Stanton Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

For over 40 years, Stanton has been a leading manufacturer in the soft covering flooring market. You can find Stanton carpeting in millions of homes around the United States, but their products are popular in the commercial world as well. In our Stanton Carpet Review, we are going to tell you what to expect from the company’s carpet collections and see how they stack up against the competition.

The Stanton Carpet Corporation

Stanton was founded in 1980 and has expanded considerably over the past few decades. The Stanton Carpet Corporation carries more than carpet, so you can find luxury vinyl planks alongside residential carpet and custom rugs. They currently have four additional brands under their umbrella with Hibernia, Crescent, Rosecore, and Antrim.

create a rug

Create a Rug

From the company’s website, you can browse any product in their current catalog which includes their own line and the brands under their name. You can also take advantage of their “Create a Rug” feature which allows you to choose the pattern, color, and finish.

Everything is easy to access, and the site allows you to filter through their entire catalog in a variety of ways. That’s a good thing considering there are over 100 collections and dozens of fiber combinations in their arsenal.

Stanton Carpet Collection

Out of Stanton Carpet Company’s five divisions, their branded line is where you’ll find most of the products in their catalog. There are over 350 styles to choose from along with 16 different runners and a few premade rugs. While it is their widest selection of carpet, there are no carpet tiles and you won’t find any hand-tufted patterns in this lineup.

Many of the carpets in these collections are face-to-face woven. You’ll also find more than 60 styles that are machine-tufted or Wilton Woven. There aren’t many printed patterns from Stanton, but there are close to 20 hand-loomed carpets. It’s also the only place you can get Sisal carpet from the company through the Stanton Sisal Collection.

The most prevalent fiber types from Stanton are Wool and Nylon. Both materials have blended variants as well, so you can choose from nylon 6,6, polysilk blends, or carpets made from 100% wool. Pet owners can get stain-resistant carpeting thanks to Scotchguard and StainMaster technologies which are found on styles like Tempo and Midnight.

If you’re looking for variety when it comes to styles or fibers, Stanton’s line of carpeting is your best choice. While there are a few notable omissions like Viscose and Tencel, there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from.

Antrim Carpet Collection

Antrim carpet was acquired by Stanton in 2007, and they produce an amazing line of hand-loomed carpet. The Antrim Collection is essentially split between wool and nylon with a pattern or style for everyone. Antrim’s wool carpeting is largely blended and dyed except for Indra, which is made from 100% undyed wool.

Antrim Carpet Collection

They have over a dozen wool carpets blended with viscose or nylon. While their premium wool is naturally resistant to soiling, blending it with synthetic fibers adds an extra layer of protection. If you prefer natural wool, there are more than 50 options available in their catalog including fine weave patterns like Karma or the understated look of Vinaya.

Antrim Carpet Collection2

If you appreciate the look of hand-loomed wool, you’re bound to find carpet you like from the Antrim collection. In addition to their luxurious carpeting, the company also has a line of wool rugs available in three different sizes. The Gobi and Palermo rugs are 100% wool, while the Deva is made from a 49% blend of nylon and the Divinity is 49% viscose.

Rosecore Carpet Collection

Rosecore may not have the largest collection of carpets, but they have some of the more interesting patterns. The Denim-colored Bennett carpet will stand out in any room while Mesa Meadow brings interesting color combinations and fibers into the mix. Unlike most of the carpet from this collection, Mesa Meadow is made from a mixture of 90% bamboo, 5% wool, and 5% polysilk.

Rosecore Carpet Collection2

Privee Prisma is another unique option, but one that’s made from 85% New Zealand wool and 15% nylon. At this time, the company has around 15 wool blended carpets in this collection. Other fiber combinations include wool and viscose, nylon and wool, and a handful of carpet styles from the Supreme Collection that are made from 100% tencel.

Crescent Carpet Collection

With over 40 styles to choose from, Crescent Carpet is another small brand and one of the newer members of the Stanton Carpet Company family.  What they lack in volume, they more than make up with fiber section, however.

Whether you want carpet made from tencel and wool or prefer an artificial silk blend, you’ll find something to your liking from Crescent Carpet. That includes beautiful silky hand-loomed carpet like Bedford Cord or Briggs carpet in linen, which is made 100% premium wool.

Homeowners that prefer the resiliency of nylon will be thrilled with the distinctive style of Esquire from the Tailor Made Collection while Tinsley Tweed is a hand-loomed carpet made from a blend of polysilk and wool.

Crescent Carpet Collection2

If you want to walk on the wild side, you can do that with a flat-woven Leopard carpet made from wool. Alternatively, City Grid is comprised of 100% polychenille and available in six calming colors. Most of the carpeting from Crescent features hand-loomed construction.

Hibernia Carpet Collection

Every carpet manufacturer under Stanton has wool carpet in their lineup, but Hibernia Woolen Mills specializes in it. Every carpet in this collection is made from wool, although the blend and type vary from one product to the next.

Hibernia Carpet Collection1

Homeowners have a choice between hand-loomed, hand-tufted, or machine tufted carpeting from Hibernia. Styles range from simple and subdued to classics like Heartwood and Heathers. While the method of construction is different, both are made from 100% high-quality wool.

Hibernia Carpet Collection2

On the opposite end of the spectrum are tightly woven styles like Brookfield and Commonwealth. The aptly named Shear Genius has a similar vibe but is made from 100% New Zealand wool. The only blended carpet from Hibernia at this time is Hillburn and Westley, which are made from 70-80% wool and polysilk.

Stanton Street Commercial Carpet

Do you have a household full of kids or pets? If so, you may want to consider something a bit tougher than standard residential carpet. While the Stanton Street Commercial Carpet Collection isn’t geared for residential use, it’s perfect for high-traffic homes.

With Stanton’s commercial carpet, you can choose from traditional carpet rolls or carpet tiles. The latter is available in six different styles, and each style comes in 4-6 different colors. All of the carpet tiles measure 20” x 20” except for Headquarters which is 13” x 39”.

Street Commercial Carpet

The company uses nylon in the construction Headquarters, Highline and Liberty, while the rest of the collection is made from 100% Royaltron Polypropylene. The selection and patterns are more varied with their traditional commercial carpet, but all are made from nylon. Half are machine-tufted, while the other half of the collection features prints like the colorful Lincoln Square and Opera.

Stanton Carpet Cost and Availability

If you are interested in purchasing carpet from Stanton or any of their sub-brands, you’ll need to locate a dealer in your area. Their products are not sold through brick and mortar hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot, and while you can shop online, you’ll have to contact a dealer directly for pricing.

From the company’s official site, you can purchase swatch samples for $2 each with a limit of six. It’s easy to hone in on a showroom in your area with their dealer locator tool, and you can request a consultation from a dealer in your area directly from Stanton’s site.

Stanton Carpet Pros, Cons, and Ratings

It’s challenging to find verified reviews of homeowners with Stanton carpet in their homes considering you can only purchase their products through a showroom. We can tell you that they make high-end carpet, however, and they aren’t a budget-friendly brand like Lifeproof or Trafficmaster. You won’t find the widest selection of fibers from the company as they concentrate on wool, although they have some unique blends like bamboo and polychenille.

  • Colors and Styles: 4
  • Range of Fibers: 3
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4.5

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