UltraDeck Decking Reviews and Cost 2024

UltraDeck decking is one of the more affordable alternatives in the composite decking world. The company has a number of lineups that meet a wide range of tastes, and we’re going to break down each of their collections and tell you where you can find Ultradeck decking.

UltraDeck Decking Reviews 

UltraDeck is a product of their parent company, Midwest Manufacturing. Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Midwest has manufactured building supplies since in 1969. They currently carry a wide range of products including AC2 treated lumber, countertops, trusses and Mastercraft doors along with a range of composite decking in UltraDeck.

Midwest Manufacturing has ensured UltraDeck is eco-friendly as it’s comprised of 100% recycled materials. The company currently has five collections in their catalog along with an interesting product called QuickCap. All of their deck boards come in 8’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths and can be matched with 12’ radius edge boards.

UltraDeck Inspire

UltraDeck Inspire

UltraDeck Inspire is Midwest’s premium decking line. The color variations on these boards help keep things realistic when combined with a low sheen. These capped boards have a deep woodgrain pattern and are durable against the weather and fading along with insects, splinters or cracks.

There is only one profile to choose from with grooved boards, but this allows you to take advantage of the company’s UltraClip hidden fastener system. These solid composite boards are available in four colors with Canyon, Sandstone, Fieldstone, and Spanish Cedar. UltraDeck Inspire decking comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

UltraDeck Fusion

UltraDeck Fusion

The second series of capped composite deck boards from UltraDeck come from their Fusion collection. Fusion is inspired by tropical hardwoods and features a realistic texture with variegated color combinations. While you won’t find a replica of Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahogany, there are four colors to choose from with Walnut, Rosewood, Driftwood Gray and Coastal Cedar.

UltraDeck Fusion deck boards are just as sturdy as their Inspire lineup and come with the same 25-year warranty from Midwest Manufacturing. Aside from the colors, the biggest difference is the profile as these boards are scalloped on the bottom, which makes them lighter and considerably cheaper than the company’s top-tier option.

UltraDeck Triumph

UltraDeck Triumph

If you’re looking for something different, but just as durable as Inspire or Fusion, UltraDeck Triumph should be high on your list. These impact-resistant deck boards can handle UV rays with ease and are resistant against scratches, stains, and impacts as well.

The profile of the UltraDeck Triumph deck boards is different from the rest of their products. It still has a protective cap on top, but has a unique scalloped bottom and is slightly shorter than traditional boards at 7/8” x 5”. Triumph decking is available in Slate or Pecan and comes with a 25-year warranty.

UltraDeck Rustic

UltraDeck Rustic

Capped composite deck boards are always an excellent choice, but they come at an additional cost and aren’t always necessary depending on the application. The UltraDeck Rustic collection is made using a special UV additive which helps prevent color fading despite its uncapped nature.

These deck boards will fade with sun exposure over time, but the change will be gradual, and rain plays a part in fading as well. They are standard-sized boards with a scalloped bottom and available four hues with Hickory, Redwood, Cedar, and Gray. Rustic series deck boards come with a limited 10-year warranty.

UltraDeck Natural

UltraDeck Natural

UltraDeck Natural is Midwest Manufacturing’s budget-friendly collection and one of the cheapest forms of composite deck board on the market today. While there are a few drawbacks to this series, they have one interesting feature that makes them stand out.

Reversible deck boards are common, but generally not for cosmetic reasons like the Natural collection. One side of these boards has a woodgrain pattern while the other side has a brushed texture. They don’t have the same UV protection as other boards but will fade naturally within 30 to 60 days and come with a 10-year warranty. The boards are also slightly thicker but not as wide at 1 1/16” x 4”

UltraDeck QuickCap

UltraDeck QuickCap

While not a true composite deck board, the UltraDeck QuickCap system is a low-maintenance way to upgrade your deck. Whether you have wood worn down by the elements or older composite decks that have lost their luster, QuickCap lets you resurface decks with ease.

QuickCap deck boards are treated with UV inhibitors and measure ¼” x 3 ½” so they’re narrow with a low, open profile. The overall quality is in-line with the Natural collections uncapped boards, and they sport a 10-year warranty. QuickCap is available in Redwood, Gray, and Cedar and comes in five lengths.

UltraDeck Decking Cost and Availability 

If you’re interested in Midwest Manufacturing’s UltraDeck, your options may be limited depending on where you live and the style you want. Some options are available online, but only through Menards which carries a full range of their decking. While there are plenty of Menards in the United States, most are located in the Northern states from Wyoming to Indiana.




8 foot

12 foot

16 foot

20 foot

UltraDeck Inspire







UltraDeck Fusion

Coastal Cedar






UltraDeck Triumph







UltraDeck Rustic







UltraDeck Natural







UltraDeck QuickCap







UltraDeck Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings

Affordable is the first word to come to mind with UltraDeck, but that’s not a bad thing in if you are in need of budget-friendly composite decking. Our main issue with their products would be availability


Excellent price points across the board. Nice variance between collections with a solid warranty on their premium lines.


All uncapped products fade or weather within 30 to 60 days. Could be difficult to find unless you live in certain areas of the United States and shipping won’t be cheap.


  • Range of color/style options: 4
  • Overall Quality: 3.5
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • UV Resistance: 3
  • Scratch Resistance: 4
  • Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Q: Can I use stain on UltraDeck decking?

A: Yes, but only with UltraDeck Natural. You can stain the brushed side one year after your deck has been installed and in the weather.

Q: Are ice melt products safe to use with UltraDeck?

A: As long as they don’t contain dyes and are non-corrosive, they are safe to use. Some of the best options are generally labeled as safe for grass and concrete.

Q: Where can I obtain samples of UltraDeck decking?

A: Samples of UltraDeck are only available through Menards.

Q: Are damaged UltraDeck boards easy to repair, can they be sanded?

A: It depends on the extent of the damage – if it’s too severe, you will need to replace the board. Sanding is not an option with UltraDeck and will void your warranty.

Q: Is it okay to use a pressure washer with UltraDeck decking?

A: Yes, but the company recommends using a fan spray nozzle and keeping the PSI below 1500 while maintaining a distance of at least 12” from the surface of the deck.

Q: Are there any safe cleaning products I can use on UltraDeck for tough to remove stains?

A: When soap and water won’t cut it, the company recommends using Wolman DeckBrite.

Q: How much weight can UltraDeck hold? Can it support a large grill or hot tub?

A: While UltraDeck deck boards are durable, that depends on the substructure of the deck.

Q: What are the most fade-resistant products available from UltraDeck?

A: All of the company’s planks have a degree of fade resistance aside from Natural, which has no UV inhibitors. The Inspire, Fusion, and Triumph lines offer the most protection, however.

Q: What type of chalk should I use if I need to rip a board?

A: UltraDeck recommends Dust-Off from Irwin, which is a breeze to remove afterward.

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