RDI Railing Reviews and Cost 2024

If you are in the market for outdoor railing, especially vinyl railing, it will not be long before you come across Railing Dynamics, Inc. (RDI) because they are the number one vinyl railing manufacturer in the United States and an industry leader and innovator of easy to install railing systems. 

This article will cover the RDI brand, their unique products, and a cost comparison that includes the price range for RDI products and the average for similar materials in the United States.  

About RDI

The early ideas for Railing Dynamics, Inc. began by the owners of Seaside Builders Andrew and Christopher Terrels brainstorming ways to protect against the harsh weathering that would impact the homes, and the railings, around the Jersey Shore area. In 1989, they patented their first railing system called Finyl Rail which is a custom tubular vinyl railing designed to be non-corrosive. 

Their unique, non-corrosive and low-maintenance systems were popular and as the demand grew they started to offer pre-cut lengths of railing that included all of the parts that someone would need for installation. This led to their Endurance Original Rail system and the several product lines that followed. 

RDI continues to focus on the needs of their customers and they strive to provide high-quality railing systems that are easy to install. They want to remain an industry leader by developing and providing innovative products to hard-working customers. 

RDI Vinyl Products

RDI is the number one vinyl railing manufacturer in the United States, but they are more than that. They have products that utilize the strength of steel, the durability of aluminum, and the aesthetics of their resin based Composicore products that look like wood. 

RDI is particularly known for their vinyl products of which they have three lines of: Finyl Line, Endurance Original Rail, and Titan Pro. Vinyl is a good option because it is moisture resistant and will remain functional for a long time. In addition, RDI designed their products to work and last despite harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. 

RDI’s vinyl products will not show the same amount of wear and tear as their competitors and will not turn yellow over time. In addition, they are less likely to become brittle and easily damaged than other plastic and vinyl products on the market. This is because the vinyl that RDI uses has UV inhibitors that prevent degradation caused by ultraviolet rays. Despite the high-quality and innovative design, the vinyl does not require much maintenance and a simple wash with water twice a year is typically sufficient. For a more thorough clean, a mixture of water and non-abrasive cleaner should do the trick. 

RDI Product Lines

Finyl Line

This low-maintenance vinyl railing is reinforced with strong, durable aluminum. You can choose between three colors: white, khaki, and sand. The Finyl Line railing system comes with your choice of three infill options and two top rail styles to suit your specific desires. 

The railings are reinforced to provide safety and keep the railing functional without much maintenance. The design hides all of the fasteners so that the Finyl Line railing system looks smooth, complete, and finished. The railing system also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

There are kits that include the option of selecting round aluminum, square, or turned balusters and several different height options. Additionally, you can add vinyl accessories and select pre-constructed Chippendale and Freeport decorative styles. 

Endurance Original Rail

The Endurance Original Rail system is an aluminum reinforced vinyl system that can be installed on virtually any surface at an angle up to 45 degrees. This durable product provides a customer with safety and elegant aesthetics. All fasteners are hidden to give it a neat, smooth appearance and the design and components make for a low-maintenance, high-quality product. 

The Endurance Original Rail goes above and beyond the United States building code requirements and is available in white, khaki, or sand colors. Endurance Original Rail kits come in square, round aluminum, turned, or glass baluster options. You can also purchase them in several different length and height options as well as pieces designed to accompany an incline or stairway. Additionally, RDI includes a limited lifetime warranty for these products. 

Titan Pro Rail

The RDI Titan Pro Rail system was designed for easy assembly and installation for either commercial or residential use. The system uses aluminum encased in vinyl and has metal connections for long-lasting durability and safety. 

While the aluminum adds strength and durability, the vinyl adds aesthetics, functionality, and requires very little maintenance. Like other RDI products, the Titan Pro Rail system exceeds building code requirements in the United States and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

This system comes in two different color options, white and khaki, two heights, and three lengths. The structural posts are made with steel that, like the aluminum, is clad in vinyl. 

Avalon Aluminum Railing

The Avalon railing system is RDI’s premier aluminum railing product line. There are a significant amount of different options and aluminum posts available. In addition, you can get through mount, fascia mount, flush mount, and surface mount 2.5 inch posts. Additionally, you can use Avalon railing with vinyl, composite, or wood posts.  Also, even though the kit comes with aluminum balusters, you can opt to choose glass balusters instead. 

Metal Works Excalibur 

This is RDI’s original steel railing system that contains hidden attachments, pre-attached brackets, and a strong, secure, and durable construction. RDI also has an elegant option called Latitudes that uses a round rod infill. 

These options are available in original silver, matte black, and hammered bronze textured colors to add elegance and sophistication to the strong long-lasting steel design. The installation is made easier by completely assembled rail panels and pre-attached brackets that do not require any measuring or pre-drilling. 

In addition, the brackets pivot so that you can attach at virtually any level or angle. The finish is powder coated and provides style without compromising quality or durability. This product line comes with a 15 year limited warranty as well.

Transform Resalite Core

This product line is designed to provide customers with elements they like about wood railings without the hassle. The Transform Resalite Core is constructed with Composicore which is resin based and contains no actual wood products. It will not rot, swell, or warp because it does not absorb water. In addition, it is resistant to weathering and discoloration. 

The exterior of the railing system is acrylic so that it will be functional for longer and will not quickly lose its color even in harsh, direct sun and other extreme conditions. The Transform railing system is available in satin white, wheat, caramel, or ironstone colors and is provided with a limited lifetime warranty. 

RDI’s resalite is different from vinyl railings because it is much easier to paint if you ever decide to touch it up or change the color entirely. However, you will have to use a type of paint that will not lose durability or lifespan on this type of surface because water-based paints and other standard house paints do not adequately adhere to acrylic capstocks. 

The standard Transform rail system kit comes with white square deck balusters, but is also very customizable. You can alter it with deck cable railing infill or other options to provide it a modern look and feel. Like RDI’s other products, this system was designed with the customer in mind and can be installed quickly and easily. 

Cost Comparison

Design, style, color, place of purchase, and other factors may play a role in the overall price of RDI products, but this table should give you a solid overview of their products and a comparison to the average price for different railing systems.

RDI Product Line

Price Range for 10ft

Price Range per Foot

U.S. Average Railing Materials Price Range per Foot

Finyl Line

$210 to $350

$21 to $35

$20 to $55

Endurance Original Rail

$165 to $300

$16.50 to $30

$20 to $55

Titan Pro

$200 to $350

$20 to $35

$20 to $55


$250 to $325

$25 to $32.50

$40 to $70

Metal Works Excalibur

$200 to $400

$20 to $40

$30 to $80

Transform Resalite Core

$160 to $250

$16 to $25

$15 to $30

Final Thoughts on RDI Railing 

RDI, or Railing Dynamics, Inc., is a great, affordable, and durable choice for indoor and outdoor railing for both commercial and residential use. They design and develop products that are high-quality, stylish, and easy to assemble. The instructions are easy to understand and their kits come with everything a homeowner needs to install the railing themselves. Their products meet or exceed safety standards and come in different style, height, length, and color options to suit your specific needs and desires. Whether you are looking for vinyl, steel, aluminum, or composite railing, RDI has you covered. 

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