Flooret Vinyl Flooring Review

The vinyl flooring world has seen several new players enter the game in recent years with the intention of turning the industry on its head. Flooret is one of them, and a company with an interesting approach. Their business model is built on their ability to provide competitively priced flooring while streamlining the buying process. Based on their catalog; they have certainly accomplished that goal. In our Flooret vinyl review, we’re going to tell you how their LVP stacks up against the competition.

Flooret Vinyl Flooring

Most flooring distributors and manufacturers like Milliken, Shaw, and SFI group their products into a number of collections based on style or form factor. While Flooret also uses collections for their vinyl flooring, there are only two with Modin Signature and Modin Standard. That can give the impression that there’s not a lot to choose from, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Modin Signature Collection

In the Modin Signature Collection, you’ll find a mixture of styles that range from natural tones like Nakan and Soho to darker hues. There are 24 wood-like options to choose from at this time, but all are in plank format with no tile.

Flooret Arlo Signature

Arlo Signature

That means you won’t find any flooring resembling travertine or marble from Flooret, although there are plenty of gray shades like Ashford Signature and Arlo Signature. If you prefer darker shades, Arbor Signature is tough to beat and Catura Signature is a chocolaty brown. The two darkest styles are Oxden, Queensbury, and Madeira Signature, which are a few shades from black.

Flooret Dover Signature

Flooret Dover Signature

You won’t find any rustic styles in this collection, but there are a few that come close. Pomeroy Signature has a worn, weathered look and Reaburn Signature uses multi-tonal planks that contrast between light and dark brown. Dover Signature has a similar vibe, but with gray shades instead of brown.

Every style of vinyl flooring from Flooret’s Modin Signature Collection is engineered to last. They are protected with a 40mil wear layer and an aluminum oxide finish.  Each plank measures 9”W x 72”L with enhanced bevels and 1.5mm of IXPE underlayment attached. These boards are 7mm thick and in the SPC class as they are composed from limestone and virgin PVC.

The Modin Base Collection

The Signature Collection is considered Flooret’s premium line of flooring, and like most manufacturers, they have a budget-friendly collection as well. All flooring in the Modin Base Collection is competitively priced, and there are currently 8 styles to choose from.

Flooret Modin Base Kingswood


All of the flooring in this collection will look familiar as the company pulled Arbor, Arlo, Ashford, Brenwick, Kingswood, Lata, Soho, and Sutton from their Signature series. The chosen styles provide a nice range of colors overall, and while these planks are made from the same materials, they are a bit thinner.

Modin Base flooring is 5mm thick with a 20mil wear layer. The flooring is lightly embossed like their premium line, but this series has standard micro-bevels and only 1mm of IXPE padding. These boards are narrower and shorter as well measuring 6”W x 48”L.

Flooret Cost and Availability

Unlike many vinyl flooring manufacturers, if you’re interested in buying Flooret floor coverings, you won’t need to look far. The company sells its products directly from their website, which means you won’t find them in your local hardware store.

There are a few options if you want to purchase flooring from Flooret, but aren’t quite sold on their products. The company sells cut samples of any product on their site with a cost of $3 for a 12” sample. You can also pick up an entire plank for $20 or purchase boxes of flooring.

As for pricing, the company’s business model takes the guesswork out of things. All flooring from the Flooret Signature Collection is priced at $3.95 per square foot, while the Base Collection is listed at $2.75 per square foot.

Flooret Pros, Cons, and Ratings

We’re big fans of the way Flooret sells their vinyl flooring as their site is easy to navigate, and you don’t have to dig deep to find out important information on their products. They have excellent warranties and the wear layer on their premium line is almost double what most competitors offer. You don’t have to worry about IAQ thanks to FloorScore certification, and their pricing speaks for itself. If you’re ready to pick up a sample or place a full order with Flooret, hit up the link below.

  • Range of style options: 3
  • Installation: 4
  • Ec0-Friendly: 4
  • Sizes: 3.5
  • Overall Rating: 3.5

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