The Best Grass Rugs of 2024

While it’s not uncommon for carpet and rug manufacturers to use terms loosely when marketing their products, we’ve never seen a phrase more misleading than grass rug. The term is used to describe a wide variety of area rugs designed to look like grass, including options that will work outdoors or inside. In our review of the best grass rugs, we’re going to talk about the different options available and why this type of rug can be an interesting addition to your home.

6 Best Grass Rugs

 Product                             Details

Ottomanson Evergreen

  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Pile Height: Varies
  • Backing Layer: Yes
  • Size: 6' x 7'3"

Goasis Lawn Store

  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Pile Height: 1.38"
  • Backing Layer: Rubber
  • Size: 6' x 30'


  • Drain Holes: No
  • Pile Height: ¼"
  • Backing Layer: Marine
  • Size: 6' x 20'

Smartlawn Professional

  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Pile Height: 1.25”
  • Backing Layer: Polyurethane
  • Size: 5' x 20'

Sweet Home

  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Pile Height: 1"
  • Backing Layer: Rubber
  • Size: 3' x 7'3"

Garlan Rug

  • Drain Holes: No
  • Pile Height: ½"
  • Backing Layer: Action Backing
  • Size: 4' x 6'

The Best Artificial Grass Rug

#1. Ottomanson Evergreen Artificial Turf Area Rug

Ottomanson is a company that produces a wide range of area rugs along with various goods like stair treads and pasta. Their selection of outdoor rugs isn’t the largest, but the fake grass Evergreen series is the best choice if you’re looking for artificial turf.

At first glance, this artificial grass area rug looks like the rest of our picks. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find a series of drainage holes on the backside, which make it ideal for use outdoors on patios or garden areas. If you do want to use it indoors, you’ll be thankful for the non-slip backing on the Evergreen as well.

Ottomanson constructed this rug from 100% polypropylene. It’s incredibly easy to clean as it’s a low-pile rug, so you can simply sweep or shake it in most cases. That could also be a drawback, however, depending on how you intend to use the rug. It’s not going to be quite as comfortable underfoot as fake grass rugs like the one from Garland which is around ½” high.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an artificial rug that can be used outdoors, but is also perfect for indoors pets, it’s hard to beat the Evergreen from Ottomanson. It doesn’t have bound edges and the size options are a bit on the smaller side, but it’s reasonably priced, and comes in 12 sizes ranging from runners to larger area rugs.

The Best Thick Grass Rug

#2 Goasis Lawn Store Artificial Grass Mat

Most grass rugs are designed with a measure of portability in mind, whether they can be folded or are in the doormat range. If you’re looking for something that can cover a wide area, the options are a bit more limited aside from a few excellent options like this cushy fake grass from Goasis.

Finding realistic artificial grass can be easier said than done, especially if you want something that can be used indoors. This fake lawn from Goasis is an exception as it is 1.38” high and listed at 70 ounces of total weight per yard. It has a rubber backing layer along with drain holes, and is UV resistant so it won’t be harmed by sunlight outdoors.

Another highlight of this grass rug is its color. The company used a 4-tone blend to improve realism, and it shows compared to similar options that are a short to medium-pile. While only available in one shade, you can choose from well over 150 size options. Options vary by width, and range from between 1’ to 82’ in length.

Our Verdict

Some companies on our list make area rugs with a few outdoor options while others specialize in artificial grass. Goasis falls into the latter category, and is the best choice for homeowners that want a thick, large artificial grass rug. Their pricing is competitive, and it’s one of a handful of rugs in this class that carries a 10-year guarantee.

The Best Thick Grass Rug

#3 iCustomRug Indoor Outdoor Turf Rug

We don’t have to say a great deal about iCustomRug as their name speaks for itself. This online brand sells area rugs including decorative and heavy-duty rugs along with a line of artificial turf. There isn’t a great deal of variance between their lines, but this bordered beauty is a fan favorite.

Whether you prefer a small tan 2’ x 8’ runner or a rug 26’ long, iCustomRug has you covered. We chose the 6’ x 10’ fake grass rug in Forest Green, which is made from 100% polypropylene. This rug, and the rest of the colors are stain resistant and UV stabilized. That makes it perfect for the outdoors, especially when you consider the marine backing.

Homeowners have reported that this rug drains very well, but there are no drain holes. It’s listed with a low-pile height of only .25” as well, so it’s easier to clean than thicker faux grass rugs. Another perk are the edges, which are finished to keep fraying to a minimum. It’s not as thick as comparable models, but folds easily which makes it easy to transport.

Our Verdict

Polypropylene rugs from this collection certainly won’t break the bank, and there is a size to suit almost everyone. Some of those vary by color, however, which includes Forest Green, Emerald, Green, and Brown Tan. We didn’t notice many complaints with this fake grass rug aside from the fact it may be too thin for some consumer’s needs.

The Best Large Faux Grass Rug

#4. Smartlawn Professional Artificial Grass Rug

Our top pick for the best large fake grass area rug has a lot in common with the Goasis artificial rug. It’s geared towards homeowners interested in a large, lush grass rug although there are significant differences when it comes to color and size.

Smartlawn’s artificial grass rugs are dense and constructed from a mix of polyurethane and latex. The backing is two layers, while the fibers are 1.25” high. It’s above average with pile-height, and the company uses their own 4-tone color blend as well. The bottom of this artificial grass rug is perforated, and it won't have any trouble outdoors from sunlight or freezing temperatures.

You’ll never have to cut the grass on this rug, and it’s available in sizes that can cover an area up to290 square feet. That’s for a rug that’s 5’ wide and 58’ long, although there are rugs measuring 1’ x 2’ as well. There are no bound edges on this series of rugs because of the design, but they are highly durable and rated with a 10-year guarantee.

Our Verdict

This is another highly reviewed faux grass rug that’s dense and has some heft with a 52-ounce face weight. It’s a great choice to use in outdoor areas around pools or patios, but is suitable for indoor use if you opt for a smaller size. It is on par with the rugs from Goasis and has just as many sizes, but isn’t quite as soft or tall as their rug.

The Best Artificial Grass Runner

#5. Sweet Home Meadowland Artificial Grass Rug

One of the great things about fake grass rugs is the fact they come in all shapes and sizes. While most companies offer a range of widths and lengths, Sweet Home is your top option if you prefer narrow artificial rugs in the runner category to larger styles.

This artificial runner measures 3’11” wide and is 6’6” long. As you’d expect, this faux grass rug is constructed from 100% polypropylene. A rubber backing layer will help keep this rug in place while drainage holes allow excess water or liquid to pass through. It’s borderless, like most rugs in this class but one of the thicker options with 1” pile.

Sweet Home’s fake grass rug is available in two shades, and which ones you choose has a major impact on style. Green Grass was our choice, but only comes in two sizes at this time, while Green Turf is available in six sizes. Both have the same features, although we feel Green Grass is the more realistic of the two.

Our Verdict

The Green Grass artificial runner from Sweet Home’s Meadowland is affordable, and perfectly suited for use indoors or outside. While the size range is limited with this particular hue, we think it provides a lot of bang for the buck, and homeowners thought it sheds very lightly throughout the year.

The Best Bordered Artificial Grass Rug

#6. Garland Rug Artificial Grass Area Rug

Homeowners interested in a medium to large area rug made from artificial grass have dozens of options to choose from. Garland is one of the oldest names on our list, and while most of their catalog consists of traditional rugs, they have one of the more reasonably priced artificial rugs as well.

This artificial grass rug is rather unremarkable from a design standpoint as it looks like most rugs in this class. That said, this rectangular rug is power-loomed with bound edges and made in the USA. It’s listed as 100% polypropylene and utilizes the company’s Action Backing system, so you may want to purchase a rug gripper with this one.

While this rug is bound around the edges, we couldn’t find any mention of drainage holes. The backing isn’t coated, which means there are better options for pet owners. It is heavy, however, and well-made. The texture is on par with other artificial rugs, so it’s not the cushiest although far from uncomfortable and is around ½”thick.

Our Verdict

While this fake grass rug from Garland isn’t the fanciest to make the cut, it is affordable and comes in two different colors with green or a light brown. Homeowners were pleased with the price, the size range and performance of this artificial rug, but there are better alternatives if you have pets or need a full-time outdoor rug.

How to Find the Best Grass Rugs

If you’re look for a “grass rug” the first thing you need to understand is that there are no rugs actually made from grass. The closest thing you can get to that is buying sod and putting it down in an area indoors, but grass still needs sunlight and water to thrive.

When you see the term grass rug, it typically refers to an area rug made from synthetic fiber. More often than not, these rugs are constructed from polypropylene and designed to be used indoors our outside. Some companies market these rugs as artificial turf, while others prefer to classify them solely as an area rug.

Types of Faux Grass Rugs

You won’t find any carpeting or rugs made from natural grass on our list, and while there are plenty of options, we also aren’t going to touch on traditional synthetic area rugs. Our guide will cover two types of artificial options with large rolled rugs and smaller ones that are easier to use indoors or transport.

Artificial Grass Rugs

Almost all fake grass rugs are made from polypropylene with a design many homeowners will be familiar with. Fake grass rugs were popular as doormats before more stylish synthetic materials came along, but that’s just one of the reasons this type of material is still popular today.

Whether it’s called artificial turf, a grass rug or faux grass, all artificial grass rugs have one thing in common. They are designed to closely resemble the look of natural grass, although no manufacturer has managed to capture the feel. These “rugs” can be used indoors, but are often found outdoors on patios and in front of doorways.

The textured surface is perfect for wiping your feet, although artificial grass rugs are commonly used indoors for play areas in children’s rooms as well. They are also popular with animal owners as these pet-friendly rugs can handle stains that would destroy an area rug made from traditional fibers. In fact, there are mats strictly for pets although most are slight variations of the rugs you’ll find on our list.

While there are plenty of good reasons to buy a fake grass rug, there are a few negatives as well. Comfort is an obvious one, if you like to walk around barefoot, and thicker mats can be challenging to clean. The biggest is shedding, however, which comes into play with cheap rugs or ones without borders around the edges.


  • It’s affordable and easy to acquireHelpstrans
  • Helps transition from indoor to outdoor spaces
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Weather-proof


  • Fake grass isn’t as comfy as fiber carpets
  • General lack of colors and styles
  • Cheap rugs are prone to shedding

Artificial Grass Rug Features

Fake grass rugs are simple, with just a few layers and no moving parts. There are several features you’ll want to keep in mind, however, as all of these rugs are not created equally.

  • Drainage – Every rug in this class is designed for outdoor use, so drainage normally isn’t an issue whether you have messy pets or intend to use it outside. If you want to ensure it’s never a problem, look for an artificial grass rug with built-in drain holes in the bottom of the mat.
  • Backing Layer – The surface of an artificial grass rug may be made from polypropylene, but the backing layer can vary considerably. Regardless of whether it's constructed from solid rubber or a composite mesh, keep slippage in mind. In our research we found even companies with “non-slip’ backing still had trouble staying in place.
  • Bound Edges – This may seem like a minor feature, but don’t overlook a fake grass rug with a nice border around the edge. Bound edges can help keep the side from unraveling while keeping shedding to a minimum. We’ve seen poorly constructed artificial grass rugs that have shed like fake Christmas trees.


Fake grass rugs can be an acquired taste indoors unless you have a specific area in mind like a playroom for your children or pets. They are a perfect transitional piece, however, and one that will outlast a traditional area rug by years. Just remember to keep drainage in mind, and if you’re interested in a rug made from natural fibers, we have that covered as well!

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