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While most homeowners turn towards nylon or polyester-based fibers when they need new carpet in their home, there are a number of materials that fly under the radar. Sisal tends to be one of them, and it’s a great choice if you appreciate chunky patterns and natural fibers. In our Sisal carpet review, we’re going to take a look at the company’s sisal styles along with their selection of synthetic fibers.

About Sisal Carpet

If you’re curious about Sisal carpet, you’ve come to the right place. While this review covers brands and styles sold by Curran through SisalCarpet, the term “Sisal'' actually refers to a type of carpet. Carpets made from Sisal fibers are natural, which makes them ideal for homeowners with allergies. It’s also biodegradable, yet highly durable even if the style is an acquired taste.

SisalCarpet and Curran have imported fine floor coverings from Europe into the United States since the 1990s. While you can buy indoor and outdoor carpet through Sisal, CurranHome produces everything from fire pits and bar furniture to King size beds.  A few innovations from these companies include TerraStrand fiber and SynSisal, an eco-friendly synthetic form of sisal.

Sisal Carpet Collections

At SisalCarpet, you’ll find close to a dozen collections spanning four categories as the company breaks things down by the type of fibers used in their carpeting. That’s how we’ve taken on our Sisal carpet review as well, so we’re going to start with carpets from Sisal with natural fibers.









Hilton Head


67% Sisal & 33% Coir

$127 sq. yd.

Modern Synthetic




80% Vinyl &20% Fiberglass

$156 sq. yd.





Jute & Sisal

$193 sq. yd.





100% Wool

$96 sq. yd.

Synthetic Sisal




100% Polypropylene

$69 sq. yd.

Modern Synthetic




90% Vinyl, & 10% Polyester

$112 sq. yd.

Synthetic Sisal





$106 sq. yd.



Stinson Beach


50% Polysilk & 50% cotton

$129 sq. yd.





Seagrass & Maize

$56 sq. yd.

Sisal Natural Carpet

At present, there are 84 broadloom styles of carpet in the Sisal Natural carpet collection. Most are available in custom sizes and there are some unique alternatives to wool – the most popular natural carpet fiber.

  • Coir Collection

In the Coir Collection, you’ll find three different styles of carpet in eight colors including a mix of solids and stripes. For high-traffic areas in homes or commercial usage, Contract Coir is an excellent choice and is also available in tile form. 

Coir Collection

If you’re looking for something just as natural, but a bit more colorful, Poona provides a similar vibe in natural, black, brown, or gray.Carpets from the Poona series are made from 100% hand-spun coir with vinyl backing while Contract Coir is a blend of 40% sisal and 60% coir with a natural latex backing. 

The most interesting pattern from this collection is Hilton Head, however, which has natural coir coloring offset by stripes in black, brick, grey, or sandalwood. It’s a blended mix like the Contract series, but with a higher percentage of sisal than coir.

  • Jute Collection

The Jute Collection is another aptly named series consisting of carpet made from biodegradable Jute fibers. While every style in this collection is made from Jute with a natural latex backing, the patterns and prices vary quite wildly. If you’re interested in a chunky woven pattern in natural hues like Birch, you may want to consider Fiji.

Jute Collection

There are also tightly woven patterns in Tobago and Martinique or you could opt for Grenada if you’re a fan of zig-zag patterns. The largest portion of this collection is taken by carpet with a criss-cross weave, however, including Barbuda, St. Martin, and Bahama.

Jute Carpet

All of these styles live up to their tropical monikers with alternating bands of light and dark fibers while Samoa has basket weave construction. Every rug from the Jute collection is made from 100% Jute except for Tortinton. This style features braided strands of sisal interwoven with the jute fibers and is available in six different colorways.

  • Seagrass Collection

If you like the look of Sisal’s Jute collection, but find it isn’t within your budget, the Seagrass Collection may be a better option for your home. Prices for this collection range from around $40 to $70 per square yard, and there are 9 styles to choose from.

Seagrass Collection

Every style is made from 100% seagrass, so the backing layer and design are what set these styles apart. All of the patterns in this collection have a similar style, except for Arrowhead and Tropics. These both feature a splash of color in the weave, while the others keep things natural.

The backing layer on most of these styles is natural latex, but the Biscayne, Cyprus, and Calypso patterns are also available with a urethane backing. The largest selection of carpet in the Natural category is from the Sisal Collection, however, which should come as no surprise. With 84 designs, there is something for everyone including some colorful hues and classic patterns.

  • Other Collections

The Sweet Briar Collection has a handful of styles in a chain link pattern while the Morton Collection keeps the same neutral palette, but with a beautiful diamond pattern. If you’re interested in Sisal carpet with a contrasting pattern, styles like Ginger Root from the Poling Collection should be high on your list. Other collections that caught our eye include Salt Spring, Oslo, Feline, Orcas, Kent, and Livos.

Poling Collection vs Park Avenue

Poling Collection vs Park Avenue

Carpet from these collections is made from 100% sisal with a natural latex backing. On that note, Sisal also carries a small collection of carpet that’s a wool and sisal blend. Park Avenue has an eye-catching design with sisal leads while Bedford uses alternating strands of light and dark thread.

Sisal Wool Carpet

  • Wool Collection

While many homeowners come to Sisalcapret for carpet made from the fibers the company is named for, they have plenty of other fibers and styles in their arsenal. Their Wool Collection is the second largest collection in their catalog and one filled with colorful designs.

Sisal Wool Collection

Sisal Wool Collection

Carpet in this lineup is broken down into five categories with Colorful, Tufted, Hand-loomed, Wool Blend, or Woven. That said, the Colorful and Wool Blend collections only have 3 styles between them with Basil, Lucerne, and Prep, which is the most colorful style in the company’s overall collection.

  • Tufted Collection

It’s made from 80% goat hair, 15% nylon, and 5% viscose and is fusion-bonded. In the Tufted Collection, you’ll find more traditional styles and weaves like Lassen and Rainier. On the flipside, Shasta and St. Moritz are thick and cozy underfoot while Montpelier is made up of 80% wool and 20% yak fibers. There are some interesting fibers in this series, although the Hand-Loomed Collection has the strongest patterns.

Tufted Collection1

Tufted Collection 1

From the patterns of Gondola and Pinnae to the thick weave of Bar Harbor, there are several unique hand-loomed carpets from Sisal. Charleston, Berkshire, Woodford, and Kells are a few of the more affordable options from this line, while Churchill is on the opposite end of the spectrum at close to $200 per square yard.

Tufted Collection2

Tufted Collection2

The construction techniques and fiber used vary as much as the styles themselves. Leighton is made in India from a mix of New Zealand and British Wool with a flat-woven construction and a serged wool edge. Mendocino also comes from India but is made from 50% wool and 50% polysilk while Charleston is a cut-pile carpet made from undyed wool. 

  • Woven Collection
Woven Collection

Woven Collection

The Woven Collection has the same sense of style but with all-woven carpeting. There are a number of high-end styles in this collection including Riverbed, Waterfall, and Aukland. In the mid-range, you’ll find patterns like the colorful Stinson Beach, Fjord Stripes, and Fusion. The fibers used vary by style as well, so you can find woven wool and Tencel with Fiona or 100% wool carpeting in the Groton series.

Synthetic Sisal Carpet

The first two major collections from Sisal consist of carpets made from largely natural fibers, but there are a wealth of synthetic options available as well. In fact, that’s where you’ll find the company’s proprietary fiber called SynSisal, which comes in 5 different styles.

  • SynSisal Collection

The SynSisal Collection features synthetic sisal fibers made from ECONYL, which is regenerated nylon. That makes them better suited for areas with heavy foot traffic, and also eligible for LEED points. While there aren’t many styles or colors to choose from, each brings a little something different to the table. 

  • Indoor Sisal Collection
Indoor Sisal Collection

Indoor Sisal Collection

If you prefer carpet with a little more pop, you’ll want to browse the Indoor Sisal Collection. Sydney, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Venice, and Paddington are the most colorful solid carpets in this series with hues like Cocoa, Black, and Honey. Bruges is also available in black but made from 100% Maclon polypropylene whereas the striped Anacortes is constructed from UV-stabilized polysilk fiber like Seaside.

  • Anywhere Sisal Collection

The last collection from this line is called Anywhere Sisal. It has almost as many styles as their Synthetic Sisal collection, but with new fibers and some interesting new styles. Every style in this series is engineered for use indoors outdoors, so you’ll see a lot of UV stabilized polypropylene and bold, chunky patterns like Montauk.

Modern Synthetic Carpet

Rounding out SisalCarpet’s catalog of flooring is the Modern Synthetic Collection. There are some strong similarities between this line and the synthetic sisal series, but you can also find commercial-grade carpet in this class along with a few exclusives from Curran.

Synthesis Boat

Synthesis Boat

This collection is broken down into four categories with Curran, Limited Edition, Chilewich, and Commercial. In the Curran Collection, there are three specialty products designed for damp areas so they can be used indoors or outdoors. All three lines are manufactured in Finland from 90% vinyl and 10% polyester including the highly resilient Synthesis Boat.

Extreme is another style of synthetic carpet that can be used outdoors but is made from 90% polyvinyl chloride and 10% glass fiber. While not designed for outdoor usage, every style in Chilewich Collection is incredibly resilient.

Chilewich Basketweave Wallcovering

Chilewich Basketweave Wallcovering

That’s due in part to the synthetic TerraStrand fiber, which allows it to handle high-traffic areas with ease. There are around 8 styles to choose from including Chilewich Basketweave which has a matching wall covering. The Commercial Collection is far more varied in terms of styles and colors, but not the best choice for residential use.

The Green Factor

Compared to other companies in the industry, there isn’t a wealth of information online about Sisal carpet’s environmental policies. We know they use a lot of natural materials like wool, seagrass, and 100% biodegradable Jute. Whidbey is listed as GUT certified and fibers like Royaltron are free of toxins as well. Overall, we feel the company is above average on the eco-friendly scale with their carpet collections.

Sisal Carpet Warranty

As Sisalcarpet imports more carpet than they manufacture, you’ll need to check the carpet brand and style to know how long of a warranty you’ll receive. It could be anywhere from a few years to a decade or more, so you’ll want to consider the warranty carefully given the price of Sisal’s carpeting. The company does offer a limited non-transferrable 12-month warranty on their collections, however.

Sisal Carpet Cost and Availability

We’re not going to spend much time here, as our pricing table tells you everything you need to know about Sisalcarpet’s pricing. They are far from a budget-friendly brand, although high-quality Sisal carpet isn’t cheap to begin with. With that in mind, we found that the company has just as many styles for $150-$200 as you’ll find in the $50-$80 range.

Despite the price, you can order directly from SisalCarpet with the proper credentials or pick up a sample to try before you buy. The company frequently runs sales as well, so it’s not uncommon to find codes or styles for 20-30% off throughout the year.

Sisal Pros, Cons, and Ratings

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing carpet from Sisalcarpet is their selection of high-quality carpet from around the globe. They utilize a variety of natural fibers that are uncommon among domestic manufacturers like Seagrass and Jute but also have plenty of durable synthetics in their arsenal. If their styles are within your price range, the company is well worth a look although there are better options if you’re looking for more colorful carpeting for your home.

  • Colors and Styles: 3.8
  • Range of Fibers: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • Fade Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 4.2

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