DuraLux Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024

Floor & Décor is a great place to pick up flooring in a variety of styles, and like most of the larger retailers these days; they carry their own line of products. The DuraLux brand is part of the Floor & Décor family, and while they don’t have the largest selection, they do have some of the most affordable luxury vinyl planks and tiles on the market today.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

As DuraLux is a store brand, they don’t have an official site, and there isn’t as much information available as you’ll find with some of their competitors. The Floor & Décor site is simple to navigate however as you can sort products by brand and narrow down your search through a variety of specifications. They don’t have traditional collections, so we are going to focus on the two types of LVP they carry in our review with DuraLux and DuraLux Performance.

Both lineups have a rigid stone core and are listed as 100% waterproof. They are installed using the same method and certified as eco-friendly when it comes to indoor air quality, but that’s where the similarities end. DuraLux is their basic lineup, so the planks are a little thinner, and the warranty isn’t good for as long.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Construction

The DuraLux Performance series luxury vinyl planks are 2mm thicker overall and have twice the wear layer. They are more durable with a longer warranty and the best option for high-traffic areas in your home. The biggest perk is on the bottom of each plank or tile, as all the vinyl in this series has a built-in antimicrobial foam underlayment.


Compared to larger brands like Shaw or store exclusive like SmartCore, DuraLux has a relatively small collection of planks and tiles. That means your choices are a bit limited when it comes to styles and colors, although we feel their range is wide enough to accommodate most tastes. There aren’t any wild finishes, but textured and smooth planks are available.

There are currently eight wood-look vinyl plank styles from the company’s regular product line. It’s almost an even split between browns and greys in this series and their Performance lineup. DuraLux Performance flooring is available in close to 40 styles including tiles that resemble stones and boards with a herringbone pattern.


Luxury vinyl flooring is built to last longer than traditional vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl. That said, they still have a wear layer, and it’s always a good idea to keep the overall thickness of the product in mind. In this case, most of the products we checked from the regular DuraLux line were 3mm thick with a 6mil wear layer.

Things are better if you’re willing to step up to the Performance series. These planks and tiles we checked were all 5mm thick and have an extra 6mil of protection, which gives you a 12mil wear layer. Those extra layers and thickness mean you’ll get a lifetime residential warranty compared to a 30-year guarantee with the base series. If durability is a concern, DuraLux Performance is clearly a better choice.


Most of the luxury vinyl planks from DuraLux are in the “wide” class with both their Performance and regular series. Obviously, there are more options to choose from with their premium planks, but there are also at least a dozen boards listed from 3” to 5.9” as well. Upon closer inspection, we discovered most are actually 5.67” x 36”.

The same rule applies to length as well with DuraLux flooring as we didn’t see any boards longer than 37”. Whether you want wide boards or narrow planks, you won’t find much variance from DuraLux, so don’t waste your time looking for boards over 6” wide. As for their tile, there are only four styles and all measure 12” x 24”.

The Green Factor

Vinyl flooring is not something you want to see in a landfill, which is another reason a long warranty is a good thing. Some companies have begun making their luxury vinyl products from recycled content, but unfortunately DuraLux is not one of them.

We did not see any information on Floor & Décor in regards to the eco-friendliness of their vinyl flooring, so we don’t know what’s in it or if it can be recycled. On a positive note, you won’t have to worry about indoor air quality considering their flooring has been certified by GreenGuard.


Vinyl tile has never been difficult to install, but luxury vinyl tiles are thicker. That means some forms of this product can actually be tricky to work with, although any mistakes are far less expensive than with other styles of flooring. The majority of DuraLux LVP flooring is installed as a floating, locking floor which means it’s something you can do without hiring a pro as long as you can make a few simple cuts.

DuraLux Premium and DuraLux’s base flooring require no acclimation time, so they are ready to go out of the box. This flooring can be installed below, on or above grade as well. Installation won’t be an issue over preexisting hard surfaces as long as they are prepped. The Premium series allows you to install up to 6,400 square feet without using transition molding while the regular series is good for up to 4,225 square feet.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Cost & Availability 

Like all store brands, there is only one place you can purchase DuraLux luxury vinyl flooring. While Floor & Décor doesn’t have the reach of Home Depot or Lowe’s, they do cover large sections of the United States and have all their LVP and LVT products available to purchase online. Below are a few examples of DuraLux Vinyl plank and tile pricing.









Vail Greige


30 years

$1.69 sq. ft.



Silver Fantasy



$1.99 sq. ft.



Valley Mist



$3.39 sq. ft.



Weathered Charcoal


30 years

$1.59 sq. ft.



Henna Walnut



$2.39 sq. ft.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Pros, Cons and Ratings

Store brands are a great way to pick up affordable flooring that might otherwise slip under the radar. That’s the case with DuraLux luxury vinyl products, although the jury is still out on the quality. There are only a handful of reviews for their flooring online, and while none were overly negative, there is just a lack of information on their flooring in general.


The foam underlayment on the performance line is a nice perk, as are the price points for both series. You get an excellent warranty on their lines given the price and easy to acquire online.  


Limited selection of styles and only a handful of tile options. Questionable quality due to lack of reviews and not much variance in plank size.


  • Range of color/style options: 3
  • Sizes: 3.5
  • Durability: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 4
  • Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Q: What is the best type of DuraLux for an active home with large pets?

A: Any style from the DuraLux Performance line would be an excellent choice. These are the thickest, most resilient planks offered by DuraLux, and as they are waterproof, pet accidents will not be a problem.

Q: Is there a way to use cork underlayment with DuraLuxe Performance?

A: You will need to contact DuraLux, but more than likely no. Adding extra underlayment to flooring that already has a pad attached can actually do more harm than good.

Q: Does DuraLux flooring come with any type of certification that proves it’s safe to use indoors?

A: Yes. All of the vinyl flooring from DuraLuxe sold by Floor and Décor has been tested and certified as GreenGuard Gold.

Q: Is it okay to install DuraLux on the walls in my home?

A: At this time no. All of the lines currently available are listed for a floor installation only.

Q: How far can I install a run of DuraLux vinyl before using a transition strip?

A: It depends on the collection. With regular DuraLux, you can go up to 4,225 square feet while DuraLux Performance allows you to go up to 6,400 square feet before needing to transition.

Q: Can DuraLux be installed in basements or attics?

A: Yes, in fact, you can install DuraLux in any room including sunrooms and basements provided you follow the proper installation instruction. With any below-grade room or basement, just ensure there are no issues with flooding or sump pumps present.

Q: Is a vapor barrier needed if I install DuraLux with pre-attached padding?

A: If you are installing DuraLux vinyl flooring over concrete, you will want to use a vapor barrier that is at least 6mil thick.

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