Westbury Aluminum Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

Intro to Westbury Aluminum Railings

Westbury Aluminum Railings offer an excellent selection of railings, gates, hardware, and other accessories to choose from.

These aluminum railings feature beauty, strength, and innovative design, making them an ideal addition to any outdoor setting.

Westbury railings are designed to add the feeling of a welcoming retreat to anywhere around your home.

Six Ways Better

The Westbury Aluminum Railing systems consider themselves better than other systems in the following areas:

  • A unique ten-step coating process for a durable finish
  • A wide array of colors and textures
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • A high-end, designer look to enhance your environment
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Approved to code in residential and commercial settings

Exclusive Powder Coating Process

One way Westbury Aluminum Railings sets itself apart from other railing systems is its proprietary powder coating process. The finished product, your railings’ powder coating, is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

Step 1: Inspection

The aluminum itself is inspected for any flaws or blemishes.

Step 2: Acidic wash

The heated acidic solution removes any left over debris from the extrusion process and any oils used in fabrication.

Step 3—6: Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest, and Seal

Three separate rinses take place, ensuring a crystal clean finish. The aluminum is then sealed.

Step 7—8 Air & Heat Drying

First, a blast of air, then convection heat ensuring no drops or moisture

Step 9: Powder Application

An array of powder sprayers, including two hand-operated guns, apply the powder coating using an air drying process that offers best-in-class adhesion.

Step 10: The Cure

Powder coated products are finalized in 400-degree heat, optimizing the cure stage.

This process is certified by the Powder Coating Institute and verified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Rest assured with a high-quality powder coated finish.

Westbury Aluminum Railings can be powder coated in the following colors. Not all railing styles feature all colors. Customization is possible in some cases.

  • Black Fine Texture
  • Brown Fine Texture
  • Bronze Fine Texture
  • White Fine Texture
  • Grey Fine Texture 
  • Gloss Beige
  • Chocolate
  • Ninety Bronze
  • Sandy Shore
  • Satin Black
  • Gloss White
  • Speckled Walnut

Styles of Westbury Aluminum Railings

Railings for every setting can be found in the Westbury product inventory. 

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series offers a traditional look with options including round or square balusters.

Tuscany railings can be ordered in boxed sets of varying lengths or as pre-assembled sections (square balusters only.) Pre-assembled sets are available in Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, White Fine Texture, and Gloss White colorways. 

Welded corners and rounded sections are also available for order. 


Veranda Aluminum railings accommodate the modern beauty of glass infill. Railings are available with gaskets for ¼” or ⅜” glass inserts (ordered separately.)

Boxed sets are available in varying lengths. It is important to note that all stair sections must be special ordered.


The Westbury Aluminum Railings VertiCable line features ⅛” stainless steel cable with ⅝” round balusters. 

Sections can be purchased with or without mounts and in varying lengths. Factory assembled sections without mounts are available in Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, White Fine Texture, and Gloss White colorways.

Montego Series

The Montego Series adds a bit of flair with its wavy architectural balusters. The Montego II series has a third rail (two rails at the top, one bottom rail) for added interest.

Both are available in boxed kits of varying lengths. The Montego Series and Montego II do offer radius sections for rounded applications. 

Riviera Series

This series features a variety of options with the Riviera, Riviera R, and Riviera I, II, III, and IV. Each offers a unique design between the two top rails and all Riviera models have three rails.

All Riviera options are available in boxed kits of varying lengths. Each Riviera offering comes with either ¾”x¾” square balusters or ¾” round balusters.

All five Riviera railing styles have radius sections available for rounded applications.

Add-ons and Accessories

Westbury Railings offers more than simple railing sections. A full line of add-ons and accessories allow you to design the space of your dreams with superior flexibility.


Gates provide flexibility to your railing systems by allowing access to otherwise enclosed areas. Westbury Aluminum Railings offers gate options for all of their railing systems aside from the Montego Series.

Drink Rails

Adapters are available for all Westbury Aluminum Railing systems. The adapters accommodate wood and composite decking materials (not included) and can turn your outdoor space into a convenient spot to enjoy your beverage of choice.

ADA Compliant Handrailing

Continuous handrails are integral to an inclusive setting and Westbury offers railing to fit both new systems and already existing railings.

Screen Rail

This one-off item allows for installation of screened-in areas while maintaining the attractive, high-quality look expected of Westbury Aluminum Railings products.

Westbury offers a structural balcony system, mid-rail system, and heavy-duty kick panel system to customize a screen rail that suits your installation needs.

Mounts, Posts, and Supports

Westbury Aluminum Railings makes for one-stop shopping with their selection of a variety of mounts, posts, and supports. There is no need to modify a self-purchased item, as Westbury has a solution for every installation.

Various Post Accessories

Virtually any post cap is available, adding further flexibility and design freedom. A variety of brackets is also ready to purchase, making any installation possible.

Compatible lighting is also featured, with many different styles of lighting including electric and solar powered.

Where and How to Purchase Westbury Aluminum Railings

Purchasing Westbury Aluminum Railings is as easy as finding a reputable dealer with the Find a Dealer tool. This tool enables you to have confidence that you are in good hands and getting great advice on the most appropriate products for your needs.

Westbury Aluminum Railings Costs

Like most railing systems, Westbury Aluminum Railings costs rely significantly on your particular needs. 

Below are some sample costs and the differences when considering potential variables.


Rail Height


Cost per Panel

5 ft

36 in

Black Fine Texture


6 ft

36 in

Black Fine Texture


7 ft

36 in

Black Fine Texture


8 ft

36 in

Black Fine Texture


5 ft

48 in

Black Fine Texture


6 ft

48 in

Black Fine Texture


7 ft

48 in

Black Fine Texture


8 ft

48 in

Black Fine Texture


Other factors can impact the price point for railing materials, including color options and where you are purchasing from. 

How to Install Westbury Aluminum Railings

Installing railings to an existing porch, deck, or balcony may seem like an overwhelming task. If you have a few tools, an understanding of leveling and measuring, and can follow step-by-step directions, you should be able to complete a Westbury Aluminum Railings installation on your own.

The instructions below are for the purposes of demonstrating how a typical Westbury Aluminum Railing system installation might go. Of course, installations vary greatly, meaning you will have to assess your abilities based on your particular case.

Some tools you might need include:

  • A saw capable of cutting railings
  • A drill
  • Drill bits to fit square head screws
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Rubber mallet
  • Appropriate fasteners for masonry or wood (site specific)
  • Marker, pen, or pencil

DIY Steps:

Step 1: Post Installation

Position the post on your decking where you anticipate their location. Mark the support holes and pre-drill holes.

Set included shims in place and install post, securing it to the decking using appropriate fasteners. Level along the way to ensure posts are appropriately installed.

Step 2: Post Installation

Position the post on your decking where you anticipate their location. Mark the support holes and pre-drill holes.

Set included shims in place and install post, securing it to the decking using appropriate fasteners. Level along the way to ensure posts are appropriately installed.

Step 3: Rail Assembly

The final step involves attaching the now-assembled rails to the previously installed posts. Use provided screws to secure the railing to the posts. In most cases, to and bottom rails should be secured to the posts.

Need Help Installing Westbury Aluminum Railings?

While the steps above may seem overly simplistic, not every railing installation is simple. Even the incredibly user-friendly Westbury Aluminum Railing system installation process can be a challenge for some due to a lack of skills, tools, or confidence. 

We can help! There are plenty of local experts who can install Westbury Aluminum Railing systems. Click here to explore options in your area for reliable railing installation.

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