Phenix Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

Depending on your knowledge of the flooring industry, Phenix Carpet is a name that may not ring too many bells. It would be a mistake to overlook them, however, as they have some interesting swatches, several styles of fiber, and take advantage of technology from Stainmaster as well.

Phenix Carpet Review

Phenix has been in business since 2006, and they are another Georgia-based company out of Dalton. They sell both commercial and residential carpet luxury vinyl tiles and planks that resemble wood and other materials. While we are just going to focus on carpet this time around, their overall lineup of products is impressive.

The company also uses several types of techniques or technology in their carpeting. That’s common, but whereas some companies only use a few, Phenix makes use of eight. Warranties on their carpets range from 5 years to a lifetime guarantee although you’ll want to pay close attention to the fine print on the warranty as always.

Opulence HD

Phenix Carpet Opulence HD

Phenix Opulence HD Content Allure

The top fiber from Phenix is called Opulence HD. It’s a solution-dyed PET fiber that’s dense and very soft with a suede-like texture. This premium material has a built-in resistance against stains and soiling as well. That includes the ice cream your kids drop on the carpet or the cup of wine you spilled after dinner.

Pet stains and urine are no match for Opulence HD, and neither is the sun. It has excellent light-fastness and won’t be bothered by ozone fading, so you can enjoy the same color and style decades after other carpets have faded. There are over 50 options featuring this fiber although there are more affordable options if you drop down a few levels for SureSoft and SureSoft SD.

Mircoban & Surefresh

Phenix Carpet Mircoban Bodega Bay

Phenix Mircoban Bodega Bay

Everyone wants to know their carpet can stand up against foot traffic and fading, but if you suffer from allergies, sometimes style takes a backseat to comfort. Well, you don’t have to choose if the carpet features SureFresh or Microban, two types of tech used by Phenix.

As the name implies, SureFresh will help keep your carpet fresh by using a unique odor capturing technology. It tackles household odors by breaking up their molecules, which is ideal if you have pets, smokers, or various odors in your home.  When used in conjunction with Microban, you’ve really got something special on your hands.

Microban is an antimicrobial technology that combats mold and bacteria which cause stains and odors. This popular substance is often found in common kitchen goods from big brands and will take the cleanliness of your carpet to a whole new level.

Keep in mind, these technologies are often combined so you can find carpet like Assurance, which features Surefresh and Microban for odors and bacteria, but the fibers themselves are Opulence HD.

Phenix Carpet Collections

While those are the main types of tech and fibers used in carpets produced by Phenix, they aren’t your only option. When browsing their collections, you’ll find hundreds of carpets treated with PetProtect and Stainmaster LiveWell, another excellent option for allergy sufferers.

You won’t find any wild styles or patterns from Phenix as most of their carpets are toned neutrals with solid colors or blended hues. Finish options range from smooth to textured along with a few basic patterns like diamonds or multicolored lines with Chic Stria. Overall, there are more than 100 styles across all the series and hundreds of colors and shades.

SureSoft SD is the most popular with over 1,000 variations while the ColorSense line and its discreet color placement techniques clock in at close to 100. You can expect the same from Opulence HD, but many of their products feature Microban, especially at the higher tiers. We aren’t going to go through all the styles, but you will not be disappointed by the selection and the carpet combinations offered by Phenix.

Phenix Carpet Cost 

If you don’t like driving halfway across town to look at swatches, you’ll be pleased with the availability of Phenix Carpet. You can purchase their products from big-box hardware stores like Lowes or from online retailers that specialize in carpet and flooring. Their lineup averages around $1.72 to $4.82 per square foot although you may have to turn to a flooring store if you want access to their full lineup.



Special Feature


Price per square foot

Bleeker Street







100% Solution-Dyed PET

Tweed Coat


Griffith Park



Cottage Cream


Extra Innings


100% Solution-Dyed PET

Turner Field


Day Break


Soft Solution-Dyed PET



Phenix Carpet Pros, Cons and Ratings

Phenix makes premium carpeting at an affordable price, and they fall into the mid-range class in our eyes. Their carpeting is made in the United States, and warranties on their premium products are in-line with other brands.


Price is a significant advantage from Phenix, especially if you want a PET-based carpet or pet protected nylon. Their colors and texture selection is solid as well, and they frequently introduced several new lines to keep their arsenal fresh.


You won’t get much of a selection when it comes to fiber as most of their carpeting is polyester. We didn’t see any wool fiber carpet in their current collection, and their nylon selection is sparse in comparison to other brands.


  • Color and Style Range: 3
  • Fiber Range: 3
  • Pet Resistant: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • Fade Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

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