Milliken Carpet Reviews and Prices 2024

If you’ve walked through a government building, office, or high-end commercial space over the past few decades, you may have walked on floor coverings from Milliken. The company has an impressive reach that includes flooring for residential and commercial usage, along with specialty sectors like schools and hotels. While they have a number of products under their umbrella, we’re going to focus on their carpet collections in this review.

Unique Technologies from Milliken Carpet

Milliken has been in the textile business for over 100 years. Innovation has helped keep them at the top of the food chain as other companies have come and gone. The company is still coming up with new ways to entice consumers, and one of those is a fiber called StainSmart.

Stain Smart


StainSmart technology used on Milliken carpet is engineered to combat dirt and stains by preventing them from bonding to the fibers. It makes maintenance a breeze, and their unique process is PFAS-free. They also have a complete line of branded adhesives like Mosiac Moisture XT-Spray and TractionBack that are specifically designed to work with modular carpet and LVT.

Carpet padding can make or break even the best carpet, something Milliken is well aware of. Their answer to this is WellBAC Cushion Backing, which is standard on all of their carpet tiles. WellBAC is an open-cell foam cushion that provides support while prolonging the life of your carpet. It’s permeable, which helps with moisture and will cut noise down significantly as well.

Milliken Carpet Collections

As Milliken’s carpet encompasses a variety of different areas, finding a pattern you are interested in can be challenging for consumers without an account. The company breaks things down into several different sections, however, you can sort carpet through market type, primary color, fiber, and more. With that in mind, all of Milliken’s carpet basically falls under one of two categories with Broadloom or Modular carpet.

Milliken Broadloom Carpet

While Milliken is known for their modular carpet, they have a solid range of broadloom carpet as well. Most of their catalog is in the Hospitality sector, where there are 34 different patterns available at this time.

Broadloom Carpet

Each of the broadloom carpets from Milliken has a distinct style. There are vibrant patterns like Creo which is inspired by Brazilian street artists and the Floral Trace Field version of Force of Nature. Modern Masters and Altered Form are two more eye-catching patterns, while Lincoln Park is on the opposite end of the spectrum.   

Most of the carpet for the Hospitality market is made from Nylon aside from a few blended Wool options. The company’s broadloom contract carpet collection only has six patterns, each of which is designed for senior living centers. As you’d expect, these patterns are tamer with cut-pile construction and are made from Nylon 6,6.

Broadloom Carpet

As for Milliken’s residential broadloom carpet, there are five styles to choose from. Hardanger and Crystal Stitch are the best choices for homeowners that want something simple. The former is a series of lightly patterned carpet while Crystal Stitch has a palette of solid, calming colors. Imagine lives up to its namesake with over 80 designs, so there are hundreds of combinations between their five residential styles.

Milliken Modular Carpet

When you want something truly unique for your business or home, you’ll want to consider Milliken’s modular carpet collections. They are also ideal when you want to mix carpet tiles with other types of flooring like OBEX, D2, or Milliken LVT.  

At this time, there are no residential modular carpet styles listed on Milliken’s site, although you can use their modular system anywhere you’d like. There are 69 styles in all, and each style has its own selection of designs and colors like the company’s broadloom carpeting. While that makes it impossible to cover every combination, some stand out more than others.

Modular Carpet

One of the company’s more popular patterns, Sound and Fury, is also one of our favorites. There are only two designs, but the color palette is designed so that it blends in with a variety of room styles. Latitude is a popular choice among homeowners and can flow seamlessly alongside styles like Southern Analog or Color Field.

While there are a variety of distinct patterns, there are also some collections featuring solid hues. One example is Multiform with 20 different colors ranging from the mossy green of Uplift to vibrant colors like Elation. Nordic Stories Americas has a calming array of colors as well with five styles and around 20 color combinations.

Modular Carpet

Other interesting collections in the Contract Carpet section include Color Thesis Artwork with its tie-dyed appearance, Encryption, Heavy Meta, and Live Circuit.  Most of Milliken’s modular carpet is made from Nylon 6,6 or Nylon 6 with loop construction, although there are a few cut and loop and tip-shear carpets as well. 

The Green Factor

Whereas some companies have only begun to adopt environmentally-friendly practices, Milliken has been doing so for over 100 years. The company started by reusing packaging in the early days before taking a multi-prong approach with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint while producing eco-friendly carpet.

All of Milliken’s plants are OSHA VPP STAR certified and their main facility in Georgia is ISO-14001 certified. They meet or exceed all the key standards in the carpet industry, and have managed to reduce their impact on the environment by 50% in only 15 years. We are impressed with their “No Carpet to Landfill” pledge along with programs like Sample Return which keeps swatches from going into the garbage.

Milliken Carpet Cost & Availability

Like many high-end brands, you won’t be able to purchase Milliken carpet from hardware stores or other venues outside of the carpet industry. If you are interested in their products, you can try to source them locally through larger carpet or flooring stores in your areas or use the Rep locator tool on the company’s website.


Milliken may not have the largest residential selection, but they are the go-to brand for businesses and other sectors that want modern, high-end carpet. Their modular carpet tiles allow designers to come up with thousands of unique combinations, and to say they are socially responsible, would be an understatement. If you’d like to learn more about Milliken carpet, you can browse their official site through the link below.

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