Mullican Hardwood Reviews and Cost 2022

Some hardwood flooring manufacturers produce a little bit of everything. It’s not uncommon to find companies that make luxury vinyl or carpet alongside their wooden planks, but that is not the case with Mullican. Mullican Flooring specializes in hardwood and provides consumers with beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime … Read More

Shaw Hardwood Reviews and Cost 2022

Shaw floors is a brand we’ve touched on numerous times as they make a wide variety of flooring from carpet to laminate. Their expansive catalog includes solid hardwood flooring as well if you’re looking for something traditional along with several styles of engineered boards. Among them, you’ll find a collection … Read More

Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons, Cost, Best Brands and Where to Buy

While there are dozens of ways to alter the interior of your home, changing your flooring can have a dramatic effect. Hardwood flooring is by far the most popular style found in homes today, and it’s an investment you need to consider carefully. Choosing the right type of flooring can significantly … Read More

Heart Pine Flooring: Pros and Cons, Cost and Prices 2022

There may be dozens of species commonly used in flooring, but Oak and the exotics tend to get most of the attention. Pine is an often overlooked flooring material due as it’s a softer wood although Heart Pine is different from Yellow or White Pine. If you’re looking for something … Read More

Oak vs. Maple vs. Hickory Flooring

Deciding to install hardwood flooring in your home can be an exciting endeavor, and it can be difficult to find the right type of wood with so many options available. Three of the more popular choices when it comes to American hardwoods are Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Each wood brings … Read More

Eucalyptus Flooring Reviews: Pros and Cons, Prices, Best Brands 2022

We’ve seen a surge in the production of eco-friendly wood products in recent years as companies turn towards sustainable materials like cork and bamboo. Eucalyptus flooring is an often overlooked alternative that can be just as hard are traditional woods, but cheaper to install. If you’ve been curious about this mysterious … Read More