Fiberon Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

Intro to Fiberon Railing

The Fiberon name may be known more for its composite decking products. The principles Fiberon “lives” by make it a trusted brand for contractors, homeowners, and designers alike. 

While we are focusing primarily on the railings Fiberon offers, it is important to know that the company who makes them has a solid foundation of sustainability as it creates and manufactures its products.

The Sustainability Mantra

If there were ever a single most popular buzzword used in building products, it would be sustainability. Like organic or all-natural foods, it can be challenging to differentiate what actually sets a product apart as sustainable. 

Fiberon does a good job breaking down its sustainable practices for our review. The Fiberon brand takes the perspective that they provide products for enjoying the outdoors, so why would they not try and keep the very same outdoors as pristine as possible.

There are four elements to the Fiberon sustainability platform. 

  • Wood - The composite nature of Fiberon products saves over a million trees per year. Each wood deck uses approximately the equivalent of 11 pine trees. Fiberon is saving nearly “15,000 football fields of forest each year.”
  • Plastic - Fiberon uses recycled plastics in its products, utilizing 100 million pounds each year. With the average American family using up to 1,500 plastic grocery bags a year, Fiberon is offsetting that by using about 2,000 bags in each decking board.
  • Water - Water supplies are reused whenever possible saving on taking so much of this precious resource. While recycling water prevents the need for a constant flow in, it also (maybe more importantly) keeps waste water from entering the water cycle.
  • Waste - Nearly 99% of waste is reused in the Fiberon manufacturing process. Rather than trashing the “misfits”, they are broken down and placed back into the manufacturing system for reuse.

The Six Ways Fiberon is Different

Fiberon railing systems may not appear terribly unique compared to other brands. However, there are six ways that Fiberon sets itself apart.

  1. Expertise: Two decades of experience allows Fiberon to provide superior service to its clients. Installation guides, expert advice selecting products, and a polished customer service team allow Fiberon customers to enjoy the best experience.
  1. Trusted by Pros: A solid product that is relatively easy to install leads contractors to select Fiberon over and over again.
  1. Made in the USA: A reliable product that is made at either a facility in North Carolina, USA, or Idaho, USA. While made in the United States, Fiberon is now trusted around the world.
  1. Warranties Galore: Fiberon was the first to introduce a massive 25-year fade warranty and offers a wide array of others to give customers complete confidence in their purchase.
  1. Environmentally Friendly: We discussed sustainability earlier and Fiberon products offer LEED points for sustainable building certifications.
  1. Digital Tools: Virtual shopping has become wildly popular, given recent events like the global pandemic. Fiberon offers unique, high-quality online tools to offer inspiration, design ideas, and purchasing advice.

Fiberon Railing Products

Fiberon brings its sustainable, durable products to the railing game with four high-quality offerings that are fully customizable to fit any project.

HavenView CountrySide

Available Colors: Tranquil White; Serene Black; Simply Brown

Available Infill: Beveled; Black Aluminum

HavenView CountrySide offers strong, sophisticated elegance to any deck, porch, or balcony. A satin finish, reinforced top rail, and hidden hardware make a well-rounded product with a beautiful finish.

HavenView CitySide

Available Colors: Matte Black

Available Heights: 36-inch; 42-inch

Available Segment Length: 6-feet; 8-feet

A prefabricated aluminum option makes installation a breeze. A variety of posts, brackets, and railing lengths (including stair kits), allows for plenty of design flexibility.

Brio Rhythm

Available Colors: Tranquil White; Serene Black; Simply Brown

Select from three available colors and feel free to mix-and-match balusters, top rails, and bottom rails to create a design that fits your aesthetic. 

Composite square and rounded metal balusters add to the flexibility of the Fiberon Brio Rhythm railing system. A flat top rail offers a place for guests to place drinks and relax as you entertain.


The Fiberon AmorGuard railing system offers four unique top rail shapes and is in white. The Classic, Deluxe, Enclave, and Regency, all provide a strong design statement for your deck, balcony, or porch rail.

White composite square or black rounded aluminum balusters can be installed for further customization.

Where to Purchase Fiberon Railing Systems and Costs

Fiberon Railing Systems are generally available at independent dealers. Fiberon offers a Where to Buy to help locate a place to purchase their products.

In a unique scenario, the Fiberon ArmorGuard products are available in an exclusive partnership with The Home Depot. This allows for a decent look at pricing for the ArmorGuard line.




Cost per Unit

ArmorGuard Deluxe Composite Rail Kit

70 inch



ArmorGuard Classic Composite Rail Kit

94 inch



ArmorGuard Enclave Composite Rail Kit

70 inch



ArmorGuard Regency Composite Rail Kit

94 inch



Fiberon Railing Installation Sample

Fiberon Railing Systems are designed to be installed easily by someone with the expertise and tools required. If you fall into that category, you should be able to perform a self-installation of your railing system.

This is simply a sample overview of a typical Fiberon Railing (straight rail) installation. Please refer to all local guidelines and regulations, along with specific installation guides from Fiberon for your specific railing.

Some tools Fiberon suggests having to install your railing:

  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber mallet
  • Power drill
  • Mitre saw
  • Level
  • Speed and adjustable square
  • PVC adhesive
  • Tape measure
  • Drill bits

Step 1: Prepare the bottom rail

Pre-drill appropriate holes and attach brackets.

Step 2: Attach crush blocks

This all-important step utilizes PVC adhesive to attach a crush block to the middle of the bottom rail (rail lengths over 67-inches require two blocks evenly spaced.)

Step 3: Secure the bottom rail

Lower and level the railing into place. Secure to posts using 2-inch screws.

Step 4: Prepare the top rail

Pre-drill appropriate holes and attach brackets.

Step 5: Insert balusters

Place and secure balusters into the bottom rail.

Step 6: Place and secure top rail

Place the top rail on to the balusters. Be sure the balusters fit snugly into the bottom and top rail. Secure top rail to posts using 2-inch screws.

Step 7: Install post caps and accessories

Install all appropriate post caps and any lighting or accessories.

Need Help Installing Fiberon Railings?

While the steps above may seem overly simplistic, not every railing installation is simple. While every Fiberon railing is designed for easy installation, it may not be a task for someone new to home projects.

We are here to help find an expert near you who can install your Fiberon railings safely and securely.

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