Phenix Carpet Reviews and Prices 2022

Depending on your knowledge of the flooring industry, Phenix Carpet is a name that may not ring too many bells. It would be a mistake to overlook them, however, as they have some interesting swatches, several styles of fiber, and take advantage of technology from Stainmaster as well. Content Navigation … Read More

Stainmaster Carpet Flooring Reviews 2022

Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners.  As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining.  Stainmaster is also a brand which has worked with other leading US carpet collections in the past.  However, … Read More

Empire Today Carpet Flooring Reviews 2022

Empire Today is a long-running US carpet brand.  Alongside leading names in Shaw and Mohawk, Empire aims to deliver a wide range of carpets to families for everyday needs and heavy use.  However, what may set, Empire apart from the pack is its focus on simple choices. Unlike some other … Read More

Shaw Carpet Flooring Reviews and Prices 2022

Shaw Flooring is a leading name in US carpets, hardwood and vinyl.  Having already taken a look at their laminate range, in this guide, we will examine their range of carpeting in a little more detail.  The company is renowned for being the world’s largest carpeting manufacturer, which already gives you … Read More