Stainmaster Carpet Flooring Reviews 2024

Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners.  As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining.  Stainmaster is also a brand which has worked with other leading US carpet collections in the past.  However, many people choose to shop with Stainmaster outright for access to the best prices.

There are over 300 different styles of Stainmaster flooring available to choose from.  Their range of carpets is split into five categories, which we will explore in more detail later on in this guide:

  • PetProtect
  • Livewell
  • Essentials
  • TruSoft
  • Active Family

This is a brand which develops tough, durable, and easy-to-clean carpeting for use throughout the home.

Expected Costs

As always, costs will vary depending on where you buy your carpet from.  Stainmaster’s buying guide states that you should consult a local store or outlet for exact pricing.  They also advise that certain factors, such as style, cushioning, installation, and old carpet removal will impact on the fees you eventually have to pay.  Therefore, it is worth keeping an open mind and a flexible budget.

Here are general costs you can expect to pay for Stainmaster flooring today:

Carpet Quality

Low Price (sq/ft)

High Price (sq/ft)

Installation (p/yd)

Good (Low Pile)




High (Soft and Durable)




Luxury (Most Durable)




Wholesale Range




On the face of things, Stainmaster carpets may seem cheaper to buy and have fitted.  However, these figures should only be used as a rough estimation. 

Factors which can and will affect the price of your installation also include complex requests and the location of your carpet retailer.  Installation fees may vary from state to state.  For example, research suggests you may pay less for installing a carpet out in Illinois than you would expect to pay in Washington.  As always, it is worth doing some research into carpet pricing.

If you need carpet to cover multiple rooms, stairwells or other tricky areas, you may be required to pay additional fees.  It is always worth looking for a free consultation with a carpet retailer and fitter before you get started.

Stainmaster Carpet Collections

Stainmaster keeps up with the competition by producing and showing off a wide array of carpet choices.  While it is easy to say that a Stainmaster carpet will, on the whole, be stain-resistant, many of their styles are designed and built for different uses and different people.

As discussed earlier on in our guide, there are five main carpet collections for you to choose from, with over 300 different choices split up across them.  Depending on your exact needs, you may wish to head straight for one collection over the other. 

One collection, Essentials, doesn’t appear to have much information available online.  However, it is clear that this selection covers standard carpets that fall outside the four branded options.  Let’s take a look at these four big brands.


Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet

As the name suggests, these Stainmaster carpets are designed for everyday pet use.  Pet-friendly carpets need to be ready to resist a variety of marks, stains, soiling, and even everyday damage.  The Stainmaster promise is, as always, that their carpets are easy to maintain, and that they will actively fight back against common pet carpet damage and soiling.

PetProtect carpets are designed with stain protection, which is built into each style.  This flooring not only protects against extensive pet hair but also retains its color and shade across years of use.  Stainmaster also advises that these carpets help to break down nasty pet odors, too, which can otherwise be tricky to remove.

Best For: Pet owners, particularly those with active cats and dogs.  People who struggle with pet hair, odors, and staining will also benefit.


Stainmaster Livewell Carpet

Livewell carpets are designed for everyday use and comfort.  They are designed to be just as easy to clean and maintain as other Stainmaster collections. However, they come with the added benefit of dust and particle reduction.

Livewell carpets are designed to be perfect for users who struggle with allergens and dust particles.  This range is also said to be resistant against heavy staining and won't build up soiling over time.  These carpets are simple to vacuum and care for and are recommended for families looking for healthier carpet choices.

Best For: People at risk of allergens in carpets.  People who have trouble getting rid of deep soiling and staining, too, will benefit from this strand of Stainmaster flooring.

Active Family

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet

Stainmaster Active Family carpets are developed not just to resist against staining and soiling, but to withstand heavy traffic through everyday use.  Big and young families will need carpets, which can withstand an incredible amount of use.  These Stainmaster carpets are designed to hold color, form, and look across years of intensive use.

Stainmaster advises that these carpets will retain their look regardless of how often you use it.  Again, these carpets are easy to clean and will look great for years to come.

Best For: Big families or families with young children who are likely to create a lot of foot traffic.


Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet

The Stainmaster TruSoft range is designed to offer the most comfort across all Stainmaster flooring.  It’s the brand’s luxury range, though it comes with all the stain resistance and ease of maintenance you can expect from other carpets in their collections.

TruSoft carpets are easy to maintain and are engineered to provide the best comfort across all of Stainmaster’s choices.

Best For: People in need of enhanced comfort, great for living spaces, and bedrooms.


There are plenty of different Stainmaster carpets to choose from, and their collections are refreshingly easy to browse.  The brand competes well with leading firms such as Shaw and Mohawk not only on price but also on technology.  The Stainmaster approach, naturally, is to focus on stain-resistant carpets.  However, you may be surprised by what else their carpets can do for you.

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