or style, carpet from the company’s Premium Collection as it has the best warranty.

Q: Can I Install DreamWeaver carpet with a radiant heating system?

A: You will want to check with the manufacturer as it may vary by collection or style, but you can usually install carpet with a radiant heating system provided the system, and the carpet meets the manufacturer’s recommended requirements.

Q: Should I steam clean my carpet?

A: Steam cleaning carpet can remove stains and freshen up dull carpet while disinfecting it. With that in mind, you could damage your carpet or completely ruin it by misusing a steam cleaner, so it’s something often better left to professionals.

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