What is a Janka Rating?

Wood has been used to build structures for centuries. While it’s used in a variety of products today and can be found in the walls of your home or deck, certain species make an excellent floor covering. Hardwood flooring is still one of the best options for homeowners today, but … Read More

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Statistics & Survey Results for the Vinyl Flooring Market 2020

1. Why do the Customers Install New Vinyl Flooring?

2. What is the Main Reason that the Customers Choose Vinyl Flooring?

3. What Brand Did the Customers Purchase?

4. How Much Per Square Foot did the Customers Pay?

5. Where did the Customers Purchase the Vinyl flooring?

6. In Which Rooms did the Customers Install Vinyl Flooring?

7. How Did the Customers Install the Vinyl Flooring: DIY or Hire a Pro?

What is a Floating Floor?

If you have looked into purchasing flooring for your home in the past decade, you have probably heard the term “floating floor” and may be confused by the term. While this type of flooring system doesn’t allow you to levitate above your floor boards magically, it’s one of the most … Read More

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What is EVP Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is everywhere, and it’s quickly become the flooring material of choice for contractors and homeowners alike. Millions of square meters of vinyl flooring are produced each year, although it’s just one type of vinyl. There are a half-dozen variations to consider as well, including newer styles like … Read More

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What is Linoleum Flooring?

Depending on how long you’ve been a homeowner, you may never have encountered linoleum flooring. It’s one of the older styles that’s still in production today, although not quite as popular as it once was. It also shares plenty of similarities with sheet vinyl flooring, which makes it an excellent … Read More

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What is SPC Flooring?

Homeowners shopping for new types of flooring aren’t likely to see much change from one year to the next. Companies do introduce new styles and colors each year, but from a material standpoint, innovation has slowed to a crawl aside from the MLF niche. Variants are an exception from this … Read More

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The Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

Underlayment is one of the more important parts of a flooring installation, even if it’s something most homeowners never even see. It’s something you will find beneath almost every major type of flooring style as well. With laminate flooring, choosing the right style of underlayment is critical, especially if you … Read More