World Market Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

Most of the rug companies we cover here at Flooringclarity have one thing in common – they carry a lot of rugs. While World Market doesn’t have the largest selection, they have an eclectic mix of home goods that can ship out right alongside an area rug. In our World Market rugs review, we are going to take a look at what makes this company special, and tell you if shopping with them is worth your time.

World Market Rug Collections

If you are looking for an area rug to use in your kitchen, outdoors, or in a kids' room, you can make a click and head straight to that section of World Market. You can also find the perfect rug by size, although we found the best way to dig in is to simply select all rugs which opens the doors to even more filters.

Natural Fiber Rugs from World Market

Natural Fiber Rugs from World Market

The first area we want to touch on with World Market are their rugs made using a blend of natural fibers. While some use a measure of synthetic material as well, most of the ones we’ll cover in our review are largely made from cotton, jute, and wool.

One exception in this class is called Chindi, a bright multicolored rug created from 100% recyclable fiber. It’s only available in one size at 4’ x 6’ and the same goes for many Persian rugs like Amelia, Susa, and Sophia. It’s made from New Zealand wool and has knotted tassels whereas Mila is a tufted blend of wool and synthetics. 

Homeowners that prefer solids to ornate patterns have a number of options as well. There are simple styles like this Basket Weave jute area rug and more ornate, but solid options including the round woven Medallion rug. The World Market “sweater” collection is interesting as well with Finn and a chunky Cable Knit area rug in Ivory.

There aren’t many round rugs in this series, but a few notable options caught our eye. Harper is an Online Exclusive with unique geometric patterns, and Brianna is a bright floral pattern available in 7’ diameter. It’s an area rug that’s hard to ignore just like Layla and Evan which is tufted and handmade from 100% wool.

Synthetic Fiber Rugs from World Market

Synthetic Fiber Rugs from World Market

Natural fibers are a great choice if you’re trying to go green or just prefer a certain feel, but synthetics have their own advantages. They are resilient, and there are over 100 to choose from in World Market’s collection. That includes several rugs in the outdoors class like Geo Luxor and Diamond Salma in green or gray.

Nylon is a popular material in the carpet world, but somewhat rare with manufacturers that produce area rugs. World Market doesn’t have many either, but Zara is a stunning Persian-style rug in coral made from 100% nylon. Tate is constructed in the same fashion, but with a colorful geometric pattern. Polyester and Polypropylene are the most popular synthetic fibers in the company’s catalog, however.

Most of the polypropylene area rugs from World Market are in shades of blue. There are patterned rugs like Blue Geo Promenade and Lattice Lahana along with abstract patterns that use a bit more of the rainbow. Nadine is a fine example of that, although we’re partial to styles like Diamond Low and the more traditional Pink Alessia as well.

As for the company’s polyester rugs, there are more than 70 styles including imitation fur with Ivory Faux Sheepskin. If you prefer a more southwestern vibe Dhurrie is an excellent option and there are dozens of Persian-styled rugs as well. Vintage or faded rugs made from polyester in this class include Nadia, Serin, Greenwich, and Remy.

Unique Rugs from World Market

Unique Rugs from World Market

Almost every rug manufacturer or retailer, regardless of their size has a specialty lineup of area rugs. World Market may not have the largest selection overall, but they do have several area rugs made from unique materials.

Interested in an indoor/outdoor area rug with a splash of color? Well, Tulips and a half-dozen other styles are made from 100% coir. Leather rugs are also an option with Slate, Metallic Gold, and Brown area rugs. The Slate Gray rug is comprised of leather, jute, and cotton while Brown and Natural use the same combination but with recycled leather.

In addition to leather and coir, we found a category for one-of-a-kind rugs, although the selection was sparse. There are only a handful of Kilim-style rugs as well with Austin, Jaipur, Boho, and Easton. Boho has the most interesting pattern of the bunch and is handcrafted from cotton and rayon. It’s only available in one small size, however, whereas Austin comes in two larger sizes.










Wool, Viscose & Polyester

8’ x 10’





Wool & Polyester

5’ x 8’





100% Polypropylene

3’ x 5’


Zigzag Stripe

Pink & White


100% Polyester

5’ x 8’


Evil Eye

Yellow & Blue


100% Coir

18” x 30”



Gold Diamond

Machine Made

100% Recycled Fabric

2’ x 3’




Machine Made

100% Nylon

5’ x 8’



Gray Geometric


Wool, Nylon & Cotton

8’ x 10’



Basket Weave


100% Natural Jute

9’ x 12’


White Lion Head



100% Recycled Polyester

3’ Round




Machine Made

Viscose, Polyester & Cotton

5’ x 8’


World Market Cost and Availability

Consumers interested in an area rug from World Market have several options on how they want to purchase a rug. As the company sells directly to the public, you can purchase any rug they have in stock from their online storefront and have it shipped to your front door. They routinely offer free shipping on orders over $50 as well, which covers most of their catalog.

Alternatively, you can also purchase World Market rugs from their brick & mortar stores. Homeowners can walk into any location and browse their current selection, and you can find their stores or products scattered at locations throughout the United States. Needless to say, accessibility is high with the brand while prices are the opposite.

Area rugs can cost under $100 or over $1000 depending on the fibers used and the size of the rug. That’s true for World Market, although we found their rugs to be more affordable than many of their competitors. You can still find large rugs made from natural fibers at close to $600, but their lineup as a whole is very affordable.


World Market is unique in this space as they are one of the only rug manufacturers we’ve covered that carries more furniture and home goods than rugs. What they lack in variety, they more than make up for with pricing. We also like the fact you can buy a rug straight from the company or stroll into a storefront to pick one up. You don’t get curbside drop-off with other rug companies, but you’ll get that and more from World Market. If you’re interested in checking out the company’s catalog, you can do so through the link below.

  • Styles: 3.8
  • Eco-Friendly: 4
  • Fiber Selection: 4.2
  • Pricing: 5
  • Overall: 4.4

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