Karastan Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

If you’re familiar with our site, you’ll know that Karastan is a brand we’ve touched on many times in the past. The Mohawk-owned company is typically known for their high-quality carpeting but also manufactures several collections of stunning area rugs. In our Karastan area rugs review, we’re going to take a closer look at their collections to help you make an informed decision on this designer brand.

Karastan Rug Collections

At this time, Karastan has more than 30 collections of area rugs listed on their official website. Some of these collections only have a handful of rugs, while others have similar patterns or styles. With that in mind, we are going to tackle this Karastan rug review by style instead of fiber or collection.

Karastan Ornamental Area Rugs

Karastan Ornamental Area Rugs

One of the larger selections of area rugs from Karastan are rugs that fall into the ornamental or traditional category. Many feature a take on the classic medallion pattern, while others like Ashara work to combine the old with the new.

Rugs from that collection are Axminster woven from 100% worsted New Zealand wool, while the Sovereign Collection takes things in a new direction. These ornamental area rugs are skein dyed in a mix of sizes and colors including Anastasia Robin’s Egg. Are you looking to liven up a room with bolder patterns but still stay in this range? If so, you’ll want to consider the Antiquity Collection.

Standouts in this collection include Shiraz Red, Bandar Gold, Tehran Red, and Tehran multi which is a distressed Persian style rug. Rugs from this collection are made from 100% SmartStrand, which provides excellent stain resistance and color retention. Alternatively, area rugs from the Adalia Collection tone things down considerably.

Rugs in this collection are designed to mimic vintage rugs made decades ago. They are faded, with a heavy emphasis on cream and lighter colors aside from Kahta Dark Gray and a few others. There are similar styles in the Estate Collection including Allerton Beige and Chiswick Coral alongside some unique offerings like Bleinhem Blue.

Karastan Abstract Area Rugs

Karastan Abstract Area Rugs

On the opposite end of the style spectrum from oriental rugs, you’ll find abstract area rugs. These beauties can flow with a variety of décor and Karastan has dozens to choose from. Our favorite set of rugs from this niche is the Elements Collection. These contemporary rugs will set the tone in any room and even include a few traditional rugs like Talisman and Colmar.

Frisco, Entrance, Odin, and Envision all fall into the abstract category as well. These rugs are made from 100% EverStrand whereas rugs from the Enigma Collection are largely made from a blend of SmartStrand and Viscose. Spectral Brushed Gold is a unique patterned rug while Torrent Desert is reminiscent of an oil painting.

Enigma Alluvium Robin Egg and Continuum Smokey Grey have a painted vibe as well while Cosmopolitan Sette Alabaster has a completely different style. This cut-pile woven rug is unique, and we feel the same way about Artisan Frotage, Equilibrium, and Diffused. While you won’t find any wool rugs in this class, there is a suitable style for everyone.

Karastan Geometric Area Rugs

Karastan Geometric Area Rugs

Homeowners that like patterns may be more partial to a geometric rug than one with an abstract design. While there are a few crossover rugs in this category from the Artisan Collection, the styles and overall feel are entirely different.

The Axiom Collection is one of the more varied series with multicolored rugs like Emerge and muted earth tones including Inkle, Mote, Rime, and Dove. Ebb Indigo stands out with its blue geometric design and is made from EverStrand. It’s available in four sizes while the colorful Elements Callione comes in six sizes including an 8’ round rug.

Expressions is another standout collection with interesting geometric rugs. Elan Lagoon combines blues with beige and ivory, and Imprinted Blooms is a rug that lives up to its namesake. These rugs are produced in conjunction with Scott Living but are only a handful of the patterned options in this range. The Soiree, Tryst, and Epiphany Collections are all full of eye-catching designs as well.

Karastan Casual Area Rugs

Karastan Casual Area Rugs

The last area we want to fully focus on in our Karastan rugs review are the company’s casual area rugs. It’s not necessarily a category you’ll find from comparable manufacturers, but one that should be on your radar with Karastan – especially if you like solids or stripes.

Some of the simpler patterned rugs in this class can be found in the Tangier Collection which includes Deviation, Meknes, Spartel, and Tribal. These lattice rugs are hand-loomed with a looped pile construction and made from 55% viscose and 45% cotton. Rugs in the Tableau Collection like Parodos Brown are just as appealing but constructed from wool and viscose.

Couture Shag Blush is a plush polyester rug available in sizes up to 10’ x 14’ which makes it one of their larger area rugs. The Basketweave Collection is entirely different, however, with area rugs like Sisal which comes in four blends, or Basketweave Seagrass. Other interesting options from this category include Haberdasher Drizzle, Meraki Sarala Lapis, Tableau Zaza Ivory, and Wool Sisal Berber Drizzle.

Other styles of Area Rugs from Karastan

Other styles of Area Rugs from Karastan

While we’ve covered a large part of Karastan’s catalog in our review, there are still some unique options that fall outside the normal categories. Tribal patterns are one of those styles, and there are around a dozen rugs to choose from. Mosaic Khan and Freize quickly caught our attention along with Meraki Nikola Oyster.

If you prefer floral motifs, there are a few options outside traditional patterns like Touchstone Eme Bronze and Titanium Andeols Seaglass. Mosaic Nouveau Emerald is a woven cut-pile rug with a leafy motif while the Kalahari Collection takes things in a different direction. These rugs mimic Antelope Skin but are made from precision dye-injected EverStrand.

As for round rugs, there are over 40 styles spanning their collections. You can find abstract round rugs from the Elements Collection like Frisco and Odin alongside Persian rugs. Kasbar Spice and the Euphoria Collection are just two examples of that style. Other round area rugs from Karastan that stood out are Touchstone Moy, Spice Market Saigon, and Euphoria Cashel Abyss.







Kasbar Spice




8’ x 11’





Wool & Polyester

4’ x 6’


Aura Desert




8’ x 11’


Eroded Diamonds Alabaster




8’ x 10’





Wool & Silk

5’ x 8’


Tehran Red




9’ x 12’


Karma Denim




5’ x 8’


Overture Platinum



Worsted New Zealand Wool

12’ x 15’


Karastan Rugs Pricing and Availability

Homeowners interested in purchasing an area rug from Karastan may need to look outside of the usual places. While we were able to find several styles in stock from popular online retailers like Amazon, you won’t find Karastan area rugs locally through stores Home Depot or Lowes. If you want to purchase locally, you’ll need to find a carpet or rug dealer in your area.

When compared to the competition, we feel that Karastan is a premium brand. All of their hand-made rugs are pricey, but their machine-made rugs are a bit more affordable. They are several tiers above companies like Mohawk in that regard, however, so you need to budget accordingly if you want a large area rug from Karastan.

Karastan Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Karastan is in an interesting spot. While a popular brand with designers and homeowners, their parent company’s products and some of their other brands are easier to acquire and offer more in terms of variety with their designs. That said, Karastan rugs are well-made and highly rated which makes them an excellent choice if you want a rug that will last for decades. You can browse the company’s current lineup at the link below.

  • Styles: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 4
  • Fiber Selection: 3.8
  • Pricing: 4
  • Overall: 4

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