Moduleo Vinyl Flooring Reviews and Prices 2021

While you can find countless brands of vinyl flooring in the United States, European brands can bring a unique sense of style to your home. Moduleo is a Belgian-based company dedicated to producing sustainable flooring, and they have one of the more interesting options for homeowners with uneven subfloors.

Moduleo Vinyl Flooring Collections

From Moduleo’s website, you can browse through their collections in a number of ways. Products can be sorted by format, style, or installation method, but you can also sift through each collection directly. At this time, they have 6 luxury vinyl flooring collections online that range from dizzying patterns that deceive the eye to flooring that’s a bit more traditional.

LayRed Collection

The first type of flooring we want to touch on from Moduleo is arguably their most impressive. The LayRed Collection is designed for installation on uneven surfaces and lives up to its name in more ways than one. It’s constructed from 12 different layers, which provides excellent sound dampening while also keeping the flooring comfortable underfoot.

The unique red underlayment on the back of each board or tile keeps imperfections from telegraphing through the floor, and can even bridge small gaps like tile joints. There are 55 different styles to choose from as well, so it’s safe to say there’s a suitable hue for any room in your home. That said, you’ll need to like oak to appreciate the LVP in this collection.

Laurel Oak 51992

Laurel Oak 51992

Seven of the series in this collection feature oak-inspired flooring with Brio, Classic, Laurel, Country, Midland, Sierra, and Mountain Oak. Each has between 4-6 colors including some dark shades like Laurel Oak 51992. All of these boards measure 7.4”W x 51”L and use the company’s engineered click-lock installation method.

In addition to their LVP, the company also has eight styles of stone-like flooring in this collection. There’s more variation with this line, and their LVP measures 12” x 24”. All flooring under this collection is 6mm thick with a 0.4mm wear layer and grooved on all four sides. It’s also water-resistant and topped off by a TwinGuard PU protective layer.

Moods Collection

While the LayRed Collection has a traditional style, the Moods Collection is billed as an adventurous series for homeowners looking for unique flooring alternatives. While it’s not the first time we’ve heard that particular line, after browsing through more than 90 styles, it’s hard to argue with Moduleo’s assessment.

Whether you’re interested in a basket weave pattern, the classic chevron, or something a little more inspired like Honeycomb, you’ll find it in this collection. Homeowners that want their room to be reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s Cube will want to consider a style like Diamond 225 or the blockier Diamond 226.

Moods Collection

Moods Collection

One of the larger series features a Herringbone design that comes with widths ranging from slim to medium.  Herringbone Short 183 has a traditional style while Herringbone Medium 188 will provide a more subtle approach. There are close to 30 styles in all, and you’ll find nearly as many with the company’s Basket Weave vinyl flooring line.

Moods Collection2

Moods Collection

This series also comes in patterns of varying widths, so you can choose from Block, Slim, or Small Basket Weave flooring. There are natural styles like Slim 128 and Small 116 alongside contrasting patterns including Basket Weave Small 121. The Chevron series is another unique option with styles like the light and modern Chevron Basic 109 or Chevron Basic 105 with its darker hues.

Other patterns in this collection include Triangles, Staggered Columns, Honeycomb, and Hexagon which is available in 10 different styles. There are no tiles in this collection, but all the boards are 2.5mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer.

Transform Collection

There are many ways to change up the look of a room with new flooring, although it’s not uncommon for homeowners to turn towards traditional styles and form factors. Wide planks have seen a surge in popularity in the LVP world, and that’s what you’ll find in the Transform Collection from Moduleo.

There are 40 styles of flooring in the Transform Collection, including a large selection of oak. It shares some similarities with the LayRed Collection in that regard, although you can find exotic species in this lineup as well. Persian Walnut and Ethnic Wenge have a distinct look while Latin Pine will brighten up any room.

Transform Collection

Transform Collection

Your selection isn’t just limited to wood, however, as it features one of their larger collections of luxury vinyl tile as well. There are around 27 styles with simple solutions like Desert Stone and Hoover Stone, along with flooring that has more flair. The Jura and Concrete series is a good example of that with styles like Concrete 40876 or Steel Rock.

Boards from this collection measure 7.5”W x 51”L, but the thickness depends on the installation style. Dryback flooring is 2.5mm thick while the same styles in Click-lock are 4.5mm. Their luxury vinyl tiles are sized at 12.9” x 25.9” with the same thicknesses based on which installation method you choose.

Impress Collection

In the Impress Collection from Moduleo are 35 wood-look styles of luxury vinyl flooring, and 4 styles of tile. It’s their best selection overall when it comes to colors and styles, as there are boards with a rustic charm and plenty of clean modern designs.

The Sierra Oak series is eye-catching with five bold styles while Mountain Oak 56938 and Country Oak 54880 would look great in a cabin or country home. Castle Oak has some interesting options as well, but if you want something unique, their chevron styles like Bohemian 61974 are hard to beat.

Impress Collection

Impress Collection

All LVP from the Impress Collection is 2.5mm thick and 7.8”W x 51”L for DryBack, while Click is listed at 4.55 and 7.5”W x 51”L. Bohemian flooring is only available in DryBack form and measures 9.6”W x 58”L with a thickness of 2.5mm. While their Impress LVT line is small with only four shades, Mustang Slate is a showstopper.

Select and Herringbone Collections

The last collection from Moduleo we’re going to cover may seem familiar but still brings value to the table. The Select Collection pulls colors and styles from the LayRed Collection. That means you’ll find the same styles as Brio and Country Oak 24958 but in a slightly different size and format.

The Click-lock version of the flooring from this collection clocks in at 7.5”W x 51”L with a thickness of 4.5mm. That’s roughly the same sizes as the planks from the LayRed line, although those are 6mm thick and more durable. The DryBack styles are slightly wider at 7.7”W, but considerably thinner than the rest of their products at only 2.3mm.

As for the Herringbone Collection, it’s their smallest lineup with a handful of their oak patterns and one stone style. All are glue-down planks, but there are two sizes to choose from with short boards measuring 5.9”W x 25”L and small boards at 2.5”W x 10”L. Both formats are listed at 2.5mm thick with a .55mm wear layer.

Moduleo Laminate Cost and Availability

While Moduleo is a brand that’s largely sold overseas, the company itself falls under the IVC Group and Mohawks umbrella. That may allow you to obtain Moduleo luxury vinyl flooring in the states, but their dealer tools are only set for the UK, and their online partner is located there as well. Based on their location and how their products are sold, we were unable to obtain accurate pricing on their flooring.


With an impressive line of over 100 styles, there’s a lot to like about Moduleo’s vinyl flooring collections. While they do get a bit repetitive with their colorways between those collections, their flooring is well-made and comes with commercial warranties ranging from 10 years on Herringbone to a lifetime for their LayRed lineup. You can learn more about Moduleo’s luxury vinyl flooring at the link below.

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