Hardwood Flooring Trends 2020

What’s new in hardwood flooring this year? What spectacular colors, textures, materials and finishes are trending in 2020? 2020 hardwood flooring trends are the topic. Why hardwood? Hardwood flooring has long been the standard against which all other flooring types are compared. Offering naturally beautiful good looks, great durability, and competitive prices … Read More

Laminate Flooring Trends 2020

Laminate flooring has some sensational 2020 trends that will modernize and distinguish your home instantly—and with less expense!We know that real wood and tile enrich the home with class and style, but contemporary laminate flooring can bring you the same home décor benefits without the cost or maintenance of other … Read More

Vinyl Flooring Trends 2020

For most of human history, designers and architects had two choices for flooring: Wood or stone, if you didn’t want dirt. With technological advancement has come a revolution in the flooring industry. Vinyl, a plastic, is formed to mimic the look and feel of many different materials, and it’s easier to … Read More

What is a Janka Rating?

Wood has been used to build structures for centuries. While it’s used in a variety of products today and can be found in the walls of your home or deck, certain species make an excellent floor covering. Hardwood flooring is still one of the best options for homeowners today, but … Read More

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Statistics & Survey Results for the Vinyl Flooring Market 2020

1. Why do the Customers Install New Vinyl Flooring?

2. What is the Main Reason that the Customers Choose Vinyl Flooring?

3. What Brand Did the Customers Purchase?

4. How Much Per Square Foot did the Customers Pay?

5. Where did the Customers Purchase the Vinyl flooring?

6. In Which Rooms did the Customers Install Vinyl Flooring?

7. How Did the Customers Install the Vinyl Flooring: DIY or Hire a Pro?

What is a Floating Floor?

If you have looked into purchasing flooring for your home in the past decade, you have probably heard the term “floating floor” and may be confused by the term. While this type of flooring system doesn’t allow you to levitate above your floor boards magically, it’s one of the most … Read More

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