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Shopping for new carpet is usually a multistage process that involves finding carpet, locating a dealer, and hiring an installer. Abbey Carpet & Floor handles things differently, as they are a one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs. That’s due in part to their vast network of over 800 showrooms across the United States.

While you can find a showroom in almost every state, you can purchase and have your carpet installed by professionals from Abbey. It also means they have more brands to choose from than the average carpet company. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the brands available through the company in our Abbey Carpet review.

Brands available through Abbey Carpet

Abbey’s website allows you to browse through most of their carpet through a variety of filters including fiber, color, collection, and style. You can find some of the more popular brands in the sidebar, including the company’s own line of carpet, which spans four different collections.

Abbey’s Own Line of Carpet

  • Value Collection

If you need affordable carpet for your home, Abbey’s Value Collection is a good place to start. It features 18 different styles of carpet with polyester fibers, most of which are listed as PureColor solution-dyed. Carpet types in this series include cut & loop, twist/frieze, and textured. While the Legendary Beauty lineup provides a great value, it’s far from the only option.

Value Collection
  • Everyday Living Collection

The Abbey Carpet Everyday Living series is another collection of polyester carpet, but with higher face weights. Javelin is one example with its 77-ounce face weight and a textured top while Marigold has a 60-ounce face weight.

Everyday Living Collection

On the other end of the spectrum is Page, a patterned carpet listed at 25 ounces. This carpet in this series is made from SureSoft SD fiber, and the multicolored styles make use of ColorSense technology as well. 

  • Soft Fashions Collection
Soft Fashions Collectio

Homeowners looking for something soft and stain-resistant may want to consider stepping up to the Soft Fashions series from Abbey. Soft Fashions currently consists of 19 different styles of carpet in a range of cozy earth tones and greys.   These polyester carpets are constructed from SureSoftSD and have been treated with Microban for additional protection. All carpet under Abbey’s store brand is made from some form of polyester, but they have a small lineup of affordable wool carpeting as well.

  • Hagman Collection
Hagman Collection

There are only six styles in the Hagman Collection, but this carpet is a great way to add a bit of color to your home. Finepoint London Underground is a unique multicolored pattern that comes in 18 different colors. Morocco has a tamer color palette, while Simplicity Heathercord and Sisalcord are a wool-blend carpet that will look great in any room.

Exclusive Carpet Brands from Abbey

The first things you’ll notice when browsing carpet at Abbey Carpet & Floor are their exclusive brands. As a distributor/retailer, they have around 30 brands to choose from along with four exclusive collections that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Alexander Smith Carpet

First up is Alexander Smith carpet, which is broken down into three different categories on their site. There are close to a dozen styles from their main line, and all are cut & loop carpets made from EverStrand polyester fiber. The face weight varies between 25 or 38 ounces depending on the style, but all the carpet features Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology.

Alexander Smith Carpet

Homeowners looking to step their stain protection up a notch should consider the Alexander Smith Smartstrand Pet Defense Collection. There is twice the variety when it comes to colors, and every carpet uses the stain-resistant SmartStrand Forever Clean fiber. While not quite as resilient, the SmartStrand Silk Reserve lineup from Alexander Smith is soft underfoot and comes in a variety of soothing hues like Magical Review and Beyond Attractive.

  • American Showcase Carpet

From the American Showcase collection, you’ll find American Showcase Infinity and American Showcase Infinity Ultra Soft collections. Both are made from Infinity carpet fiber, but there are some significant differences between the two lines.

American Showcase Infinity Ultra Soft carpet comes in a variety of textures and styles with over 600 color options available. That includes heavy 100-ounce face weight carpet like the Allured IV Oxford, and Master Design Shadow, which is half the weight and sports a unique pattern. Patterned carpet slightly outnumbers the textured styles, although you can opt for something like Extravagant Shade if you’re partial to shag.

American Showcase

As for the standard American Showcase Infinity Collection, things largely remain the same. That means there’s a solid mix of patterned and textured carpet, just with completely different styles. Both the standard and Ultrasoft collections are certified Cradle to Cradle giving them an eco-friendly advantage over other lines.

  • Premier Stainmaster Carpet Collection

Every manufacturer offers a degree of stain protection when it comes to pets, but many turn to Stainmaster’s dirt-fighting technology. Abbey Carpet & Floor has close to 60 styles of Stainmaster carpet, although some carry American Showcase or Phenix Carpet branding.

Premier Stainmaster Carpet Collection

The Phenix Stainmaster Premier carpet like Rosewalk is made from 100% SuperiaSD, which is solution-dyed nylon. The patterned carpets in this collection use the same fiber, while carpet like Abounding is simply listed with Stainmaster PetProtect. If you’re interested in a certain type of fiber, look before you leap.

Other brands from Abbey Carpet & Floor

The brands we’ve mentioned so far are just a small sampling of what Abbey has to offer. While their online catalog is limited to around 200 styles of carpet across their exclusive brands, the selection opens up once you visit one of the company’s showrooms.

As one of the industry leaders, you can expect to find plenty of Shaw carpet in Abbey’s showrooms along with their sub-brand Anderson Tuftex. Consumers that love Shaw’s line of residential carpet will be familiar with DreamWeaver and their PureColor technology ensures your carpet keeps its color after years of use.

Stainmaster, Mohawk, Fabrica, Stanton, and Dixie Home are a few of the bigger brands that can be found in their showrooms, but there are dozens of smaller companies as well. Designer Materials and Peerless are available along with carpets, area rugs, and runners from Couristan. You can find Sisal and interesting collections like Argyle from Fibreworks alongside carpet from companies like Godfrey Hirst, Milliken, and Nourison.

Abbey Carpet & Floor Warranty Policy

Every carpet manufacturer offers a warranty on their product, which usually averages around 10-20 years. It largely depends on the quality of the carpet and the fibers used, but the installation can impact the warranty as well. With Abby Carpet & Floor, you’ll get a top-tier warranty if you choose one of their exclusive brands.

Carpet from the Alexander Smith and American Showcase comes with a Lifetime Warranty as do carpets that carry the Premier Stainmaster or Legendary Beauty branding. You’ll want to read the fine print, but it’s an advantage of similar dealers that don’t offer the same guarantee. Abbey also provides consumers with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, as long as the carpet is installed by the company.

Abbey Carpet Cost and Availability

Because of the nature of Abbey Carpet & Floor’s business, we are unable to obtain accurate pricing on their collections. Their exclusive brands aren’t carried anywhere else, so you’ll need to contact the company directly or visit a showroom for pricing. Financing is available through Home Solutions Credit, but you’ll need to handle that from a store.

If you’re interested in purchasing carpet from Abbey, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a location within reasonable driving distance. The store locator tool on their site allows you to find a showroom in seconds from one of their 800+ locations. Keep in mind, availability can vary from one location to the next, so you may want to call ahead if you have a certain brand in mind.

Abbey Carpet Pros, Cons, and Ratings

You can’t compare Abbey to traditional carpet manufacturers or dealers, but they are a great place to shop if you want to do your business in person – not online. Having the ability to walk into a showroom and walk out with everything handled is a huge advantage. Especially when you factor in their free estimates along with the installation and removal process.

When it comes to carpet, we feel Abbey has one of the better selections overall, unless you’re interested in wool from one of their exclusive brands. We’re fans of the eco-friendly Infinity fibers, and the fact their exclusives are all brands that manufacture carpet in the USA. If you’re interested in a company that will provide you with a personalized experience from start to finish, you can’t go wrong with Abbey Carpet & Floor.

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