CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024

Lumber Liquidators has always been a great place to turn if you’re interested in store-branded flooring and are on a tight budget. The company sells a variety of flooring as well, from Bamboo and laminates to cork and luxury vinyl planks. They recently expanded their arsenal to include engineered vinyl flooring, otherwise known as EVP, and it falls under the CoreLuxe brand.

CoreLuxe EVP Review

At this time, there are three collections of CoreLuxe flooring available on Lumber Liquidators site with CoreLuxe, CoreLuxe Ultra, and CoreLuxe XD. As you’d suspect, each collection is a little different from the next. There are around 50 styles in all, so their catalog is a little smaller than other manufacturers but comparable to other store brands like Nucore.

Unfortunately, CoreLuxe does not have an official site, so Lumber Liquidators is where you’ll find all the details on their flooring. Their site is well organized and easy to browse, but you may need to check individual listings depending on the specification you need to find. Below, we are going to do a brief breakdown of each collection.


There are 17 styles to choose from in the regular CoreLuxe collection. Three of those resemble stone, although there are no “traditional” tiles present in this series or any of the other collections from CoreLuxe. As this is their budget-friendly line, prices are cheaper than your next two options, but the boards are thinner.

We also found the warranty varies in this collection as we saw styles with 10-year guarantees alongside planks with 30-year warranties. Overall, there’s a nice mix of colors and species from rustic vinyl that resembles old bourbon barrels to natural Maple EVP flooring. You can also find wider 7” boards as well as planks measuring 5 ¾”.

CoreLuxe XD

With the CoreLuxe XD collection, there aren’t many styles to choose from, as there are only 10 options at this time. While that’s disappointing, this collection is more about sizing than style as all the boards listed fall into the extra-wide category.

Some companies’ oversized planks are between 8 to 12” inches, but CoreLuxe XD tops out at 7” regardless of the hue or style. These solid polymer core boards are also thicker than the company’s previous collection, and you’ll get a considerably longer warranty as well.

CoreLuxe Ultra

Most consumers prefer thick to thin boards when given the option, and that’s what you’ll get from the CoreLuxe Ultra collection. These waterproof boards are 7 to 8mm thick, including the 28mils wear layer, and are geared towards areas prone to heavy traffic.

Sizes in this range are in the “extra wide” class aside from a few styles, and some planks come with a pre-attached pad. A better mix of species is available from the Ultra collection, including some exotic hardwoods, but there are three stone-look options as well with Travertine and Marble.


Compared to other brands, CoreLuxe does a good job of covering species from the domestic side. You can find planks that resemble Ash, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Hickory, and Maple – there just aren’t that many options to choose from overall.

With exotics, the only options are Acacia, Bloodwood, and Brazilian Cherry. There are no surprises when it comes to colors or tones, so you can expect the same mix of brown and grey hues found in other brands' collections.

Construction & Durability 

Some companies go into great detail on how their products are made and what makes them stand out in comparison to other planks. Well, that isn’t the case with CoreLuxe engineered vinyl flooring as you have to dig to get to the details. While the thickness and dimensions vary, all CoreLuxe EVP has a rigid core and is rated as 100% waterproof by the company.

Overall, their collections range from 4mm for their budget or basic line while their Premium Ultra line has flooring listed at 8mm thick. Keep in mind, that’s overall thickness, so the wear layer and padding come into play as well. We saw products with wear layers listed at 6, 12, and 28mils, so the mileage varies depending on which collection you choose.

Warranties are always important, but even more so when you’re dealing with flooring like CoreLuxe as it gives you a good idea of what to expect in regards to durability. With the CoreLuxe collection, most products have a 30-year residential warranty, but there are some styles with only a 10-year guarantee like Rustic Village Oak. The CoreLuxe XD collection is listed at 30 years, while CoreLuxe Ultra sports a limited lifetime guarantee.

The Green Factor

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – vinyl is not an eco-friendly flooring choice if you are trying to go green. There are a few exceptions to the rule with companies that use recycled material in their planks or manufacturers who produce 100% recyclable flooring.

Lumber Liquidators doesn’t make any mention of those factors with their CoreLuxe collections, but that’s par for the course with most store brands. When it comes to indoor air quality, all their EVP flooring is listed as Greenguard GOLD, or FloorScore certified, and phthalates won’t be a concern.


One of the perks of engineered vinyl flooring is the fact it’s easy to install, even when compared to luxury vinyl tile or planks. The rigid core has a lot to do with that, but you still have to consider the installation method. With CoreLuxe, it depends on the style you choose and whether it comes with pre-attached padding.

CoreLuxe EVP can be installed as a floating floor, but you also have the option to glue some styles down. Most of the planks we checked have click-lock milling, so overall we feel their flooring is just as easy to install as other brands. Due to the thickness and how EVP is made, you will need a saw instead of a razor knife, which can slice through a vinyl tile like butter, but that’s the biggest difference in our opinion if you plan to do it yourself.

CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Cost & Availability 

As mentioned, there’s only one place you can pick up CoreLuxe flooring as it’s sold through Lumber Liquidators. The good news is you can order online if you don’t live near one of their locations, and they have a fairly accurate count of how much flooring is available in-stock at your local stores as well.






CoreLuxe XD

Moonlight Pine

7mm + pad

50 years

$2.99 sq. ft.


Firefly Pine


30 years

$2.79 sq. ft.

CoreLuxe XD

Honey Mead Oak

7mm + pad

50 years

$3.45 sq. ft.

CoreLuxe Ultra

Brazilian Koa

7mm + pad


$3.68 sq. ft.


Homeland Hickory


30 years

$1.87 sq. ft.

CoreLuxe Ultra

Roman Marble



$3.56 sq. ft.

CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Pros, Cons and Ratings

Lumber Liquidators is an interesting company as they do have a lot of budget-friendly flooring, but have had issues with quality control in the past. Some of those issues have been addressed, so the flooring is safe to use, but you still want to keep the overall quality in mind along with the waste percentage if you install CoreLuxe flooring yourself.


Good price points with their budget collection and solid warranties with XD and Ultra. FloorScore & Greenguard certification is a plus, and we like their products that come with a preinstalled pad.


Relatively small collections. All the stone options are in plank form, and the sizes they offer are limited. 


  • Range of color/style options: 4
  • Sizes: 3.5
  • Durability: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 3.5
  • Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Q: Will VOCs be a problem if I install CoreLuxe vinyl flooring in my home?

A: No, all CoreLuxe flooring is either certified by FloorScore or GreenGuard.

Q: Is there a significant difference in durability between CoreLuxe Ultra and CoreLuxe XD?

A: Yes, although the difference is minimal with some styles, CoreLuxe Ultra has a longer warranty overall and has some slightly thicker options.

Q: Can I use underlayment with CoreLuxe vinyl?

A: Yes, and it’s recommended if you have imperfections in your subfloor. Some styles of CoreLuxe have pre-attached padding as well.

Q: Are all of CoreLuxe luxury vinyl planks click-lock?

A: Most of the company’s flooring utilizes a Quick Click locking system for ease of installation, but there are also a few glue-down options.

Q: Which CoreLuxe collection has the thickest flooring?

A: That would be CoreLuxe Ultra, which has a few styles that are 8mm thick plus padding.

Q: Can I wet mop CoreLuxe vinyl flooring?

A: Yes. The company says it’s safe to wet mop the floor, although it’s best never to let water sit or pool up regardless of how waterproof it is.

Q: Is it possible to install CoreLuxe over tile or sheet vinyl?

A: You can install CoreLuxe over both of those surfaces and a variety of others as long as the flooring is firmly affixed to the subfloor and properly prepped.

Q: Can I use a steam mop on CoreLuxe vinyl flooring?

A: No. The company recommends using cleaners that are safe for water-based urethane finishes.

Q: Will I need to acclimate my flooring before it’s installed?

A: If the temperatures within your home are between 50 to 100 degrees, you won’t need to acclimate the flooring. Otherwise, you’ll need to acclimate it for at least 24 hours before installation.

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4 thoughts on “CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024”

  1. Very disappointed in this product!! (sku:10044797). Not only is it difficult to install but the finish is very porous and hasn’t come clean after numerous cleanings. Also the surface has scratches on it and we have lighty traffic. ⭐😡

  2. I’m leaving a comment here because lumbar liquidators does not allow you to leave an honest review inflating their reviews.
    WE have had Coreluxe Hickory Farm flooring for just under two years – it is buckling up (despite install being to the specifications given by the product insert), there are areas where the finish is wearing down and some areas appear shiny while others are the dull original finish, it never looks clean, and lastly but most importantly the areas where the buckling is the worse has caused some corners to chip so the top layer has completely chipped off in slivers. Again this floor is less than 2 years old. We are very disappointed and wish we would of spent more money on wood rather than EVP. We were told this was more durable – not true. The floors look horrible and were a waste of money. LL is no help.

    • which flooring did you get? is it upstairs or downstairs? we are moving and i have picked out CoreLuxe EVP 8mm Acacia from LL? Thank you for your thoughts!


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