Explore SisalCarpet and CurranFLOOR 2021

While most homeowners turn towards nylon or polyester-based fibers when they need new carpet in their home, there are a number of materials that fly under the radar. Sisal tends to be one of them, and it’s a great choice if you appreciate chunky patterns and natural fibers. In our … Read More

Kane Carpet Reviews and Prices 2021

kane carpet

Kane Carpet is a carpet distributor based out of Calhoun, Georgia that’s known for providing consumers and contractors with an array of carpet at competitive prices. While they tend to focus on woven patterns, you can also find a variety of classic and modern designs in the company’s catalog. In … Read More

Stark Carpet Reviews and Prices 2021

stark carpet

Some carpet manufacturers in the United States pride themselves on products produced locally or nationally. While you can find plenty of rugs made in the U.S. from Stark, that’s not what this globetrotting company is known for. Stark Carpet has furnished homes and businesses for over 75 years and is … Read More

Milliken Carpet Reviews and Prices 2021

Milliken Carpet

If you’ve walked through a government building, office, or high-end commercial space over the past few decades, you may have walked on floor coverings from Milliken. The company has an impressive reach that includes flooring for residential and commercial usage, along with specialty sectors like schools and hotels. While they … Read More

How to Get Rid of Acrylic Paint on Carpet?

Acrylic Paint on Carpet

Americans spend millions of dollars on home renovation projects each year, many of which involve paint. While painting the outdoors of your home is something better left to professionals, painting the interior is something anyone can do.Rolling walls and cutting in corners may not be difficult, but removing paint from … Read More

Abbey Carpet Reviews, Cost, Pros and Cons 2021

abbey carpet

Shopping for new carpet is usually a multistage process that involves finding carpet, locating a dealer, and hiring an installer. Abbey Carpet & Floor handles things differently, as they are a one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs. That’s due in part to their vast network of over 800 showrooms across … Read More

Stanton Carpet Reviews and Prices 2021

Staton Carpet

For over 40 years, Stanton has been a leading manufacturer in the soft covering flooring market. You can find Stanton carpeting in millions of homes around the United States, but their products are popular in the commercial world as well. In our Stanton Carpet Review, we are going to tell … Read More

Carpet Padding Buying Guide: Types, Installation and Cost

Shopping for new carpet is exciting. There are a wealth of colors and styles to choose from, and close to a half-dozen fibers to consider. Once you make the big decision, the work isn’t over, as you still need to think about what goes beneath the carpet in your home. When … Read More

How to Clean Carpet

Hardwood and carpet are two of the most popular choices for homeowners considering a new type of flooring. While there are millions of people that have never owned or lived in a home with hardwood floors, almost everyone has had experience with carpet. Whether it’s in your current home or was … Read More

Flor Carpet Tiles Reviews and Prices 2021

While there are thousands of traditional styles of carpets to choose from throughout the world, carpet tiles have grown in popularity as a unique alternative. FLOR stands out in the carpet tile world due to their modern collection of modular tiles. That’s the focus of our FLOR carpet tile review, … Read More