Mohawk Rugs: Reviews, Prices, Pros and Cons 2024

As one of the global leaders in the flooring industry, Mohawk produces a variety of hard and soft flooring coverings. That includes carpet, vinyl flooring, hardwood, and area rugs, which is what we’re going to break down in our Mohawk rug review. The company doesn’t take the same approach with their catalog as other manufacturers that strictly focus on rugs, but have an impressive lineup in a wide array of sizes.

Mohawk Rug Collections

Homeowners interested in Mohawk’s collection of area rugs will have no shortage of options to choose from. At this time, they show more than 2,000 rugs online, although none are sortable by collection. You can browse through their catalog using filters for room type, color, style, and size, however. With that in mind, we are going to break things down by room starting with their largest selection of rugs.

Mohawk Area Rugs

The bulk of Mohawk’s catalog is designed to go in almost any room, excluding a few areas we’ll touch on below. Their Transitional series is one of the smallest collections but is filled with patterned area rugs like Williston, Murrell, Cillian, and Ava. If Persian or traditional styles are better suited for your décor, there are 300 options to choose from in that regard.

Styles like Atlas, Daintree, and Fairview are colorful traditional rugs, but there are simple solids as well with Franchesca in grey. It’s an eclectic collection considering there are classic Persian rugs alongside Teton, which is southwestern. Contemporary styles from Mohawk are just as varied. Axel is a zebra print made from woven polyester while Cedar Hill on an entirely different level with its gold and blue pattern.

Definitive is a rug that caught our attention with its multicolored style, and Colorful Eggs is designed with only one thing in mind – Easter. The company has several holiday-themed rugs that celebrate the seasons like Hello Spring. There is a large collection of printed rugs as well with options that vary from wine, fruits, and food to whales and even a Majestic Unicorn.

Those rugs are found in the casual category of Mohawk’s website, and where you’ll find some of the more interesting options overall. There are a variety of “border” rugs, which mix solid centers with colored or ornate borders including Madison, Jamison, Ardala, and Chained Border. The Horizon series of rugs utilize vertical stripes, similar to the highly-rated New Wave area rug.

Mohawk Bathroom Rugs

There are over 200 styles of bathroom rugs from Mohawk. Most are solid colors, aside from a handful of striped options in the Foothills series or the patterns found with Fountainbleu. Rugs from Foothills like Bracken are woven and rated for high-traffic areas with children or pets. Atelier is the exact opposite with soft, solid colors and a machine-tufted construction.

You’ll find more similarities than differences with these rugs aside from some vibrant color choices. The Big One in yellow will brighten up any bathroom while Crossways takes a two-toned approach. Empress is cushy underfoot as it’s hand-woven from cotton, but is moisture absorbent and resilient as well. It’s only available in four colors whereas the Envision Studio line comes in eight different shades.

A few more standouts from the Mohawk Bathroom Collection include Lauren Conrad’s line, Hometown Value, Griffin, and Garden Path. There are also matching His and Hers bath rugs, and close to a dozen styles that are extra cushy because they are made from memory foam.

Mohawk Outdoor Rugs

When most homeowners opt to purchase a new rug for their home, it typically goes indoors. If you have a patio or covered porch, a high-quality rug can add some extra flair, but only if they are rated for outdoor use. The Mohawk Outdoor Living Collection is geared for the outdoors, and available in a variety of formats and styles.

Whether you need a doormat or decorative rug, Mohawk has you covered. There are traditional doormats with messages like Welcome or Bless this Home in over a dozen styles. The company also has patterned mats like Venetian Slice and pet-friendly ones that remind your friends to wipe their paws. There are no solid or plain doormats, although there are solid hues like Montauk in rug form.

Patterned rugs like Morro are available in multiple sizes and colors. Nauset adds elegance to any outdoor area while Tofino Chevron keeps things simple with its modern style. The rugs are machine woven and constructed from polypropylene, but engineered to be resistant to fading and perfect for high-traffic outdoor areas.

Fibers & Sizes

Mohawk doesn’t have the widest selection of fibers in their catalog, and most of their rugs are made using a few techniques. Many of the rugs we checked over were listed as machine woven with a few exceptions. The main material used in the majority of the company’s rugs is polypropylene, but there are rugs made from polyester, Everstrand, and wear-dated nylon as well.

As for sizing, there are over 1300 rugs available in 5’ x 8’ or 8’ x 11’. The next popular size is 10’ x 14’, but there are over 100 runners as well. Their selection of round rugs and medium-sized area rugs isn’t as expansive as competitors, but there are over 600 small rugs and doormats sized at 2’ x 4’ or under. There are no continuous runners in their collection, and only around a dozen round rugs.


Carpet and rug manufacturers implement more eco-friendly practices today than ever before. Whether it’s the fibers they used or the manufacturing techniques, there are a number of ways companies can reduce the environmental impact of their products. Mohawk is no stranger to sustainability and recycles more than 5.5 billion plastic bottles each year.

The most eco-friendly fiber from Mohawk is SmartStrand, but they also use recycled rubber on the bottom of their doormats. Some from the Impressions line even have a 100% recycled PET top, which results in up to 10 million pounds of rubber being recycled every year. You can read more about the company’s sustainability policies here.



Main Fiber



Mohawk Happy Easter



6’ x 4’


Mohawk New Wave



5’ x 8’


Mohawk Home Caravan



2’ x 8’


Mohawk Aurora Radiance



10’ x 14’





8’ x 10’


Mohawk ABC Letters



8’ x 10’


Mohawk Woodblock



2’ x 4’


Mohawk New Wave Alliance



5’ x 8’


Mohawk Freeflow


Wear-Dated Nylon

7’ x 10’


Mohawk Animal Map



5’ x 8’


Mohawk Rug Cost and Availability

If we covered a style you liked in our Mohawk rug review, you’ll be thrilled to know they are both affordable and easy to obtain. While you’ll certainly pay several hundred dollars for larger rugs or medium area rugs made from certain fibers, prices typically range from between $30 to around $500.

The wide price range is an advantage to choosing Mohawk, but their rugs are also easy to find. As one of the larger brands in the flooring world, you can purchase a Mohawk area rug through local home furnishing stores or online from a variety of retailers.

Mohawk Rugs Pros, Cons, and Ratings

Whether you need something affordable and pet-friendly or an oriental design that adds a bit of class, Mohawk has an area rug to suit most homeowner needs. While there are a few holes in their catalog in regards to design and fiber selection, it is hard to argue with their pricing and overall catalog. You can browse the company’s current lineup at the link below.

  • Styles: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 4
  • Fiber Selection: 3
  • Pricing: 5
  • Overall: 4.2

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