EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024

In the flooring world, some brand names carry a bit more weight than others. Everyone’s heard of Armstrong and Stainmaster, whereas some brands like EarthWerks flooring can get lost in the mix. Well, it would be a mistake to overlook this company as they have dozens of products spanning three collections and price points that will suit anyone’s budget.

EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Collections

We’re always fans of sites that are easy to navigate, especially when they have multiple collections or dozens of colors to dig through. EarthWerks flooring makes things easy by breaking things down into three collections. They have a budget-friendly and mid-range lineup as well as a premium collection. You’ll find a detailed spec sheet for every style of flooring they carry as well, along with tools that make comparing their collections simple.

EarthWerks Performance Collection 

The EarthWerks Performance collection is the company’s premium line of luxury vinyl flooring. At this time, there are seven styles of flooring in this collection with Chassis Pro, Halden, Hathaway, Portia, Upton, Montana, and Wood Classic.

The Chassis Pro series gives you two options with boards measuring 7” x 48” or tile that’s 18” x 18”. There are four wood-like options with LVP and two that resemble stone if you prefer tile, but all have a square edge profile. Halden and Hathaway are only available as luxury vinyl planks, and both have beveled edges. Hathaway is available in six colors but with slightly shorter boards at 6” x 48” while Halden has four colors and planks measuring 7.25” x 60”.

Portia, Upton, Wood Classic, and Montana all have six styles or colors each, and all are square edge planks except Portia. The differences come into play with the species each series tries to mimic along with the colors and size. Wood Classic and Montana are both 7.24” x 37.4” while Upton and Portia aren’t quite as wide but around 10” longer.

Every style of flooring from the EarthWerks Performance collection comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a 30-year commercial guarantee. The boards or tiles contain a minimum of 50% recycled content but are 100% recyclable post-use. All products are 3mm thick with a 20mil wear layer, and some, but not all have Tuff Shield protection as well.

EarthWerks Core Collection 

Every type of luxury vinyl flooring is resistant to water to a degree. Sometimes it’s due to the milling or special coating, but a proper installation is always key. EarthWerks took things a step farther with the Core collection that features nine distinct styles; each with a waterproof core.

While there are nine series to choose from in the EarthWerks Core collection, Sherbrooke is the only standalone series. These boards are 7” x 48” with a beveled edge and are available in 12 styles, including the weathered Bellevue and more natural tones like Chestnut. The Noble Classic Plus and Classic Plus XL series feature boards that are 8” and 9.5” wide and 6mm thick while the Stadium Plus and Plus XL lineup have wide boards with painted beveled edges.

As for the Parkhill series, the Plank and EIR Planks come in six styles, each with Tuff Shield protection and are 6mm thick and 7” wide. The Parkhill Plus XXL series is the company’s widest flooring with vinyl planks measuring 9” x 72” while Parkhill Tile lives up to its namesake with six 12” x 24” tiles in six different styles.

The tech specs vary a bit more with the Core collection as some products are a bit thicker than others, and the installation method varies to a degree as well. All planks and tile have a 20mil wear layer and are not made from recycled content, but recyclable. Most of the products have a lifetime residential warranty aside from Sherbrooke which is listed at 30 years. 

EarthWerks Development Collection 

Budget collections are something we’d like to see more of in the luxury vinyl world, considering some products are priced higher than solid hardwood. The EarthWerks Development collection provides consumers with a number of affordable options.

There are over a dozen series in the Development collection, and while we won’t go through all the details, we are going to touch on the key differences between each series. If you like luxury vinyl tile, there are three series with Domain, Adobe Stone, and Boulder. The thickness varies as much as the styles between the series with options from 2mm to 3.5mm. Domain is also groutable if you want a more authentic look.

The Pavilion series has the cleanest design, but are fairly thin at 2mm with an 8mil wear layer. Rapture is on the other end of the spectrum with rustic planks which are thicker at 3mm, but with a thinner 6mil wear layer. Chassis Advantage is available in plank or tile form, although not as stone-like as the other alternatives from this collection.

The warranties for this collection are in the Better and Best class, so you’ll get a 20 or 30-year residential guarantee depending on the style you choose. Sizes and thickness vary considerably compared to the previous collections, although most planks and tiles are thinner overall with a thinner wear layer.

The Green Factor

It doesn’t matter if you are buying luxury vinyl flooring from Home Decorators or Earthwerks, vinyl isn’t the best option if you’re worried about VOCs or going green. It’s a manmade material, and while all the best brands have certified flooring these days, it’s hard to find companies that produce eco-friendly vinyl products.

EarthWerks is the exception to the rule, and they even have their own program called Green4Life. The company uses recycled content in “most” of their products, and all the listings we checked were rated as 100% recyclable post-use. That is impressive, and a great reason to choose this company over others when eco-friendliness is a concern. As you’d expect, their luxury vinyl flooring is FloorScore certified as well.

EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Cost & Availability 

EarthWerks is a brand you may have better luck finding online than locally. While we wouldn’t classify it has hard to find by any means, you may have to dig around for some styles. Price-wise, you can expect a range from around $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot.







Adobe Stone


12” x 12”

$2.09 sq. ft.


Wood Classic


7.24” x 37”

$3.35 sq. ft.


Chassis Pro


18” x 18”

$3.25 sq. ft.




7” x 37”

$1.94 sq. ft.




7” x 48”

$3.69 sq. ft.


Parkhill Plus XXL


9” x 72”

$2.99 sq. ft.

EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Pros, Cons and Ratings

There’s a lot to like about EarthWerks, and it’s safe to say they are focused on using eco-friendly methods to produce their flooring. Their catalog should have a style and price point for almost everyone, and while their flooring is certified, it’s difficult to track down verified reviews for their luxury vinyl flooring.


Most of their products have a lifetime residential guarantee. Nice selection of vinyl 5mm to 6mm thick, and we’re fans of their waterproof planks. Nice prices in the budget and mid-range.


Small selection of luxury vinyl tile. Short warranties on their budget-line, so be cautious of the quality.


  • Range of color/style options: 5
  • Sizes: 4
  • Durability: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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